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End of April Update

May 01, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Personal

The past two weeks have been very busy for me so I have not been able to update this blog as much as I’d like or even make comments on Twitter and reply to emails. Real life can be a real time killer. The good news is that most of the things I had to take care of are done so now I can get back to my regular activities. Unfortunately, I have a long list of emails to get back to, hundreds of unread articles in my feedreader, and an unhealthy backlog of anime. So if anyone’s wondering why I haven’t responded to something, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

I’ve also noticed a large increase in the number of spam comments being submitted here. I used to skim through all of them to make sure legitimate comments aren’t deleted, but it’s gotten to the point where I can’t take it any more (200+ spam comments per day = too much).  As of now, I am no longer looking through any comments marked as spam. I know some real comments accidently get flagged as spam, so if your comment doesn’t show up after a day or two, it probably got deleted. To avoid being marked as spam, don’t leave comments with excessive links or use blacklisted words such as swears and the names of certain products.

As for the future, since I’m no longer in school, you guys can expect more anime posts from me because I’ll have more time for more series. I’m also planning on getting back into making AMVs (its been 7 years since my last one), and finally learning how to draw. Figure reviews might increase too as I have more money to spend now. In a nutshell, you’ll be seeing more of me starting next week for a year, or until I decide it’s time to start looking for one of: a house, a new job, or a serious relationship :)

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15 Comments to “End of April Update”

  1. It’s good that you will have a bit more time in the future without school and more money at your disposal^^
    Im looking forward to read new stuff from you soon
    Fabienne recently posted..Anime Winter Season 2011 review – part 2

  2. The last sentence made me smile :D Post soon!
    Karoline recently posted..En anden måde at finde en billig 4-stjernet ferie på

  3. That sounds good, I look forward to the next year.
    Miette-chan recently posted..This time I went out with Mugi

  4. Enjoy the time off, you won’t have another chance for a long time once you enter the working force. After I graduated from college, I took about 8 months off just to travel all around the US. I also had a good amount of time to really figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was able to settle something within me.

    Some of my friends went right to work after graduation and most of them regret that they did not take some time off for basically a major lifestyle change. Don’t look for work until you are prepared for what is to come. It isn’t like school so prepare yourself or else you will become less productive over time and become more and more unhappy with yourself.
    Tuan recently posted..Japan Earthquake

  5. I really enjoy reading your figure reviews so… yay for more! ^^

    All the best with your new job and future endeavors.
    Xine recently posted..Featured Artist and Toy Collector- RadiantDreamer

  6. Whatever happens, good luck; and don’t push yourself to hard with the reviews! We’re all doing reviews for fun, so just take it easy.

    Even if it takes you a while to update your blog, I’ll still be here. =D

  7. Real life……. is real.

    Go at your own pace. ^ ^

    p.s. 200 spams/ day!? That’s crazy much! I clear my spam comments daily so they don’t become uncontrollable, but I don’t have nearly that many.
    Yi recently posted..Kimi ni Todoke Season One and Two Review – Confessions of a Shoujo-holic

  8. Ah that’s awesome you’re finished with your exams now. I just finished my last one today. Never again \o/… maybe :P.

    “looking for … a house” that’s what I want to do as soon as, but alas getting the deposit for one may take years.

  9. Looking forward to seeing more from you. :)

  10. Cool! More posts from ya! Looking forward to reading them =)
    Hoshiko recently posted..Most Influential Anime in My Life

  11. 200 spam comments per day? You must get a lot of comments. @_@

    Real life can be a…beach. Anyway, hope things go well for you in the future.
    MkMiku recently posted..Pantsu- or no Pantsu- that is the Question

  12. Good luck with all those three (srs relationship, a new home, and a job). Those are all serious lifestlye changers there =D
    duqs recently posted..Blazblue Phase Shift 1

  13. @Fabienne:
    I actually overestimated how much free time I had and ended up planning to do a lot more than I could. I think I’ve got it all sorted out now, so more posts are on the way for real now.

    Glad you found it amusing :)

    Me too.

    I actually have some experience working full-time so I know what it’s like. I was in a program where we switched back and forth between school and work. Companies would get cheap labour, we would get relavent experience, and the school would get money, so it was a win-win-win situation.

    I’ll have more of those up once I get my new camera :)

    Thanks, I have to keep that in mind sometimes. Every once in a while I just think to myself “oh crap, I need to post something” but I should really take it easy.

    I don’t know what’s up with spammers on my blog, I think someone who doesn’t like me submitted the link to some shady place.

    Sadly, a house is almost a distant dream for me too. They cost way too much for someone in their 20’s to be able to afford.

    Thanks, and I believe this is your first comment, so welcome!

    Happy to hear that.

    Yea, it just got overwhelming after a while, which is why I’m not going through them anymore.

    Hopefully I can get a serious relationship soon.

  14. Great, it would be worth a while doing things you really love doing……
    Haven recently posted..Fun Anime Games

  15. @Haven:
    It took some time for me to get back into it, but things have picked up recently :)


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