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Overthinking Anime

April 09, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Anime, Other Stuff

In response to Yi’s fun project idea, I’ve gone back through all of my old anime posts and put together a collection of the times when I’ve overthought something and was wrong. Since I’m on the topic of overthinking, I’ve also included some posts where I’ve just completely taken things out of context. These posts go back to when I first started blogging in 2008, so most of the series I cover are complete. If you haven’t seen them and plan on watching them later, be warned that there are spoilers below.

When I Overthought and was Wrong:

Chaos;Head ep. 1

I had predicted that Takumi either imagined everything that he saw, or that he was actually a murderer. It turns out both were wrong, and Chaos;Head is an anime about some supernatural stuff and not mental illness. On the bright side, I was spot on about Yua having ulterior motives.

Toradora ep. 9

I predicted that Kitamura was some kind of masochist; I was wrong, he’s an exhibitionist. On the bright side, I was right about Minori hiding something (she’s bisexual).

K-ON! ep. 1

I thought Mio’s hat defied gravity. After seeing people wearing them in Japan, I now know that there’s actually a strap attached to the hat that you tie around your head.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica ep. 8 – The Obvious and Not So Obvious

So I may be way off with this one, but hey, there’s still 2 more episodes and we’ve seen how easily Madoka can twist things around (c’mon Urobochi, don’t let me down!).

When I Just Overthought:

To Aru Majutsu no Index ep. 05 & Perfect Memory

This is a perfect example of a time I really over-thought things. I went semi-in-depth into how the human brain is theorized to store memory in order to compare the anime with real life. Why can’t I just enjoy a series for what it is…

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Espers – How Do They Work?

Many people have pointed out how I was wrong about the mechanics of esper powers, but I guess they didn’t read the part where I said I was taking it out of the context of anime physics and applying real-world science. Others have pointed out alternatives to what I suggested. There is one correction I’d like to point out though, “an involuntary movement” is an actual scientific term, but it’s far from what the anime explains it as.

Natsu no Arashi ep. 9 – Time Paradoxes

The title speaks for itself.

When I was Right:

Not all of my overthinking leads to wrong conclusions or a brain ache. Below are some examples of when I was thinking about anime and got some things right.

Toradora ep. 1

Accurately predicting that Ryuji and Taiga will hook up. OK, that’s a give me, but it still counts.

Toradora ep. 19 & 20

“I predict that the next episode will involve some people getting trapped on the mountain during a snow storm since that’s what usually happens.” Well, you just have to watch episode 21 to see that I was right.

Clannad After Story ep. 21

I mentioned the likelihood of Ushio suddenly coming back to life and we all know what happened.

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17 Comments to “Overthinking Anime”

  1. I was thinking (and actually ended up making an editorial) the exact same thing about Madoka. Maybe we’re reading too much in between the lines. Or maybe it really it is that deep (cue Gainax laughing with a big smile and holding a banner that reads “Insane stuff with Meaning – Copyright GAINAX”)
    TRazor recently posted..Harem Deviation Calculator

  2. surprisingly, I’ve never over-thought anime… every anime I’ve watched deserved and got just the right amount of thinking.


    Ghost In The Shell – some fairly deep thought about inner soul, and human needs.

    Lucky Star – no thought whatsoever.

    I believe that thinking about an anime detracts you from experiencing the anime fully for what it’s worth, moment by moment. You could call it a zen-like awareness and becoming more engrossed in its worlds by suspending all disbelief and past experiences and cliches, thereby enjoying the show a whole lot more.
    radiant recently posted..A Personal Message for Everyone

  3. I don’t overthink animes very often, which is strange because I tend to overthink pretty much everything. On the other hand I totally overthink mangas and light novels.

    Anyway, the best example is Durarara!! but with that one, even if I think I went over all the possibilities, that author manages to surprise me and I’m always wrong.
    But seriously I overthink the strangest things, say Katekyo Hitman Reborn, you’d be amazed by the number of theories I have about that. It’s a Jump shonen, you’re not supposed to think while reading it.
    Kuuki recently posted..ReviewHourou Musuko

  4. I read to much fantasy not just anime(considering most anime genre that i always watch), overthink just shown flaws in them :( I prefer overthink in real life that make me not happy >_<
    Aya recently posted..1-8 Shizuka 2P Color by ALPHAXOMEGA

  5. I think I’ve killed too many cat girls… :( I feel kind of bad.

    Anyway, lots of posts here! I’ll have to catch up on some of the older ones.

  6. Sometimes, I overthink while watching animes, especially shonen/mystery shows. And my expectations and so called “predictions” always turned out to be a bummer. Most recent ones would be Gosick. >_<"
    Ryo_kun recently posted..The Time Machine! Goes Anime Stein Gate Episode 1

  7. imo, the good thing with overthinking is that it subconsciously reveals how interested the viewer is in an anime (or how the viewer maintains interest)
    baka~ recently posted..Overloading developments isn’t a bad thing… not with this anime

  8. @TRazor:
    I guess I’m not the only one who thought that. Lets hope that we’re right.

    The reason why I overthink about anime is because I usually wonder what’s going to happen while waiting for the next episode to come out. I probably would enjoy anime more if I didn’t go overboard with the details.

    The ones where you think you’ve covered all the possibilities, but then the author does something entirely different are the good ones. I made some predictions about Durarara too, but some of them were wrong, like who the leader of the Dollars was.

    Sometimes overthinking does show the flaws in anime, but a really good story will make you overthink and show you a completely unexpected result.

    I’ve killed quite a few cat girls too, gotta stop doing that.

    Mystery shows are supposed to make you think though, and they give you so many clues to throw you off that it’s understandable that predictions are usually wrong.

    True, an anime that doesn’t make you think is an anime that you’re not interested in.

  9. This is something I always make an effort to stop myself from doing. I find myself enjoying anime much more when I simply watch it and don’t think too deeply.
    Miette-chan recently posted..World’s end…

  10. There’s nothing wrong in over-thinking things as long as it’s within the lines of reason. Nothing in the world is really meant to be black and white. I’ll probably write a post too, once I find the right anime. :D

    I think I spent way too much time analyzing Sucker Punch. I also think too many cat girls were killed last season. Please think of the cat girls. :(
    MkMiku recently posted..Sucker Punch Analysis- All the World’s a Stage

  11. @Miette-chan:
    It happens to all of us. Just as long as it doesn’t take up too much of your time, I think it’s OK.

    It’s also just your own opinion, so no one can really say you’re wrong until it does or doesn’t happen in the anime. Sucker Punch looks like it has a lot of material to overanalyze, but I haven’t been to the theatres lately so I haven’t had a chance to see it.

  12. I don’t overthink anime a lot,if it isn’t neccessary, it mainly ruins the overall experience imo
    only when things appear or happen I don’t like, for example annoying characters (Kirino^^), a good character died, bad endings and so on then I overthink things.
    Fabienne recently posted..Anime Winter Season review part 1

  13. I doubt anyone in this world besides my boyfriend will EVER believe me (and that’s only since he’s the one I told it to at the time) but……





    I predicted that Ace would die (I predicted this during the Alabasta story arc he was introduced in). And HUNDREDS of episodes (and years later) it did finally happen. Basically I couldn’t see Oda killing off a member of the Straw Hats crew, I felt like that would change the easy going dynamic they all have together. BUT Ace on the other hand was someone that was a very appealing character (probably as appealing as any crewmember) and as important to Luffy as his crewmemebers (but in a different way). Basically he was the surest tear jerker death that wouldn’t completely turn the series upside down. Although his death will certainly have more impact on Luffy and the crew than any other to date.
    lovelyduckie recently posted..My ARIA Punit Collection

  14. @Fabienne:
    I just tend to think about things in general when I have nothing to do, so if I have to wait a week between episodes, I always think about what’s going to happen next.

    I don’t watch One Piece, but it sounds like you were spot on with your prediction. It is pretty hard to believe that you called it hundreds of episodes before it happened.

  15. When I predict on something, it turns out to be least accurate than the actual outcome. Actually for me, when I’m about to write a post, sometimes, I will browsing some other sites get some idea about that particular topics. Some of their post or comments leads me to over-thinking in my post. Cant be avoided? Perhaps yes…
    Itachi recently posted..Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Another Dropped Anime Series From My Watching List

  16. @Itachi:
    I actually do the opposite from you, I try not to read anything before writing my posts so that I don’t get influenced by anyone else.

  17. …I literally can NOT watch shonen anime anymore because I tend to overthink them to the point where every shonen anime becomes a lovecraftian abomination either actively opposed to making sense or wholly devoted to giving me nightmares.


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