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Taiga Aisaka China Dress Ver. by Wave

February 09, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

First off, to everyone that celebrates it, Happy Belated Chinese New Year! I actually wanted to get this post up before the New Year, but life has been keeping me busy all week. Hope you all enjoyed getting red pockets, eating lots of food, and watching celebrations.

As you can see, I did manage to get myself this exclusive Taiga figure from Wave despite some minor major setbacks, though for a much higher price. She arrived back in December, right around Christmas time so that was a nice treat.

Taiga is one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite anime, Toradora. Coupled with the fact that I love Chinese dresses and it was only natural that I’d dish out the cash for this figure, and I’m glad that I did. As you can see from the picture above, she looks stunning. Taiga’s thin figure coupled with a beautiful dress sitting on a rather fragile-looking chair makes this figure look delicate and refined. Some of you may actually recognize this pose as it has appeared on my blog before.

That’s right, this figure was based on an illustration that appeared in Megami Magazine Vol. 109. Looking back at that post, I’m amazed at how far this blog has come. My post on volume 109 was the last post I made on; shortly afterwards, I moved to At the time I was lucky to even get more than 20 visitors a day, so I’d like to thank all of you who visit regularly. It’s nice knowing that what I write doesn’t go unread.

Back to the figure; from the front (or I guess you could call it the side), you really get a sense of how thin Taiga is.

From the opposite side, you can get a better view of the chair. You would think that the chair helps support Taiga, but it’s the other way around. The chair is held in place by Taiga, there is nothing connecting it to the base, you just stick it under Taiga’s bum and she holds it in place. Taiga herself is held up by a single peg under her right foot. I was a bit nervous about it breaking, but it’s surprisingly sturdy.

I found Taiga’s hair to be a bit too orange, but Wave did a good job capturing Taiga’s smile in figure form. There is also a slight amount of blush on her cheeks, staying true to the original illustration and giving some life to her.

Considering how delicate Taiga and her chair looked, I was expecting the base to have been designed along those same lines. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much to appreciate about it. The only thing that sets Taiga’s base above a plain one is the simple pattern around it.

Taiga’s dress has a simple, yet elegant design on it. The pink flowers and wavy brush strokes on a white background also make it more feminine, something Taiga isn’t known for being.

Taiga has nice glossy high heels which add to the elegance. In addition, her legs are very nicely sculpted, with no visible seam lines anywhere.

One rather disappointing thing about Taiga’s dress is that some of the flowers on her left side were not printed on completely, probably due to the curve around her body. I’ve seen photos of Taiga from other figure collectors and they have the same problem. In the promotional photos though, there are no missing flowers on the dress.

I’ve noticed from my collection that Wave does not like to include small, detailed items on their figures. If you take a look at Taiga’s bracelet-like accessory, you can see that it’s rather crude and the paint tends to bleed into different sections. On the other hand, Taiga’s fingernails look perfect.

The chair that Taiga sits on is impressive in and of itself. A lot of attention to detail was put into making it. The legs are only a few millimeters wide, the red circle thing at the top looks great, and there are no flaws in printing the writing or designs on the back.

You can see more paint bleeding in Taiga’s earrings. I was also disappointed with how these were done. If you take a look at the original illustration, Taiga is wearing earrings which are much more elaborate. These cyan-coloured ones remind me of cocoons.

Something that I do applaud Wave for is how well they hide seamlines. I’ve already mentioned how there are no lines on her legs, but her hair is also seam-free. I’d say about 90% of the figures I own have a line running right across the top of their heads. In fact, the only visible seamline is on Taiga’s dress, and that should be there anyway.

All of the photos up until now have shown Taiga with twintails, but her default appearance is actually with pink ribbons (I just like the twintails better). You can exchange between twintails and ribbons by pulling off the two buns on her head. I’m happy that they decided to make a twintail add-on, but it would’ve been even better if you could include both twintails and ribbons.

Here is a close-up of the ribbons. They change from pink to purple as you go from the top to bottom. The illustration shows the ribbon changing from an almost white to purple, but I actually prefer the bright pink since it stands out more.

While this Taiga figure isn’t perfect, it’s still a joy to look at. The problems with the small details do not make a big impact as you normally wouldn’t be examining them up close anyways. Instead, the figure is meant to be admired as a whole. I adore this figure, and I really hope that Wave decides to make on of Ami to go along with Taiga.

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16 Comments to “Taiga Aisaka China Dress Ver. by Wave”

  1. I must admit she has many flaws, in which myself wont actually get her but each has its reasons. I’m rather disappointed that Wave couldn’t finish her off properly with the price tag on her head, this figure could have looked great with those touch ups, mind the all figures are not perfect ^^
    anyway for me the disappointment is the flowers that aren’t printed properly, quite embarrassing to them actually since its so visible, Like you mentioned also the hair, since when taiga had such bright orangy hair color >..<

  2. Yeah, I agree with Farbrice–for a limited edition figure with that hefty of a price tag, they could have tried to do a bit of a nicer job on it… But oh well, you’re happy with it, so that’s all that matters.

    She is very pretty when you look past the minor flaws! Makes me want a higher-priced figure too (since all I have now are pretty much gashapon/trading figures). I’m still waiting for a nice figure from a series I like to come out…

  3. I like how thin and lanky the figure looks. It makes her look extra elegant. Very pretty!
    Yi recently posted..Shinryaku! Ika Musume Review

  4. I’m surprised! You actually got this exclusive Taiga. Great choice! I was contemplating to buy or not to buy due to the price. Despite the minor flaws on the dress, hair and earrings, I actually like this Chun-Li looking Taiga. I bet you are too.

    Yeah.. Happy Lunar New Year (again). It’s still before the 15th though. I did enjoy getting my pockets red (due to giving out red packets) ;)

  5. I’m hoping to get this along with the Ami Kawashima one =D

    Never knew taiga was THAT thin though =D
    duqs recently posted..Photoshoot’s behind the scenes

  6. Noooo! I had totally forgotten about this figure!

    Sight, now you came a long a reminded me about after I had gotten over not being to get her due to her exclusive nature.

    Still, I’m a bit disappointed with little bits here and there such as the flower prints and seam line on the size. Given that Taiga is facing the left I would have thought that her left side would have gotten more attention.

  7. I remember seeing in your tweet feed you managed to get a hold of this figure in the end. I was wondering when we’d see the review :D.

    I’ve not seen the Toradora anime, hopefully I will remember to add it to my next DVD order. Despite having not seen the anime I remember when I first saw the prototype I was impressed by the sculpt. Those legs and china dress are amazing. Then I found out she was exclusive and turned away.

    It’s unfortunate there’s lots of little problems (paint etc), but if you’re happy with her that’s all that matters really. I think I prefer her with the ribbons, but both options look nice.
    BioToxic recently posted..Rei Ayanami Uniform ver by Aizu Project

  8. @Fabrice:
    It is disappointing that there are so many flaws with such an expensive figure. I was kinda expecting it though, since my other Wave figures aren’t exactly top-notch.

    When you do get one, make sure you check the reviews first. Unless, of course, it’s a limited edition/exclusive figure, then you just have to hope it turns out like the promo shots.

    I think so too, they did a good job in that department.

    It was all just pure luck that I was able to get her, I haven’t seen many people selling this figure anywhere.

    Oops, sorry ^.^;
    On the bright side, as least you saved the money that you would’ve spent on her.

    My figure reviews are actually coming out really slowly nowadays, just haven’t had time to take pictures. You really should watch Toradora, it’s one of my favourite series. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone not liking it.

  9. janpanese cartoon beauty with Chinese traditional dress, they are perfect match, i want one, where can i buy? thanks
    Eleven recently posted..Amazing Chinese dresses show with western lady

  10. @Eleven:
    She’s an exclusive figure, so the only places you can find her now are from second-hand stores and auction sites like Ebay and Yahoo Auctions Japan.

  11. Oh cool, you was able to get her. I considered to get get her as well, as she was announced, but somehow I decided to pass. As a whole this Taiga figure looks beautiful. I really like her cute face with the detailed painted eyes. The chair looks great as part of the base.
    What size is she 1/10 or 1/8 I can’t remember?

    what bothers me a bit is that her hair seems to have no paintjob.
    Fabienne recently posted..My Wonfes 2011 favorites

  12. @Fabienne:
    She’s a 1/8 scale figure, but since Taiga is a small person, the figure is small too.

  13. Now that is a fine figure to have for CNY!!
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Happy Chinese New year 2011

  14. @dreaming Artemis:
    Definitely ^.^

  15. I liked this figure, but because it was limited I got scared off from it. I really only am alright with paying the extra for a limited figure if I’m REALLY sure. But at the very least I enjoy my MF Taiga, I like her a lot.
    lovelyduckie recently posted..On Order- Sherlock Shellingford

  16. @lovelyduckie:
    I have a MF Taiga too, she adorable.


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