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Megami Magazine Vol. 132

May 25, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

The May 2011 issue of Megami Magazine (volume 132) has one of the nicest covers (I think) in a long time. If you don’t recognize this pink-haired girl with doggy ears, she’s Princess Millhoire F. Biscotti from the anime Dog Days. I think she’s absolutely adorable (and it helps that Yui Horie is her voice actress) so I think whoever chose the cover for volume 132 did a good job.

There are quite a number of posters covering the spring season this time as well as some from the previous season. You can see them all below. As usual, any ecchi material is not previewed on this page, you will need to click on the links to see them.

While its been a while since K-ON ended, it still appears in this volume of Megami. I think it’s going to be like Nanoha and find its way into every volume from now on. There wasn’t anything special about this poster, which just seems really ordinary.

I would be very surprised if Kurisu actually did go somewhere without her red tie in the anime. On the other hand, I can totally see Mayushii and the pink-haired girl (I forgot her name) dressing up like this. The curved horizon is a nice artistic effect.

Erio is a serious contender for the top spot in my list of top 10 anime girls this year, and this poster certainly helps her. It’s nice to see that she gets sparkles not only in the anime, but in illustrations too.

I think the most amazing thing about this illustration is that Kanzaki was able to fit (sort of) into that outfit.

The only thing I really liked about Yumekui Merry was the cool character designs, so I’m rather upset that they decided to make a poster of the girls in the bath. I’d much rather have one of them engaged in battle or at least doing some fighting poses.

The art style in Dog Days is nicely represented in this poster. Whoever drew it captured the cuteness of all the characters along with their personalities. The splashing water at the bottom also helps to highlight the characters.

This is the full image that was used on the cover of the magazine and shows Millhoire in all her cuteness. The folds in her dress are nicely done, her facial expression looks happy and bright, and the background looks cool. I actually wish they had used this image to make a B2 sized poster.

The characters from Hidan no Aria seem really skinny. At least they have nice swimsuits.

Anyone looking forward to Fate/Zero will probably like this poster. It’s so strange to see Saber not wearing her white and blue clothes.

Onii-chan no Koto has been getting quite a number of posters recently. The previous ones have looked pretty good, but I’m not to happy about the extra lines they drew on the shoulders and other parts in this poster.

This was cute and funny. Except for the lower part of th legs being really thin, I thought this poster was really nicely drawn.

Idolmaster seems to be getting quite a bit of Megami posters recently too.

I love Aoi Nishimata’s artwork and character designs, but I thought this illustration was too plain. The girls are down to their underwear and the background is just a bed and some purple. I know it’s a fanservice pose, but I expected something a bit more detailed for Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai.

I really don’t like the skintones in this one, they seem too dark.

I think this Hozhizora e Kakaru Hashi poster explains the anime pretty well. I love the character designs.

The poses for this Softenni poster has the girls in great poses, but fails to meet its full potential by using a crappy background.

This is my favourite poster out of this volume. It shows that you can make swimsuit/beach with detail despite the lack of clothing. Nanoha’s ribbons and Fate’s cloth thingy (what is that called anyways?) add a sense of style, and the glowy things at the bottom direct your attention upwards.

This is another example of a good poster. It’s dynamic, bright, colourful, detailed, and all of the body proportions seem right.

The illustrations of the characters is great in this poster, but sadly, there’s no splashing water or anything in the background to compliment it like the previous ones.

I’m finding Astarotte’s Toy to be a rather cute and funny anime, and I think this poster manages to show that side of it.

Someone’s going to have to refresh my memory, that blond is a guy right?

I really like the left half of this Madoka poster, but Madoka herself seems a bit lacking in colour and shading compared to the other characters. It may be due to the fact that Kyubey creates a huge white spot in the middle of everything and Madoka isn’t wearing her mahou shoujo clothes.

Those were all of the posters in this volume, which left me a bit disappointed. In all but the oldest volumes that I own, there has always been a Girl’s Avenue poster. If you don’t remember what that is, it’s a single pin-up poster that features artwork from a selected artist. It’s a good way of finding out about people I would otherwise never have heard of, so I hope they didn’t remove it permanently.

Besides the posters, below are some of the things within the content of the magazine.

Included in this volume was a free dust jacket for the Nanoha comics. If you’re wondering why it’s so small, it’s because that’s how big the standard Japanese manga is. I was surprised the first time I saw Japanese manga, because they’re physically smaller than the English-translated manga you find in bookstores here.

This is some awesome sportswear. I’m not a big fan of the K-ON anime, but I love the characters. If these clothes wouldn’t get me any weird stares, I’d wear them.

Of all the figures that Megami covers, I think the only ones I would want are the Miku figure and the one of Mio sitting on a strawberry. The rest just don’t look that great or are too revealing.

On the back cover is an ad reminding everyone that Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira will be out on June 21. I’ve loved everything from the Higurashi series so far, so I’m looking forward to this. Anyone who hasn’t seen the series should give it a chance.

One of the extras included was this mini Madoka guidebook.

Inside are some details about the characters, screenshots, and the fanart featured at the end of each episode. There are images on the front and back covers that you can cut out and use as postcards, but I doubt anyone will be doing that.

I can’t say that Inifnite Stratos really caught my attention last season, but wow, this is a nice poster. All of the clothing and hair scattered everywhere must have made it difficult to draw. What I like about it is that the girls are in a circle so you can display the poster in any orientation and it’ll still look right.

On the back side is also a very nice poster. I’m curious as to which timeline it’s from because I can’t imagine glasses Homura wasting time at the beach when she could be out foiling Kyubey’s plans.

While there were some pin-up posters that I really liked, they were mostly due to the art style rather than and special attention to detail, so I’d have to say that this volume was of average quality. On the bright side, the large B2 size poster compensates for that with a detailed Infinite Stratos image and a cute Madoka one.

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13 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 132”

  1. That one with Saber made my day. I also really liked the K-ON! one, even if it was really simple. It was still cute. And yay for Higurashi advertisements!

    Also, a blonde moment while going down my blogroll: “Which blog is Nopy’s again? I forget…” Yeah, it’s probably the one called Nopy’s Blog. Sometimes I am just so fail-tastic, haha.

  2. This posts are even more fun, before I enjoyed looking at the posters getting a digital copy every now and then. Now though, it’s more like sampler for my next iphone wallpapers.

    I think I liked the erio or Maria Holic the best from this batch.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Alright lets get this fire going!!!

  3. I love the cute dog princess even though the name Millhoire is hard to rember.
    She is so cute and friendly, the scene when the hero fondled her like a dog was simply adorable. I also like the K-on poster, the one with Elsie from Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (you should give it a try^^)and the Infinite Stratos poster, even though one ep of this show was enough for me XD

    The figure overview is good and shows two of my orders and one “maybe” item.

    Good to hear that there will be new Higurashi stuff, I likd a lot, haha some splatter scenes were quite hard for me ;(
    Fabienne recently posted..Super Sonico – Bondage Version by Orchid Seed NSFW

  4. Key-Fan says:

    Ohhh Tooru :D:D (A-Channel). Nice poster <3
    and the Madoka one lacking swimsuits seems fine to me too. Probably still going to skip this issue, as I have 3 Pre-Orders in the next 10 days ^^"

  5. BioToxic says:

    There’s a few posters that captured my interest.

    The Hozhizora e Kakaru Hashi one is quite nice, plus it has Ibuki in there. She’s been my favourite but hasn’t appeared in any other poster so far.

    We Without Wings could have been better as you say. Too much purple in the background which blends in with their brown hair too much making everything look bland I think. Interesting choice of underwear on Asuka though.

    The Stiens;Gate one is nice. I’m only on episode 3 and only just met the pink hair character (is her name actually Nyanyan?). Hopefully she’ll be making more appearances. Loving Mayuri as well.

  6. @Arianna Sterling:
    Lol, don’t worry, I forget the names of peoples’ blogs too.

    I like having the originals rather than scans, which is why I get the magazine.

    I laughed so hard when he was fondling her like that, it’s so funny that a dog princess still acts like a normal dog.

    I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Kaminomi so I might give it a second chance after I finish up with Strike Witches.

    That’s a lot of preorders. I tend to space mine out so I get one every week or two.

    Ibuki flew under my radar for most of the series so far. I didn’t start liking her until episode 7.

    Asuka’s panties are rather unique. I think it makes it easier for a certain activity…

    I think they said the pink haired girl’s name was Feiris or something like that. She hasn’t really done much so far.

  7. Thanks for the review! I really liked the facial expression on Kanzaki as well as her tugging the front of the skirt down – her embarrassment was the cherry on top that completed the entire scene.

    Likewise Eclair’s awkwardness in the Dog Days bath scene was very cute though the smiling expressions for Brioche and Yukikaze made their faces somewhat flat and less detailed.

    I used to buy every issue of Megami but have stopped. Nowadays I just look out for Megami Deluxe which has the art that I really want.
    Zyl recently posted..Zyl London MCM Expo 2011

  8. Key-Fan says:

    About my preorders: I can’t help it as a nendoroid-collector I’m devoted to GSC and I can’t do anything if they delay some xD

  9. @Zyl:
    I get Megami Deluxe too, but I like how the regular magazines have the pin-up posters.

    Ah, nendoroids, so irrisistably cute.

  10. Metroid3802 says:

    I really liked the posters in this issue, especially the one for A Channel.

    Im glad to see you’re looking forward to the new season of Higurashi, because I sure am! I wonder, have you had the chance to play any of the original Visual Novels? If you haven’t, then they’re definatly worth looking into for a fan of Higurashi.

    Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for all your posts!

  11. @Metroid3802:
    Unfortunately, I haven’t touched any of the visual novels. I really want to play through them, but time is a major constraint for me :(

  12. It’s been a while since I checked out these magazine scans (been quite busy and off the internet recently), but it’s nice to be greeted with an adorable illustration of Mio x Azunyan!

    Also love the Steins;Gate one and Erio. And agreed that OniiKoto ones haven’t been quite that good.

    Anyway, a very solid issue!
    Yi recently posted..A Touch of Battle Girls – Textures in Sengoku Otome

  13. @YiL
    I’ve been pretty busy recently too, but these posters always make me happy.


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