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Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid Disappearance Ver. by GSC

April 18, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Its been a week since my last post and some of you may have noticed my absence online except for twitter, but there are several reasons for that. First is that I’ve been busy checking out the new anime this season, I think I’m just about through all of them. Secondly, classes are all done so all that’s left are exams, which I need to study for. Third, I’ve been rejected from the graduate schools I applied to, so I was feeling a bit down for a few days. On the bright side, I have a full-time job ready for me, so I’ve been looking into how to negotiate my salary and benefits. The average engineer-in-training here starts off making about $66k/year so I’m hoping to get around that much.

Enough about me though, I’m sure you guys are more interested in another nendoroid post.

Haruhi should not be a stranger to anyone, so I don’t think an introduction is necessary here. I skipped out on the original Haruhi nendo, but decided to get the Disappearance version because I love Haruhi with long hair.

Her default pose reminds me of her first appearance in the movie. As Kyon described, Haruhi had that “fighter with no peer” look and feel about her when he finally found out where she had disappeared to. The discontent face that GSC included here captures that look perfectly, and the crossed arms just add to that pose. The arms themselves are two pieces, but both hands are stuck on the left arm. I thought it looked a bit weird when I took them off, but I guess it was either have both hands on the same arm, or make the arms one single piece.

From the side, Haruhi still looks pretty intimidating. The ribbons in her hair really help make her look less dull, and I’m glad that GSC made them a bit longer. If you shortened them even a bit, I think Haruhi would’ve looked way too brown (i.e. brown hair, brown jacket, brown skirt, brown shoes).

Some of the other arm pieces that Haruhi comes with are one holding her bag, and one for posing with her hand on her hip. Once again, the placement of her hand makes her look intimidating, almost as if she’s going to whack you with her bag.

It would have been nice if they had included a bent leg so that you could pose Haruhi kicking something (like Kyon), but instead they included an extra pair of legs with longer socks. They also included the regular Haruhi hairstyle and a happy face for if you don’t like the mean Haruhi. The SOS Brigade armband fits over the left arm piece.

This is just a comparison between the short hair Haruhi and long hair Haruhi. Like I said before, I like her with longer hair, but what do you guys think?

Haruhi also doesn’t look as intimidating in this pose when she has short hair. I guess the longer hair just makes her look bigger than she actually is.

The last face that Haruhi comes with is this sort of mischievous smile. We all know how Haruhi always comes up with plans for the SOS Brigade, so this was a good one to include.

I was very impressed with the print on Haruhi’s armband. There’s no black splotches anywhere on the band and the writing looks very fine and detailed.

Her clothing is rather plain, being solid brown all around. The only details are a button and some pockets. I guess there isn’t really much else GSC could have done here considering this is how Haruhi looked in the movie.

Haruhi’s school bag isn’t quite as well-painted as her armband. You can see a few spots of silver paint where it shouldn’t be, but from a distance it’s not noticeable.

While there aren’t too many details to judge the quality of this nendoroid on, it does have plenty of choices with regards to poses and expression. Haruhi certainly has a wider range of poses than Yuki did, but sacrificed having some non-brown clothing for that. One thing that I really would’ve liked is an extra bent leg. If I had that, I could pose Haruhi kicking Kyon like in the movie.

Since the Haruhi movie takes place in the winter, I thought it would be a shame to not take any pictures of the nendoroids in the snow. It’s all melting now too, so this week was my last chance to get some winter shots with my figures.

Here we have Haruhi winding up for a throw…

… and nailing poor Yuki with a snowball.

I would’ve taken more pictures, but people were starting to stare at me so I packed up and left, but I hope you guys enjoyed that.

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15 Comments to “Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid Disappearance Ver. by GSC”

  1. I’ve always preferred Haruhi with long hair, she’s much more beautiful that way. But hey, nice Nendoroid there! Now you make feel like having one! XD
    Ryo_kun recently posted..Subtokyo! Week 2 and 3

  2. Oh sorry to hear that you was rejected from the graduate schools, but on the other you have a good sounding alternative =)

    This Nendo seems to be really good looking, the more classic colored dress looks a bit different for a Nendoroid, but I think it’s cool. The serious face is not so nice, becaue its very cold and emotionless, but the happy face and especially the mischievous smile is great, it really has the Haruhi expression. Im quite a bit tempted to get this Haruhi Nendoroid :p
    Too bad I have not so good memories of this kind of base, it broke at two of my Nendos.

    These are lovely outdoor pictures, when doing outdoor pictures of figures and other stuff, stares are annoying sometimes, but I got used to it .
    Fabienne recently posted..Review- Itou Noemi by Kotobukiya

  3. Sorry to hear about the application rejection, but you have a full-time job waiting for you already so don’t be too sad about it. Plus, you can always apply for graduate school again next time. =)

    I love Haruhi with long hair and in this school uniform. I just thought it suits her well. I’m planning to get the figma version. Hope it’s still available. Hehe.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Adding Another Mecha To My List- Infinite Stratos

  4. Now this more like it, with Yuki I felt GSC effort was wasted, the one time Yuki shows a range of emotions and they let it slip by. With this Haruhi I like that both her usual self and her more melancholic look from the movie as well.

    I do agree with you, I wish it had a better scheme. The figma managed to avoid looking monotone so I can’t see why the nendo didn’t.

    Also, poor Yuki, that was mean.
    Miette-chan recently posted..orz I think I went a little over board this time…

  5. @Ryo_kun:
    Me too, but I like girls with long hair in general, not just Haruhi.

    I’m glad that they included expressions that are significantly different from each other with Haruhi, it really helps in making different poses. I don’t think any of my nendoroid bases have broken before, it’s usually the joints that break when I drop one.

    I don’t think I could get used to people staring at me :/

    True, there’s always next year :)

    Good luck looking for the figma version, I prefer my nendoroids though.

    Yuki didn’t have enough poses, and Haruhi is too brown, I guess it’s hard to make a perfect nendoroid. They each do have their good points though.

  6. That’s unfortunate you didn’t get into grad school, but at least you have a job lined up \o/. 66k (CAD?) – that’s like £40k here :shock:. Wish we got that, graduate positions here are ~£26k. By the sounds of it I should totally move to Canada :lol:.

    I’ve still to watch the 2nd season of Haruhi and the movie, so I’m unfamiliar with this outfit. The brown everything is a bit plain, but at least her yellow ribbons light her up a bit. For this Haruhi long hair looks better I think.

    Headshot – no, poor Yuki :(. At least you gave outdoor photography a go. Having people stare is just too daunting for me.

  7. I finally got my Haruhi opened about a month ago, after having her in storage for several weeks. She’s pretty nice. I like the features of this one more than the original, I guess.

    I prefer her with her long hair too. Currently, she’s playing Tsundere-face with Kirino. :)

    About negotiation – it’s all about selling your features, but more importantly, the benefits you can provide to your employer that makes you worth it. You have to come up with an angle on it – “The average beginner engineer makes 66k with these qualifications. I meet/exceed these qualifications, which means less time required to train me.” that sort of thing. Good luck!
    radiant recently posted..A Personal Message for Everyone

  8. @BioToxic:
    I didn’t know there was such a big difference between Canada and Britain, but I guess we’ve weathered the recession better than most countries.

    You should definitely watch the movie if you have time, I thought it was really good.

    The original didn’t look very impressive from the promo shots, which was why I skipped out on it. I was pleased with this one though.

    Thanks for the tip, I’m making a list of things I should bring up once it comes time to discuss my salary. Being more qualified is definitely something I have over others at this point.

  9. Even though I’m not a Haruhi fan, I really do like this figure. It just looks like they got everything right about her, specifically putting her in a black suit instead of a mundane white one.

    Congrats on the new job. It should help lighten blow on future figurine expenses. xD
    MkMiku recently posted..The Sleepiness of MkMiku

  10. Sorry to hear about the graduate schools, but congratulations on the full-time job. Good luck!!

    Anyway, lovely Haruhi nendo. I really like her intimidating face. I like her fierceness and presence.
    Yi recently posted..Strings and Ropes – Fashion- Bondage- and Power in Hanasaku Iroha

  11. First of all, all the best with your salary negotiation. I thought it’d be more than 66k/year. :( I had a friend getting 80+k/year for just a junior or with 1-2 years working experience. I don’t know about the pay range actually.. but he is working in Microsoft.

    For me, I prefer the long hair Haruhi too. She looks cuter and nicer with long hair. I did have the thought of getting this nendoroid too. But, I don’t know where to store them now.

    The outdoor photos are pretty cool! So, you are suffering from the same problem as me… packing up when people start staring/ogling huh. Seems like we of the same kind :) Hehehee.
    softwerkz recently posted..Angel of the North @ Gateshead- United Kingdom

  12. I went off and got a job after college and went to grad school part-time. The company paid half tuition, but a lot of companies will pay the full amount. That might be a good way to get your degreeif you can balance the two out. I’ll have my masters degree in a few months, although I’m not sure if it was a Masters or a PHD you were after…well anyway in my opinion Masters in engineering are only worth it if you change things up and do a different (but related) degree (ex: undergrad Civil and grad Fire Protection). And if you’re going after a PHD you should probably have a very specialized career choice you’re going after, or a desire to be a prfessor/stay in the academic womb. BASICALLY I think everything will work out well for you outside grad school.

    Well no more serious talk! YAY for nendoroids!
    lovelyduckie recently posted..My 10 Favorite Tokyopop Titles

  13. @MkMiku:
    The figure is nice, I just find the brown a bit overwhelming.

    Thanks. Haruhi does have a rather fierce aura about her, one of the reasons why I like her as a character.

    Wow, 80k is a lot. We don’t usually make that much until we get our full engineer’s title and are legally able to approve engineering work. That’ll be another 3 years for me.

    I’m also running out of space for my figures, just recently I had to put some of them away. I should probably sell the ones I don’t want anymore.

    I was aiming for a master’s degree, but I don’t think my company would pay for it because it’s in a different field of engineering than what I’m currently in. They’ve actually tried to persuade me to go into a related field instead so that I would be of more value to them, but I’m simply not as interested.

  14. Im sorry about the third point, but turn the page start fresh like they always say..

    anyway now that you have haruhi with long hair.. :3
    please tell me you ordered kyon?

  15. @Fabrice:
    Of course, I couldn’t get Yuki and Haruhi without getting Kyon :)

    Now if only they would release an adult Mikuru nendoroid…


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