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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 15

March 11, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine

Volume 15 of Nyantype came out a while ago, but I haven’t had time to get around to it until now. The cover features the adorable Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono. The posters this time around cover characters from series from both last season and the current season. As always, ecchi images are linked and not directly displayed.

This poster reminds me of the sushi on a geisha stereotype that I always hear about, but instead of sushi it’s a lobster.

Nanoha looks rather mature in this poster even though she’s in her loli form. The pose is excellent, and I love how her hair is blowing gently in the wind.

There seem to be quite a few Subaru posters in Nyantype recently. I’m a bit upset because she’s actually my least favourite character in the Nanoha world.

I think I prefer Haruhi with a ponytail, she looks so much more athletic like that.

Does anyone else find her hands strangly small compared to her body?

I’ve recently started watching Strike Witches (the first season) and I’m actually enjoying it right now. Sanya is one of my favourite characters so far, so I’m happy to have this poster.

The colour of Haruna’s clothing in this picture and the background really don’t match the anime. There should be more pink and blue, and less orange and green.

Which way is Erika’s knee facing? I thought this poster looked nice at first, but upon closer inspection, there seems to be some flaws.

This was a rather bright and fun poster with some of the characters from Type Moon series.

I think Nyantype had a really good concept here with Sora standing in the water under the stars, but there’s simply way too much black in the background. If there were more stars or something visible behind Sora, I think it’d be perfect.

This is probably one of the very few non-sitting Amagami SS posters out there. It’s rather cute with her holding the bun in her mouth and doing the cat pose.

I was impressed with how well-drawn Mio and Yuno fit in with the blowing leaves, but once again the hands seem too small for their body size.

I think we all know what the focal point of this poster is.

Rather cute, but ecchi at the same time.

Another cute poster, but also really pretty.

I love Elsea’s kimono in this poster, it’s absolutely beautiful, and the pose combined with the background looks like she’s trying to invite people to Japan.

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but I thought this poster felt really 60’s with the funky colours and a rebellious-looking Panty and Stocking.

I guess this is what will happen when Ika Musume’s invasion turns out to be a success.

The mecha girl this time around is Ikaros. The angel wings combined with the mech parts looks really cool in my opinion.

This time you also get a free Chaos card which is kept in a paper envelope.

On the back of the magazine is an ad for Dragon Crisis, which I must say has been a big disappointment for me.

Also included with this volume was a little cardboard box containing a bunny-girl calendar for 2011. I had an extremely hard time unrolling it, but here is the result:

My favourite page is the last one with Tsumugi from K-ON! She looks so cute with a bunny outfit on.

Out of all of the posters, my favourite is definitely the one with Elsea, followed by the Type Moon poster. The others were pretty good, with a few needing some improvements.

I’d like to announce now that this is my last Nyantype Magazine post (at least temporarily). The reasons are because: I don’t feel there is a need to collect two bishoujo magazines and I have a slight preference for Megami, my bookshelf is filling up with monthly subscriptions which I will eventually need to get rid of, and I needed to redirect money from something to buy some art books that I wanted. Megami updates will still be around, as well as new artbooks if you guys are interested in taking a peek at them.

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20 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 15”

  1. Good magazine review again, Nopy!

    I probably missed your twitter comments about it, but what about Dragon Crisis! was disappointing?

  2. I like that Panty and Stocking poster. For me, it’s nicely done. If my memory serves me well, these aren’t the actual character design of the anime. Right? I didn’t watch the anime. If these are the actual design, I would definitely give it a try.

    Hmm..I like Haruhi wearing long hair. I think I like her in ponytail too – very pretty. I’m surprise she’s not in bunny calendar.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Kimi ni Todoke 9- Confession

  3. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Strike Witches. Season II is even better by far.
    Interestingly, the SW poster in this issue features yet again two minor characters, one of them not even in the anime at all (I think).
    Yi recently posted..Reversing the Irreversible in Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Future Predictions Using Physics

  4. Are they publishing the “panty stocking” manga in English? I really like the drawing style, and the story seems wacky enough…. kind of reminds me of “The jungle was calm…. and then came Guu” (hale nochi guu? i think).

  5. Hi there :) I seem to be interested in getting a copy of Nyan Type. Do you know where else I can order her?

  6. @Ari:
    I really couldn’t get into the story, it just seemed really shallow and the characters had little to no development.

    The anime has two designs, the main one looks more cartoony, while the other one looks like the one in the poster.

    They look like Sanya and Eila, but their ears/tails are different, same with their clothes. I guess I’ll find out who they are later.

    I’m not sure, but it would be cool if they were publishing it.

    If you don’t want to order through Jlist, you could also try Hobby Search.

  7. I wasn’t a big fan of this one…I think the Ika-chan one was the only one that really appealed to me.
    Arianna Sterling recently posted..150 Anime Challenge- Week Ten

  8. This is a good issue I liked some many of the posters. Nanoha with her hair down and in her school uniform is refreshing since I often see her in her barrier jacket. I got a digital copy of the To Love Ru sitting around somewhere. Still none of them beat Ika Musume, my favorite of the bunch for sure.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Cloudy with a chance for Biri Biri

  9. @Arianna Sterling:
    Everyone seems to like the Ika Musume posters, I guess she just has a certain charm about her.

    I see a lot of these posters floating around online too, but I still like having the source material.

  10. Yeah, I saw it in JList but knowing JList, they’re rip offs. Out of stock in HS and other known retailers @_@ But thanks! I had interest in this after reading your post xD

  11. Thank you for sharing again. So many bunny girls! LOL! Frankly, I can’t recognize the pony-tail Haruhi. She does look different (to me). I shall go thru’ all the links in detail tonight. :)

  12. @softwerkz:
    I guess I’ve seen her “disappearance” version so many times that it looks normal to me.

  13. Oh, with Nymph on the cover I expected more stuff of her :(
    This SW postet is really cool, I would say its my fav poster this time.
    I like Subaru a lot from the characters of Season 3 she was my fav.
    the bunny dress calendar is a nice idea, even though I prefer cat and fox eared characters ;D
    Fabienne recently posted..My anime history post

  14. @Fabienne:
    I like fox characters too, they’re cool.

  15. The Sora no Otoshimono poster of Astraea and the lobster made me laugh. I also liked the Sora no Otoshimono page of the bunny girl calender.

    The poster of Sora from Yosuga no Sora had a good idea going. She just doesn’t quite look right. There were a few other posters that were like that this issue (Milky Holmes & Fortune Arterial).

    I agree with you, Sanya is the best Strike Witch. I think that’s a different Witch in the poster of this issue though, since Sanya is a Black Cat.

    It’s unfortunate you had to end your Nyantype subscription, but at least you still have Megami ^^ (and other art books). I imagine the postage on these items can be quite high compared to the item itself.

  16. @BioToxic:
    There seem to be a lot more characters in Strike Witches than I originally thought. I kinda wish they didn’t look so similar though.

    Postage is indeed high. I pay as much to have magazines shipped as the cost of the magazine itself.

  17. Regarding the Strike Witches poster, those are Raisa Pottgen and Hanna-Justina Marseille.

  18. @linger:
    I see, all these look-alikes have me confused. I should probably finish the series soon.

  19. For some reason, Kino doesn’t seem to be bringing in Nyan type anymore….:(
    dreaming Artemic recently posted..Currently in Dubai Updated!

  20. @dreaming Artemic:
    I heard it was too racey or something like that, which is disappointing.


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