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Touko Amano Nendoroid by GSC

March 06, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I absolutely loved the Bungaku Shoujo OVA and the Bungaku Shoujo movie, so there was no way I could pass up a chance to get this nendoroid of Touko Amano, the title character of the series. Touko is described in the Bungaku Shoujo light novel series as both a beautiful, delicate high school girl, and as a book-eating goblin. In order to capture both aspects of her, GSC has included quite a few accessories, making her box slightly larger than most nendoroids’ boxes.

In the official illustrations of Touko by Miho Takeoka, Touko’s hair colour ranges from dark gray watercolours to light gray with a tinge of blue and purple. In the anime, however, Touko’s hair is a dark shade of blue, which is what they decided to go with in the nendoroid. I think going with the anime style rather than the original illustrations works out better as it would be difficult to emulate the effect of watercolours on a figure.

My nendoroid had some chips and scratches on her head that were just painted over. It’s a bit disappointing, but I’m thankful that they’re small and off to the side so they’re not very noticeable.

One thing which I thought was a manufacturing defect at first was that Touko’s hair is uneven, one side stretches further down than the other. After looking at some promo shots and collector pictures, it seems that was intentional. GSC has improved their painting quality a bit here if you take a look at Touko’s back. The indigo and blue lines are nearly perfectly smooth, something which was lacking in previous nendoroids.

An interesting thing about this nendoroid is that her stand isn’t the typical GSC stand. The normal stand has a plastic pin joint with the GSC logo on both sides. With the Touko nendoroid, that has been replaced with a metal pin. I guess it’s harder to take apart the stand now, but I’m curious as to why they did that.

My least favourite pose is this one of a goblin Touko jumping out of a can of “surstrommings”, whatever that is. I’m guessing that this has something to do with the latter novels which I haven’t read yet since there was no mention of it in the OVA or movie. The can of surstrommings is actually quite large, and all of those black things crawling out get int he way of Touko’s braids so you have to move them to stick her head on. The fins on her head are attached to a different front hair piece, making it easier to swap in and out. Her face is rather disturbing; she’d look cute if you covered her mouth, but those teeth and that blood stain suggest something sinister.

I much prefer the cute Touko pose sitting on a chair munching her stories. Touko comes with a number of stickers, some of which are meant to be used as pieces of paper which you can stick onto her mouth. GSC did a good job portraying Touko the way she’s described in the book by Konoha, as sitting with her legs curled up on the seat and such that her panties aren’t visible (yes, he’s a pervert in the novels).

GSC kinda cheaped out here though; the chair that Touko always sits on is a fold-able metal chair, the one she came with is exactly the same as the ones used in the nendoroid school life playsets by Phat Company. Considering the two companies work very closely together, it’s not surprising that GSC would have access to Phat’s extra parts, though I guess it’s not a big deal in this case. One improvement I would have liked to see is a bit more blush on her cheeks. If you watch the series, you’ll notice that whenever she eats a good book, sparkles show up and she blushes a bit.

Besides her meal book, Touko also comes with an un-eaten book that can be held between both of her hands. It’s rather difficult aligning both of her hands, but I prefer it this way because you can have her hold the book in one hand and use the other hand for something else. Objects attached to both hands really limit the pose-ability of some nendoroids.

This is just me playing around with some other nendoroid parts. The body comes from the Yuki Nagato Disappearance Ver. Nendoroid, which I will review in the future, and the hat comes from the Sakura Nankyoku Nendoroid.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Touko’s goblin face, but I thought her other faces and poses were adorable. Actually, I liked them so much that I ended up buying a second nendoroid so I could have one sitting down and one standing up. It also gives me extra stickers in case I ever run out. Overall, I thought this was a  good quality nendoroid, with the only real flaw being the chip and scratch I mentioned earlier. The painting looks great, the joints fit well, and she comes with plenty of accessories to make for lots of cute (or scary) poses. This is definitely now one of my favourite nendoroids.

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18 Comments to “Touko Amano Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. Yeah this a very good Nendoroid with a nice paintjob, after I saw Tooko in the first Ova and the special one, I really wanted to buy this Tooko Nendoroid, in the end I bought her because, she’s cute, able to sit on the cute chair and has a nice blue – white school uniform ;) . Unfortunately I’ve already lost the red book :(
    Fabienne recently posted..My anime history post

  2. @Fabienne:
    I hope you find her book, it’s a nice accessory to have.

  3. This nendoroid is very nice indeed. I had a friend who was never into figures or any sort of toys buy one of her because he was a fan of the actual light novel the story is from!
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Undesirable turn of events

  4. So Cute :D love the sitting pose while she eat the paper ? and seems GSC improve the stand joint.
    Aya recently posted..Shinku Of Rozen maiden GSC

  5. The goblin Touko scared me. I didn’t expect to see her like that.

    I enjoyed Bungaku Shoujo movie myself – it’s a very beautiful and pleasant movie. I didn’t manage to watch the OVAs though.
    Hoshiko recently posted..What Are You Watching This Spring

  6. @dreaming Artemis:
    I like the light novel too, the mood is a bit different from the movie.

    That’s one of my favourite poses.

    You should check out the OVAs if you have the chance, they explain a lot of the things in the movie.

  7. This is a nice nendo, really like that munching face of hers. You know, I keep forgetting to get a hold of the OVA/movie to watch them.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Poor Little Zaku

  8. My very first nendo XD This nendoroid provides that cute side of things in Toko’s persona. I really want a scaled figure or a figma treatment someday though DX

    felt really bad with the movie, but at peace too
    duqs recently posted..Hatsune Miku Orchestra Nendoroid Review

  9. Surströmming = Swedish “rotten” (fermented) herring, often eaten at Midsummer’s eve. I remember the first time I felt the smell of it as a kid. I thought I was feeling the smell of a corpse…
    nitro2k01 recently posted..Simon Lundströms manga-dom och jakten på de friade bilderna

  10. It’s the one figure that I currently want. Good to see it up close and yes I still do want =D
    Tuan recently posted..Tuan Vo’s History with Anime

  11. @Miette-chan:
    Well, you’ll get a few more reminders here because I plan on reviewing the light novels and a Bungaku Shoujo artbook :)

    Wow, your first? That was a really good decision, I think she’s one of the better nendoroids out there.

    Ah, thanks for the info. It doesn’t sound like a particularly appetizing food…

    You should get one before they all sell out, I think a few stores still have her in stock.

  12. I was going to get one but I usually sleep on it before I buy anything, my way of avoiding the impulse buy. I woke up and Japan got hammered so I donated the money instead.

    I am getting a little worried now. I still have not gotten in contact with an eikaiwa friend who was located in Sendai when the tsunami hit.
    Tuan recently posted..Japan Earthquake

  13. Haha, the goblin/ fish monster face isn’t that bad. I actually thought it’s quite grotesquely adorable, but that’s just me. ^ ^
    Yi recently posted..Reversing the Irreversible in Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Future Predictions Using Physics

  14. @Tuan:
    Good for you, helping others should always take priority over material gain. I hope that your friend is OK, it sounds like a lot of people are still missing.

    It is a bit amusing, but I still find it scary.

  15. She is definitely very cute, especially the one of her eating he little piece of paper. I like everything about her except the monster face. Hahaha.. I know most of the people like the monster face, probably not me. But overall, she is still cute. It’s great to own her, a worthy collection indeed.

  16. @softwerkz:
    The little piece of paper was a great add-on, I’m glad they included it.

  17. hehehe I recently purchased this nendo, I put her on display on my shelf last night. In my next haul post I’ll show which pose I decided to display her in for now! I started reading the light novel last weekend, and I had a hard time getting absorbed by the writing. It’s a story I’m interested in but the words didn’t absorb me (yet) like most books. I’m thinking I’ll try the anime and then perhaps try the light novel again.

    My ONLY nendoroid complaint is that there were SO MANY little pieces it would have been nice if they could have provided a bag like Fihmas do. BUT I just pulled one from the kitchen drawer and use that instead.
    lovelyduckie recently posted..My Hobby Development

  18. @lovelyduckie:
    The light novel isn’t as interesting as the movie yet, but it does provide a lot of background information that was left out.

    I put all of my pieces in a sandwich bag too, there were just so many of them.


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