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Megami Magazine Vol. 131

April 22, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

It looks like Nanoha has some competition when it comes to appearances on Megami Magazine covers. This is the second time that Puella Magi Madoka Magica has been featured on the cover. The first time, in volume 129,  had Madoka in her puella magi outfit, volume 131 here has Homura in a black dress.

Posters follow below, ecchi images are linked.

I think these are the most colourful group of maids that I’ve seen. The striped stockings look nice, and that parfait looks yummy.

Fans of the lolis from To Aru Majutsu no Index will probably like this poster.

The Yumekui Merry anime was less than spectacular, but I loved the character designs. I also like cat girls, so this poster is definitely a keeper for me. Merry looks super cute, and the expression on Yui’s face is priceless.

This poster is rather plain compared to most, there’s a significant lack of detail beyond the outline of the girls.

Megami once again manages to make Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne look normal. I’m impressed at how they can fix up strange-looking animation and make it look better for their posters.

Nurse Mio and Mugi look really cute here. Sadly, nurses don’t actually dress like that here. I wonder if it’s something only found in Japan…

I absolutely love Yoshika’s kimino here, it looks so vibrant and beautiful. I also enjoyed all of the other strike witches as dolls in the background.

This is just wrong…

I was hoping that Megami would include a nice background with Homura, but she also suffers from the horrible backgrounds that the cover illustrations always get. While I think her dress is nicely done, the face seems to be a bit off.

This poster looked really well illustrated at first, but the more I look at it, the more it seems like the girl in the yellow bikini is stretched too much.

For the 113th featured artist of Girl’s Avenue, Megami covers Ikeda Yasuhiro (池田靖宏) (NSFW). He has some very interesting character designs, like this girl, who has a nuclear rocket pack strapped onto her, all the while listening to some tunes. Unique character designs aren’t his only specialty, as you can see, there’s also plenty of detail put into the hair, facial expression, and folds in her clothing. The only complaint I have about this illustration is that the girl’s ankles seem too thin.

I loved this Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka poster because all of the girls are in school uniforms, even Eu. The blatant exposure of panties is a bit unnecessary though.

This was a rather amusing illustration.

I really liked this poster, it’s cute, sparkly, and is far from being plain.

I was rather disappointed with these two posters, they were basically the same thing from different sides. They also aren’t very artistic, just pure fanservice.

Here’s another from the pure fanservice category, but I guess that’s to be expected from Kodomo no Jikan. It’s hard to imagine that this series was written by a woman.

I decided to delete this one, I don’t want something like it on my blog.

The fanservice isn’t as bad in this Sora no Otoshimono poster, at least some effort was put into making it funny rather than arousing. My favourite part about it is the chibi version of Ikaros.

Now this isn’t a poster, but I just loved the illustration. The lineart and colours are perfect, and the pose shows enough skin to be hot but not lewd. I don’t know much about Kaminomi, but Kanon Nakagawa is apparently a character from the series and released her first album recently.

Another thing that caught my eye in this volume was something in the anime round-up section. This anime, called Ro-Kyu-Bu has a beautifully designed and drawn character. Her name is Tomoka Minato and she caught my attention because she reminds me of the girls that Tinkle draws, and those of you who have read my Etsu posts know that Tinkle is my favourite pair of artists. Looking into the series, I found that the character designs were done by Takayuki Noguchi. That didn’t feel right to me though, because Tomoka looked too much like a Tinkle girl to be from Noguchi. Further research showed that I was right, and the original character designs were done by Tinkle for the manga. What kind of fan would I be if I couldn’t identify my favourite artists’ drawing styles :)

I will probably be watching this anime when it comes out regardless of what it’s about. Finally seeing Tinkle character designs in an anime is just too much to miss.

There weren’t too many new/upcoming figures featured in Megami that I was interested in. I thought about getting the Erika Sendo Beach Queens figure by Wave, but I didn’t think the face looked right so I passed it up.

I haven’t been including these in my Megami posts recently, but the war between the major TCG companies seems to be heating up. BothChaos and Victory Spark are advertising in the back of the magazine now.

Not to be out-done, Weib Schwarz has also included a free card of the Idolmaster girls with this volume.

The back cover of the magazine features Charlotte from Princess Lover, along with a reminder that the blu-ray for the series is now on sale.

As usual, there’s a large poster included with Megami. This time it’s one of those thin, elongated ones and it features the two most (probably) popular mahou shoujo right now, Madoka and Nanoha, both in swimsuits. Personally, I think they made Madoka look really fat, not as in overweight, but fat as in baby fat. I guess it fits with the drawing style, but it’s ironic that Nanoha is younger and has a more lady-like build. Nanoha has also got sparkles everywhere while Madoka just got some blue dots in the background. I think it’s obvious who wins this battle.

The illustration quality of the posters this time around was average in my opinion. There were some nice ones like the Strike Witches poster, the Houkago no Pleiades poster, and the Yumekui Merry poster, but there was nothing outstanding. The Freezing posters were more of an eyesore unless you like big-boobed girls just standing around with no clothes. On the bright side, I now have a new anime to look forward too, as well as a nice Nanoha poster to add to my collection.

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16 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 131”

  1. I’ve really fond that most of the Official Madoka art is really really lack luster like the things posted here…The anime is really beautiful, but they keep going with these incredibly plain looking pictures.

    Seen far too much good fanart of Madoka by now to find that level of quality acceptable. >_<

    Nanoha on the other hand is looking cute as always! Along with some other nice ones not a bad issue I'd say.
    Ashlotte recently posted..Review- 1-8 Ranka Lee Nyan-Nyan Ver

  2. Disappointing. :(

    Looking for a decent Madoka / homuhomu poster until I might be able to grab a nice figure (no swimsuit fail ._. want to stick to the animey outfits^^).
    And while I really loled hard and liked Kodomo no Jikan very much, I haven’t senn a SOLE acceptable poster for the show. They are all…like…well. Indecent. VERY indecent. (Just to be sure, I guess that was the reson you deleted the poster, right?^^)


    Thanks again for your keeping up with Megami =)

  3. The Houkago no Pleiades poster (magical girls against a star background) is simply lovely! I’m glad it got a decent poster despite being only a short ONA thing.

    Also, the Kanon ad was drawn by the mangaka of the series, Tamiki Wakaki. Although there might be a few people who might not like his drawing style, you have to admit his coloring is absolutely gorgeous.

    BTW, Kanon is an idol singer in the anime/manga. A few of the songs included were actually songs mentioned in the manga. I think it’s rather cool that she’s able to “release a CD” in real life.

  4. I was really impressed with Yoshika’s kimino as well. Great combination of prints and colors. Having other characters as dolls on the background is such a cute idea. Really like that particular poster there.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Boomslank Anime T-Shirts

  5. Ah there are some more nice posters in this magazine’s volume.
    The one of Houkago no Pleiades is my personal favorite, the anime was rather short, but it was quite entertaining.
    The Yumekui Merry poster is nicely done as well, Yui grow more on me than Merry in the end, even though her “normal” outfit is still unrivaled ^-^
    Nanoha wins in the poster battle, I guess it would be still that way with a less chubby drawn Madoka ;p
    Fabienne recently posted..Review- Ayasaki Hayate Nendoroid

  6. I really really like that Yoshika one. That one and the Yumekui Merry one are my favorites. Nanoha totally wins against Madoka in the poster, and it’s a shame that Homura didn’t get more of a background as well. Other than that there’s not a whole lot that catches my attention.

  7. The Kodomo no Jikan poster really caught my eye; and was the main reason I bought Megami 131.

    It’s a pity I don’t have about £30 a month to buy and import Megami and Nyantype… orz

  8. Hmm… I think I find this issue lack luster but I could attribute that to containing more shows that I don’t follow.

    That Hanasaku Iroha poster really catches my attention, gotta track down the digital version. I do hope there are more posters from that show, after Atelier Rorona I’m in love with Kishida Mel’s art.
    Miette-chan recently posted..This time I went out with Mugi

  9. Wow, i’m really surprised that Kanon actually release a CD in real life. Not to mention the illustration was nicely drawn as well. It’s my favorite out of all other pictures.

    I’m also impressed by Onii-chan no Koto’s poster. It’s a whole lot better than the anime version. But the posters for Madoka are awful. They look so chubby to me.
    Ryo_kun recently posted..Hanasaku Iroha 04

  10. Not much interested me in this issue of Megami. There’s usually a strange mix of posters just as one anime season ends and another starts.

    I kind of liked the Strike Witches poster. I’m not sure what Yoshikas facial expression is supposed to be. Drunk? Foot Cramp?

    I agree, the Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka one was ruined by the mass panty shot.

  11. Not too impressed with any of the Madoka posters, especially that Madoka one. On the other hand, SW posters are consistently good, just like this weeks. And the HanaIro one is great too.

    Also, now you’ve made me super super curious what the deleted poster was. Haha, it must have been quite something.
    Yi recently posted..Birth of a Goddess- Madoka’s Path to Nirvana – A Study of Buddhism

  12. I do like the kanon nakagawa shot, it looks so doable in real life!
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Troodos mountains- Cyprus

  13. Nice “review” of the magazine! I find it pretty awesome that you’re sharing these magazine highlights in your blog.

    Them’s beautiful illustrations, especially the Ro-Kyu-Bu illustration that caught your eye. I really like that kind of painting style. It’s so beautiful!

    I want to see the deleted post!! XD
    radiant recently posted..Omake Update

  14. @radiant:

    You could just Google for it…

  15. The only poster i approve is Homura, because it doesnt have the pointless/random ecchiness.

    man im sure most magazine’s will be covered with madoka related

  16. @Ashlotte:
    I know, it’s like they’re purposely making the art look bad. So far my favourite images have come from artists who decided to make Madoka illustrations, and not official ones.

    I was disappointed with Wave’s Madoka swimsuit figure too, it just doesn’t look very good. On the bright side, considering how popular Madoka was, I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of figures coming from all the good figure manufacturers.

    Yes, the Kodomo no Jikan poster they had was very indecent, so much so that I just couldn’t bare to post it here.

    The anime had some nice character designs and it was well-animated so I was happy to see a poster for it too. I didn’t know Kanon was an idol in the series, I guess then it makes sense why they would release an album under her name rather than her voice actress.

    That was one of my favourite ones in this volume, it was not only vibrant and colourful, but also cute.

    Houkago no Pleiades was entertaining for a short anime, just the right amount of plot to keep you watching, but not too much that you feel like it was too short. I liked Yui more than Merry too, she was so much cuter.

    This volume was a bit lacking in high-quality posters, but at least there were a few good ones.

    The Kodomo no Jikan poster didn’t really suit my tastes, which was one of the reasons why I didn’t include it here. I know how you feel about Megami and Nyantype, I had to give up one of them too because it was getting too expensive.

    Now that you mention it, I don’t follow a lot of these shows either, I just know about them from viewing the first episodes. I’ve got to agree with you on Kishida Mel, they should get more of his art in here.

    You don’t usually see album releases by anime characters. I find that they usually only do that if the character(s) is/are really popular.

    Some people like the mix of series from different seasons, but I think they could’ve picked better ones for this volume. I think Yoshika’s expression is more because of a foot cramp.

    You’re right, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad Strike Witches poster in Megami. Indeed, the Kodomo no Jikan poster was quite something. I thought it was too inappropriate to show here.

    @dreaming Artemis:
    Yep, simple and clean.

    Jigsy’s right, I’m sure you could find out what the poster looked like if you search for it.

    True, there’s probably going to be a huge influx of Madoka material in the following volumes.


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