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Megami Magazine Vol. 128

February 19, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

It seems I forgot to write about Megami Magazine Vol. 128 last month, so this will be the first of 2 Megami posts this week. As with a large portion of Megami volumes past, Nanoha has once again invaded the cover of the magazine. The occasion this time is the announcement of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s The Movie 2nd. Since I enjoyed the first movie, and I think the A’s series is better than the original, I’m really looking forward to the second movie.

The posters in the volume has a mix of characters from both the previous 2010 fall season and the current 2011 winter season. I was quite happy with the selection. Ecchi (ages 15+) images are linked, click at your own discretion.

I’ve been following the “A Certain” series since the first episode of Index and while I still don’t see where it’s going, but at least they know how to appeal to male audiences. This poster is based off the daihaisei arc where all of the girls were either in cheerleader uniforms or track clothes.

This was probably what Haru was imagining was happening in the girls changing room when he overheard Kazuha and Akira’s conversation in Yosuga no Sora. I’m a bit surprised at how gooey it is.

I think Megami came out with this Christmas-themed poster a bit too late, but it’s still nice. The stars and presents are a good way of making what would’ve been a bland fanservice image to a more cheerful one.

I thought Sora no Otoshimono was on a roll with non-ecchi posters, but it looks like they’re back to full-on (censored) nudity.

An obligatory shower scene. I’ve never noticed this before, but Megami actually does a nice job making steam.

I thought this was a rather cute poster, especially for Elsea fans. I love the heart and the chibi characters on the sides.

I thought K-ON was dead, but now that there’s more coming, it looks like Azunyan and friends will be getting more posters in the future. The one strange thing I found with this poster was that the water below Azusa’s hands is still moving up even though Azusa’s hands have stopped.

Now that I know what Puella Magi Madoka Magica is about, it’s actually kinda weird seeing happy images like this one. Having a poster with the 4 main girls in costume is nice though, especially since it’s technically impossible in the anime at the moment.

The impression that I’m getting from Amagami SS posters like this one is that it’s a boring anime. All of the posters each have a girl sitting there (most of the time in a swimsuit). There are no cool poses or fancy backgrounds.

Megami does a good job with the “accidently walked in while changing” poses. I think the facial expressions fit the characters’ personalities very well.

Here was another cute poster. Ika musume surprisingly always keeps things family-friendly despite what tentacles are usually associated with in anime.

I thought this Milky Holmes poster was rather amusing. In case you didn’t know, in anime, characters always smash open a watermelon at the beach while blindfolded; and Henriette is wearing a watermelon patterened bikini ^.^

This volume of Girl’s Avenue features the work of Sato Satoru (さとーさとる). I think the characters he draws look like what you would expect for anme, but the amount of detail put into the clothing and accessories makes his illustrations stand out much more.

I was hoping for a Fortune Arterial poster showing Erica with her vampire eyes, but this is a hot alternative.

I can’t say that the first episode of Infinite Stratos impressed me, but this poster looks awesome. The cool mech parts and the cute girls makes me want to give the anime a second shot.

I actually really liked this Strike Witches poster, it manages to be cute and hot without being ecchi.

I don’t understand what’s happening here, but you can’t go wrong with Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru in swimsuits.

This just looks super unnatural.

I see a lot of ads for To Heart in Megami, but I wonder how many people still watch it. I stopped after TH~RMM~.

Included in this volume was a mini illustration collection based on Nanoha StrikerS.

Most of the imags have appeared before so there isn’t much that’s new. The booklet itself had some kind of special binding that lets you open it wide open and not worry about the pages falling out. Megami uses the same binding for their full illustration collections, which I will get around to reviewing sometime soon (hopefully).

Normally an illustration booklet will cancel out the poster that’s usually included, but not this time. On the first side are Nanoha and Fate in plain clothes from the Nanoha movie.

On the reverse is Hayate and her gang enjoying some time at the beach.

Overall I thought this volume was a bit heavy on the ecchi content, but there were some cute ones that were worth taking a look at. My favourite posters are the IS one and the one illustrated by Sato Satoru. The inclusion of both an illustration booklet and large poster makes this volume tempting for Nanoha fans. So if you like Nanoha and enjoy your ecchi, then you might want to pick up this volume.

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13 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 128”

  1. Another nice review, Nopy!

    Though this issue does make me wonder… Have there been any posters in Megami that featured a guy in the shot? Not even as the main focus, but just in the background or something? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that has!

    Me and my friend made a joke once about how Megami is allergic to male characters. Looking back through my one issue I have of Megami, that’s probably true, lol.

  2. Sorry for the double-post, but I pretty much answered my own question by looking back through your past Megami reviews. There are a few male characters that get featured in posters, though it’s rare and they are never the main-focus.

    I guess that’s to be expected, though; since Megami is oriented more towards the male demographic.

  3. Amagami isn’t a boring anime but it tries to be more natural. Everyone has natural hair color, no super powers or magic or anything. And it’s very good at trying to be romantic, and sexy and fun without those.

  4. Ari, there is a Macross Frontier Megami poster with Alto in it. That’s the last one I can recall.

    And megami means goddess. So it’s no wonder that there aren’t very many males in the magazine.
    JunichiHeart recently posted..December acquisitions

  5. @Ari:
    Yep, there are a few guys, but they rarely ever show up.

    Amagami sounds pretty good from your description, I’ll have to look into it more.

  6. Nice Volume, I have three favs
    The Elsea poster is soo cute ;D, Im watching the show at the moment.
    The Milky Holmes poster is quite funny when you understand the melon smashing game XD. The last Nanoha/Fate poster is also very nice simple and cute.
    Fabienne recently posted..My Wonfes 2011 favorites

  7. @Fabienne:
    I’ve been hearing that TWGOK is a god show so I plan on watching it before the second season. Elsea is also another reason why I plan on watching it ^.^

  8. Ah it is so great in which puts a smile on my face to see Ui, jun and azusa, my favorite trio to be the new K-ON!!!
    i love that poster =)

  9. I love that SW poster too! Sanya x Eila is the best. ^ ^

    Also loving the K-On! poster. Azunyan is always welcomed.
    Yi recently posted..Lovely Himeko from K-On! – Pygmalion of Minor Characters

  10. now that i’ve seen what this issue has, i wonder if i should open the wrapping or preserve it in mint condition… *_* the index / ika musume / madoka / k-on / nanoha combination is pure win!
    Garnet Carol Tan recently posted..Kamen Rider Kabuto–Hyper Battle Video Inclusive of Gatack’s Hyper Form!

  11. @Fabrice:
    It’s nice to see the non-main characters show up on some posters every once in a while.

    Totally agree with you there.

    @Garnet Carol Tan:
    You could always buy multiple copies, that way you can keep one in mint condition and open the other one :)

  12. Not a whole load of interesting posters I found in this issue. I did like the Strike Witches poster initially, but after some time the weird perspective turned me away.

    The Samurai Girls poster looks nice, especially because it has Kanetsugu as the main focus :D.

    The Milky Holmes poster is quite funny.
    BioToxic recently posted..A “little” February update

  13. @BioToxic:
    I know what you mean, it’s like looking through a curved piece of glass.


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