Megami Magazine Vol. 129

February is going to end in less than 2 hours so I figured I’d get this post on the February 2011 issue of Megami Magazine up, also known as volume 129. With Madoka dominating the anime scene this season, it’s no surprise that she’s the cover girl of this issue. She’s even holding onto a heart-shaped box, which I guess was for Valentine’s Day. There’s actually quite a bit of ecchi in here, but as usual, ecchi posters will be linked rather than shown directly. Since I’m tired and sick today, this’ll be a short post.

To Love-ru seems to be a rather popular series, it’s getting yet another season, but I still haven’t seen a single episode of it. This girl is rather pretty though.



I love the three different types of Misaka’s. My favourite are the Misaka imoutos, cute and far less violent.

K-ON has gotten some maid outfit posters before, but not one including Azusa, and especially not one with Azusagi (Azusa + Usagi).

I love how the forground seems so quiet and peaceful, but Mami is in a dark room overlooking everything. Kinda seems like Mami is watching over everyone from the afterlife.

This is the full version of the cover picture. Not as impressive as I was hoping for, but it’s still cute.

Big cleavage.

This poster makes me feel a bit dizzy, it’s hard to tell which way is up or down at first. I’m not very fond of Nanoha’s look in Force, I’d much rather have a poster of her from the original or A’s.


Cute girls at the beach, one of the staples of Megami Magazine.

Fanservice and yuri rape.

The little Ika Musume swimming in Ika Musume’s dress is rather amusing.


Super hot pose with Sora from Yosuga no Sora. I just finished the series recently and Sora is definitely my favourite character. The attention to detail from the pebbles in the water to Sora’s hair is just amazing in this poster.



Cute fanservice. The vibrant colours and attention to detail are really good in this poster. This is from Time Paladin Sakura, a spinoff of Da Capo if you haven’t heard of it.

It’s kinda weird seeing a Christmas poster in a February volume. I guess they couldn’t get it ready in time for the previous ones.

I generally like anime characters in Chinese dresses, but this one seemed a bit too plain.

This poster REALLY creeps me out (in more ways than one).

In the content sections of the magazine, there are some snippets about the upcoming Touhou x Animate anime. The character designs aren’t the best I’ve seen, but they look decent. Is anyone else looking forward to this anime?

It seems the back of Megami is still advertising To Heart.

Included with this volume was a little desk calendar with exchangeable sheets for each month of 2011. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to use the January sheet.

My favourite months are September and November, you can see why for yourselves.

The sheets are insterted into a piece of plastic that you fold up. It’s nice and shiny so it stands out more.

You can expect quite a bit of ecchi content in Megami Magazine, but I thought there was an overload of it in this volume. Of course, ecchi isn’t bad or anything, but some more high quality posters would be nice. My favourites this time around were the Yosuga no Sora and Time Paladin Sakura posters, not for the fanservice but because of the amazing use of colours and attention to detail.

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  1. @Fang-tan:
    I didn’t understand the Madoka one either until I actually thought about it for a while.

    I love that poster, I’m going to keep it for when I move out and can actually stick it on the wall :)

  2. That’s a cool little calendar. My favorites are February and December xD I think the Ika Musume one would be great for hanging up on a wall, probably my favorite one out of the batch. Also, I do love Mitsudomoe, but damn, that one IS creepy. Less fanservicelike and more just cute would have been much better.

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  4. I quite liked the TWGoK poster from this issue. The characters look accurate and their swimsuits are interesting enough.

    I can’t seem to like the Sora poster though. I want to, but there’s too many odd shadows and stray hair all over her. Her hand on the rocks looks as though it’s not connected to anything as well. Her face is just too cute to outright dislike the poster though.

  5. @Arianna Sterling:
    She’s my favourite too, sometimes I wish that they would bring her back just for the sake of it.

    Whoa, I totally did not notice her hand at first, I was distracted by the rest of the image. Now it really creeps me out, it’s like someone cut it off.

  6. @dreaming Artemis:
    I think that was intentional to add to the shock factor. If the animation looked like Ghost in The Shell, then we’d expect it to be dark.

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