Megami Magazine Vol. 11

Yes, you read the title right, and no, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Do I have something special for you guys, I have here volume 11 of Megami Magazine, which was released 10 years ago on April 1, 2001. Its been over a month since I started the History With Anime project, so I thought it was about time for another trip down memory lane. The thing I love about Megami is that it not only provides excellent artwork, it also acts as a record of the anime and games that were popular in the past.

As for why I decided to get this particular volume, you just have to look at the cover. Love Hina was the must-see anime for any teenage boy way back when. If you’re a guy and you went through your teenage years without seeing a single episode of Love Hina, then I feel sorry for you.

The magazine itself still has that Megami feel that the modern day volumes have, but there are some notable differences. First though, lets take a run through the posters. I’ve introduced the characters and anime/game for each poster because I know some of you probably won’t recognize any of them.

Nyantype Magazine always has a double-fold-out poster at the start of every volume and now I know where they got the idea from. As you can see, Megami’s first poster in this volume is larger than the usual ones, something they did for most of their initial releases. This particular poster is a character from Keiji Gotoh’s Wonder Land. If you guy haven’t heard of Keiji Gotoh before, he’s a well-known anime director, character designer, and manga artist. My favourite of his works are the character designs for my all-time favourite series, Martian Successor Nadesico. Those of you who have seen it will see the similarities between Yurika and the girl in this poster.

While I think the poster is fantastic with the way the girl is posed and the way her clothes and hair flow, what I like the most are the eyes. The way an artist draws a character’s eyes is one of the defining things about their work. I can always tell when an image is drawn by Keiji Gotoh because of the easily recognizable “Nadesico” eyes.

On the reverse side of the poster is Minami Makimura from the anime/manga Comic Party. Admittedly, I never watched the anime but I did read the manga. From what I can remember, it was about some guy wanting to make it big at Comic Party (which is the same as Comic Market or Comiket in the real world) by making doujinshi. One thing I won’t miss about this art style are the humongous hands, I mean just look at them.

Here we have Miyuki Kobayakawa (left) and Natsumi Tsujimoto (right) from the anime You’re Under Arrest. Both of whom are sporting some sexy chinese dresses. The flowers in the background are a nice touch, and it’s interesting to know that chinese dresses have been used in Megami for over 10 years.

This green-haired girl is Barnette Orangello from Vandread. I can’t say I’m fond of the facial expression, nor am I impressed with the way another part of her body looks (c’mon, they can’t actually hold up a piece of clothing like that).

Belldandy, on the other hand, is a goddess (both figuratively and literally). Some of you will probably recognize her from the Oh! My Goddess TV series, but I think this poster was for the movie. I’m pretty sure the OVA came out long before 2001. It’s a bit disappointing that her face is in a shadow, but her long flowing hair is nicely drawn and I see no problems with body proportions.

This little lady is Mariel from Hanaukyo Maid-tai. I didn’t watch that anime so I can’t tell you what it’s about. Mariel would look good in this poster if her face just wasn’t so weird. Her slight smile says she’s happy, but her eyes says she’s worried or has a lazy eye. I really can’t tell what kind of face the artist intended for this image.

This poster of Kurumi from the anime Steel Angel Kurumi Zero looks nice from a distance, but when you look at it up close or even just a few feet away, you’ll notice that it’s extremely grainy. What Megami did here was just take a really small image and expand it to fit onto a poster. You can see that it didn’t turn out too well.

I loved this poster of Vanilla H with her emblem frame GA-005 Harvester from the anime Galaxy Angel. Space backgrounds need to be used more when it comes to posters, and I like how Vanilla has this white glow about her as her emblem frame floats above her hands.

You can probably read what’s on the poster, but this is Himeno Awayuki from Pretear. I like Himeno’s pose and the wind swirling around her, but I think this image could have been made just a bit better with at least something in the background rather than a simple colour gradient.

Komugi Nakahara from Soul Taker shows that the nurse fetish has been around for a long time. I don’t like the art style here because it just seems really simplistic.

I was surprised to see a poster of Shaorin from Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten in here, but when I looked up when the OVA came out, it was around 2001. I guess I just watched it so many times that I forgot how old it was. I really enjoyed the Mamotte Shugogetten series and it’s a real shame that the manga was never really completed.

I think Shao looks absolutely beautiful in this poster with the falling snow and her long flowing hair. It’s also cute how Rishu is sticking out of her pocket and trying to catch some snow.

Who hasn’t heard of Di Gi Charat? This anime was created to help Gamers, the anime store, gain more popularity. As I hear it, the war between Gamers and Animate was (still is?) pretty fierce. When I went to Japan last year, Gamers still had the Di Gi Charat characters plastered on giant boards above their main store in Akiba. Who can blame them though, Digiko, Puchiko, and Rabi en Rose are so kawaii!

Uzuki Shitennou and Satsuki Gokajyou from Happy Lesson, I know absolutely nothing about them. The character designs are nice with good body proportions and lots of attention to detail, but their eyes are huge, a characteristic of anime from that time.

Another character I know nothing about, Manami Naruse from With You: Mitsumeteitai. A rather straight-forward poster, the only noticeable flaw is how short her upper left arm appears (between the elbow and shoulder), it’s almost as if it doesn’t exist.

If you like wild and crazy anime and you don’t recognize the anime this poster is from, then shame on you. Puni Puni Poemi to this day is the craziest anime I have ever seen. I think the poster manages to capture some of that craziness with the dominatrix outfit, Poemi’s ridiculous mahou shoujo outfit, and her fish bone wand. The artwork here is incredibly detailed and the colours are very vibrant, representative of the anime.

All of the posters up to this point have been of girls from anime. In this old volumes of Megami, the posters were split into two sections: anime and visual novels. Below are the visual novel posters. Note that since most visual novels are the adult kind, I’ve hidden ecchi images behind links and I’ve censored any mature content.

You’ll notice right off the bat that this poster is way more detailed and much more artistic than any of the previous posters. In my opinion, 10 years ago visual novels were the leaders in anime-style art. Almost all of the wallpapers I collected at the time unknowingly came from eroge.

Canvas was one of the more popular visual novels at the time and you can probably tell why from this poster. It is absolutely gorgeous and would easily beat out Megami Magazine posters from today. The quality and high level of artistic skill is just amazing. Canvas eventually got its own anime adaptation.

I can’t say I recall ever hearing about Angelic Concert, but it looks typical of 2001. Angel wings were a big thing way back then.

Like I said, angel wings. This girl is from Aquarian Age ~Scorpio no Sadame~, which is actually a card game similar to Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering.

Exodus Guilty Neos is a visual novel for the Dreamcast.

Snow was another visual novel on the same level as Canvas. While it did not get any anime adaptations, the artwork that came out of it was still beautiful, as you can probably tell from this poster.

I wasn’t as impressed with the artwork from Flutter of Birds as I was with Canvas and Snow, but apparently it was really popular. The visual novel got an ero-anime adaptation which for some reason was renamed “Virgin Touch” in English and it also got a sequel, “Flutter of Birds II,” which was also an ero-anime.

Mizuiro was also a popular visual novel that got 2 anime adaptations. The girl in this poster is my favourite character, Yuki Katase, the sister of the main male lead. In case you’re wondering why there were 2 anime adaptations, one was an ero-anime, and the other was family friendly. I thought the story was really sweet, but I wanted the other ending. As for the artwork, I liked the character designs, but it wasn’t as mind-blowingly beautiful as others.

Natural 2: Duo, an eroge turned ero-anime.

This is Hitomi Kameyama from Shin Seiki Inma Seiden and I’m guessing some kind of demon. I’m sure you people can imagine what happens in an eroge/ero-anime like this.

So as you can see, there are a lot of similarities between the posters of today and 10 years ago, but there are some major differences like the absence of eroge and ero-anime. The content within the magazine has also gone through the same thing.

Anime merchandise really hasn’t changed much except for the characters plastered onto them. you’ve got pencil boards, DVDs, cards, stickers, fans, and figures.

If you take a close look at the figures though, you’ll notice that they’re nowhere near the quality that they’re at today.

There are also sections dedicated to the latest anime and games with screenshots and short descriptions of different characters.

I’m so glad that games don’t look like the ones on the left anymore. Even if they’re gambling games.

Megami covered eroge and ero-anime in its posters in the past, it’s only natural that they’d also have some content pages dedicated to those titles. They also weren’t afraid to include some mature pictures within those pages.

Megami also allowed advertising for titles like Ragnarock City. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s an ero yuri manga/artbook.

It even covered ero-anime titles that had full out tentacle rape, talk about extreme. In case you’re wondering, the Megami of today censors everything now, so you could consider that one of the major changes in the past 10 years.

Gamers was really pushing their anime, Di Gi Charat at the time. Of course, a year later Animate would come out with their own title in a rather weak retaliation, Anime Tenchou.

Interesting how the body pillows of 2001 were still the rounded type and didn’t have sexy poses on them.

Like most volumes, this one came with a B2 sized poster. It features characters from the anime Angelic Layer. I liked the anime at first, but once I realized every episode was the same, I just skipped to the battle with the prince of the layer and then the last episode. After finishing it I didn’t feel like I missed much.

Not quite sure what Otogi Story PETS 12 is, will have to look that up. This poster reminds me a lot of a previous Strike Witches one though.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the happenings of the anime world 10 years ago and a look back at what Megami Magazine was like in its infancy. If you want, you can compare Megami Magazine vol. 11 with Nyantype Magazine vol. 11 and see which one is better.

Unfortunately, if you want this volume, you’re going to have to do some serious searching. On the other hand, if you want to get new volumes of Megami Magazine, just subscribe below.

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  1. Haha, wow. What a blast from the plast. Admittedly lots of this is from before my time but oh man I would kill for that Angelic Layer poster. The Vanilla one was really nice too.

    I can just imagine myself looking back at my Megami magazines in ten years. I don’t even know what I might think about them then.
    Fang-tan recently posted..YM feat GUMI – Ten Faced

  2. Blast from the past indeed! I was an anime fan ten years ago and this brings back so many memories. I think I was most happy with seeing the Galaxy Angel, Pretear, and Mamotte Shugogetten posters. Those are still series that I’m really fond of today.

    My goodness, they actually had full on nudity back then! I’m kind of glad they toned it down a bit in current volumes so that at least there aren’t nipple shots or crotch shots…

  3. Megami from 2001, that’s years before I started watching anime myself. Of all the posters shown I’ve only seen Love Hina & Angelic Layer.

    It’s interesting that Megami used to cover eroge and make posters of them. I’m kind of glad they’ve found their identity now and concentrate on making nice anime posters instead.

    Also, it’s a good thing figure quality has improved.
    BioToxic recently posted..Ryofu Ren by FREEing- with added D3100-ness

  4. @Fang-tan:
    I like the Angelic Layer poster too. As repetitive as the series was, I still enjoyed some of the battle scenes.

    Hope you liked it :)

    Looking back at old volumes of Megami really brings back good memories of anime way back when. I’m also glad they toned down the ecchi-ness now, otherwise I’d have a tough time getting a hold of the latest volumes.

    The great thing about anime character designs is that it’s always evolving to better suit peoples’ tastes. While I think some of the characters wouldn’t look out of place in a current anime, a lot of them do look dated now.

    Really? I was under the impression that you were a long-time anime fan. They actually do still cover eroge releases in current Megami Magazines, but they no longer have any posters or uncensored screenshots. I guess too many people objected to the material.

    Indeed, times have changed.

  5. Wow, super old school! I don’t recognize anyone. And the style/ character designs are just a little different from what I’m used to today.

    Belldandy is probably my favorite from this megazine, 10 years ago.

    Anyway, this is really cool to see a magazine from last decade.
    Yi recently posted..Eye Racism in Gosick Times We Overthink

  6. @Yi:
    I like Belldandy too. The reason I watched the original Oh! My Goddess was because I saw her in an AMV.

    I didn’t know about figures abd body pillows back then either. That kind of stuff was still mainly restricted to Japan.

  7. Its interesting to see characters from anime you never heard of ^^, well my excuse is that my interest for anime awoke a bit late.

    I’ve heard of Ah my goddess, if I remember right it was even aired in german television. Last year I wanted to watch Di Gi Charat but the torrent betrayed me X(

    My favorite is the poster of Snow.
    Fabienne recently posted..New Preorders part 6

  8. @Fabienne:
    Most people seem to have gotten into anime within the last 10 years, so it’s not surprising that you don’t recognize everyone.

    I’m happy to hear that, I started putting images behind links because I knew some people visited my site at work/school.

    Yep, totally, animation has evolved quite a bit in just 10 years.

  9. Not too many that I recognize as at that time I was in a dry period of not watching much of anything, but it’s pretty cool seeing this. I’m very impressed that you still have it in this good of condition. Snow looks great, and reminds me of Kanon from the picture. I also really like the Angelic Layer poster. It really does look like eroge art quality was top notch and above anime at the time.

  10. @Persocom:
    I actually bought it from a store in Japan, which is why it’s in such good condition ^.^

    Eroge definitely was top of the line when it came to quality artwork. I think it was around the mid 2000’s when anime started catching up.