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Megami Magazine Vol. 130

March 24, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

I was in for a little surprise when I opened up the March 2011 issue of Megami Magazine, also known as volume 130. Unlike all of the other volumes that just come with a pretty anime girl (or girls) on a dull cover, this one has SPARKLES! In this volume, Megami decided to embed some tons of bright, multi-coloured, sparkly stars in the cover. You can only see some of them in the picture because of the angle, but they fill the whole page. I think it’s rather fitting considering they featured the girls from Idolmaster on the cover this time.

Enough about the cover though, lets see what kind of posters they have this time around (ecchi images linked):

While Nyantype always includes one larger poster in every issue, its been a long time since Megami has included one of these double fold-out posters in their magazines. Considering how rarely they include these larger posters, I’m glad that they decided to put the girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica on one side. The artwork isn’t anything spectacular and it’s a shame that Kyouko is missing, but it’s still nice to have and look at.

On the reverse is Yui with a rather late Valentine’s Day chocolate. It’s cute how Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi are spying on her from behind the tree.

I thought this Index poster was rather dull for a Megami poster. The swimsuits look identical (no frills?) except for a few slight changes, and the expressions and poses aren’t all that great.

This Yumekui Merry poster, on the other hand, is much better. It has nice poses, a frilly swimsuit (yay), and some water splashing.

I can’t say I understand what’s going on here. The text bubbles are something new, I don’t recall seeing those in a Megami poster before.

This Dragon Crisis poster is hidden for skimpiness.

A brilliantly done poster. Victorica is basically the only reason I’m watching Gosick now, so I’m happy to have this poster of her. The lighting compliments her hair and face, while the books are arranged to draw your attention to her as well. I also love the details in Victorica’s dress and the flowers on the chair she’s sitting in.

I never thought I’d ever see Kuroneko in a swimsuit, it just doesn’t seem right. Kirino on the other hand, seems to be trying to be fashionable while at the beach, as expected.

The panty stealing episode in Strike Witches must’ve been really popular considering how many images of panty stealing show up in Megami. Either that or someone really wanted Lynette to have participated (hence the poster).

The colours seemed a bit off in this poster, but then again I’m not following Freezing, so what do I know.

This lovely warrior maden was illustrated by Kantaka (かんたか,, NSFW). I love the designs on her chest armour and the shield, or is that a weapon of some kind? The flowers are also a nice touch and give her a more fragile appearance rather than the tough fighter that the armour would’ve portrayed her as.

Sora no Otoshimono posters seem to swing back and forth between extemely ecchi and not ecchi. I’m surprised that the girls don’t freeze.

Other than that playing card looking rather small, I didn’t find anything wrong with this poster even though something doesn’t feel right.

I’m not fond of the animation in Onii-chan whatever (that title is way too long), but Megami has somehow managed to make it look decent. I think the park in the background helps out a lot.

No matter how many Mitsudomoe posters I see, the character designs still freak me out. I wish that Megami could find a way to make it less repulsive (no offence intended).

I quite liked this poster of Haruna and Eucliwood. There are some things that need fixing, like Eucliwood being flatter than Haruna and the size of their arms/legs, but overall it’s cute. The lizards and eyeballs in that bowl is also amusing.

I didn’t expect Megami to start churning out posters from the upcoming season yet. This is from the anime Hidan no Aria, which will be airing in a few weeks. Some people have mentioned that this girl reminds them of Shana, but I don’t see it.

The back cover is just as elaborate as the front cover, with Idolmaster taking up the whole page and the sparkly stars everywhere.

Included in the magazine was a pencil board. On one side is Fate from the Nanoha series holding a body pillow.

On the reverse side is Fate again, but this time drawn in an artist’s personal style (I don’t know who drew it) rather than the anime style.

Along with the pencil board, there were three print-outs sealed in plastic.

The prints are on regular poster paper and are of images that have been used in previous magazines.

It seems Megami has also changed up the B2 size poster they include in most issues. Usually, the poster is just inserted within the pages of the magazine, but this time it’s actually physically attached to it. You have to cut the poster out if you want to put it on your wall.

Both sides of the poster are of the Idolmaster girls and they use the same images featured on the front and back covers of the magazine.

If you’re a big Idolmaster fan, then you would probably enjoy this issue because of the covers and the poster. There were quite a lot of swimsuit posters this time around, probably an indication of spring. The two posters that stood out the most for me were the Gosick poster and the illustration by Kantaka. While some of the posters were really dull, most of them were decent and there were very few flaws. With the selection of posters, the special cover, and the extras included, this is one of the better Megami releases.

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9 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 130”

  1. Speaking as someone who loves Mitsudomoe…yea the art style is really not something suited for cheese cake posters and this one here is rather frightening…

    I think the Onii-chan one is ok because its covering the joints…I really have no problem with the porportions of the characters, but for reasons beyond me they draw the girls with these disgusting black lines on their joints as opposed to the normal slight red blush…ick.

    But yea like you said the big winner is that Victoria one…It’s got a nice subtle hint of ero showing off her bare feet their in a nice vulnerable pose. Truly reminds you why one bothers to continue watching Gosick…
    Ashlotte recently posted..Review- 1-8 Kousaka Kirino

  2. Yay – a Gosick poster! A beautifully done poster, by the way. Now I wish I have that magazine. Actually, I would buy that magazine just for her. She’s such a cutie.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Kimi ni Todoke 10- From Now On

  3. Even though I don’t like Victorica too much (don’t kill me), I still think that’s a very nice poster of her. I wouldn’t mind owning that Hidan no Aria poster either.

    I’d say this is one of the better issues too, judging by your past posts.

  4. Well this looks like a pretty decent issue. I love the Gosick, Merry, and Yui ones the most I think. It’s kinda sad that they try to make Mitsudomoe ones ecchi all the time, I think the art style would be better justified by just making cute pictures of them *shrug* Anyways nice get, and the sparkly cover seems pretty cool, do the sparklies rub off?
    Persocom recently posted..Lupin the 3rd – Revoltech

  5. @Ashlotte:
    I think the joints combined with that kinda lanky look makes the characters look strange in Onii-chan.

    That poster really is exceptionally well-drawn. I’m glad that Megami decided to include it.

    The Hidan no Aria poster is nice too. I don’t know what the anime is about yet, but the pose and the grid in the background makes it look like a futuristic action anime.

    I totally agree with you there, Mitsudomoe’s art style would work better with cute poses. The sparkles are embedded within the page so they don’t come off.

  6. this time my only favorite is the Gosick poster, the other ones are mainly for fanservice, I have nothing against that but this time I don’t like most of these motives, but therefore the very nice pencilboard woke up my interest, it looks great ^-^
    Fabienne recently posted..Buddy by ALTER

  7. @Fabienne:
    The Gosick poster really is the nicest one in here. I liked the pencil board too, Fate is my favourite Nanoha character.

  8. This one is pretty nice. OreImo, Victorique, Kantaka’s warrior, and loli Fate are all super cute.

    Also, agreed about Mitsudomoe. The character designs are… ugly. :(
    Yi recently posted..Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

  9. @Yi:
    I like loli Fate better than older fate, so much cuter then.


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