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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 14

January 31, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine

It looks like I’m behind on magazine posts again, so it’s time to catch up. Volume 14 of Nyantype Magazine is very Nanoha-centric as you can probably guess from the cover page. This is mainly because this volume came out around the time the Nanoha movie came out on BD/DVD. As with my previous magazine post, very ecchi images will be linked. By clicking on them, I hold no responsibility if your boss/coworker/friend/lover/parent peeks over your shoulder.

Since Nanoha is the main theme of this volume, it’s only natural that they’d start off with a Nanoha poster. I love the details and colouring in this one, but I wonder why Suzuka is wearing a school swimsuit when Nanoha and Alisa are wearing regular swimsuits.

I’m not a fan of Japanese school gym clothes, but if you are, then you might like this Index II poster.

I think this is from the Nanoha Force series. I hope she doesn’t actually look like that, or else she has some really weird legs, each one is almost the size of her belly.

This is just pure ecchi for To Love-ru fans.

And more for Yosuga no Sora fans. I’m actually in the middle of Nao’s arc right now, Sora seems really pissed.

I’m surprised this one iss a little more tame, just a few panty shots. I wonder if someone would actually dare to flip up a kotatsu cover when three girls wearing skirts are sitting around it.

I don’t think I’ll ever get around to watching Strike Witches at thsi point, but do they always steal each other’s panties?

For those of you who didn’t watch MM!, Noa is actually older than she looks.

I was impressed that they actually drew in some buildings along the coast. Usually these kinds of posters have a beach and sky or water and not much else.

My chinese is a bit rusty, does that say “ai” on her head? Also, is that a sword on the red hair girl’s head?

I loved this poster, Kirino cosplaying as her favourite character, Meruru. It has a great dynamic pose and the background makes if feel really magical girly.

I actually like the angels better, but this poster of Scanty and Kneesocks really captures the main parts of their transformation scene.

The girls from Milky Holmes wishing you a belated Merry Christmas. I actually found this poster to be quite cute despite not liking Milky Holmes at all.

Erika was my favourite character in Fortune Arterial so I’m happy to have more posters of her, but I wish they had gone with something less standard and more creative.

It looks like they’ve gone back to plain poses for Amagami SS posters.

This was a cute poster, almost reminds me of Bungaku Shoujo when Touko was sitting under the tree.

I find these kinds of posters interesting, where you have some objects out of focus in order to show that they’re moving, or in this case falling. Yuki’s face looks a bit too moe-blobish to me though.

This poster made me laugh, Wako cosplaying as Tauburn! There’s even glittery things all around her.

This volume’s mecha musume is none other than the squid girl. It’s kinda weird turning an anthropomorph into a mecha girl, but at least she looks cool. I’m sure her many tentacles each control a tentacle on the suit.

On the back of the magazine is a reminder of the Yosuga no Sora release dates. If I like the ending, I’m thinking of picking up the DVDs.

As with most volumes, this one came with a B2 sized poster. It’s a bit unconventional since it has Nanoha on both sides, but it’s great for Nanoha fans. I prefer the second side since it has her from all of the different series.

This little box also came with the magazine.

Inside was a double-sided pillow case. The two sides make one continous image, which is a bit weird because you basically pick either to sleep on boobs or panties…

This volume of Nyantype was certainly of a higher quality than some of the previous volumes. Except for that one poster with the weird legs, I did not notice any other deformed body parts. The posters were also more detailed than usual, and more dynamic. My favourites were the one of Kirino from Oreimo and the one of Wako from Star Driver.

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16 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 14”

    Yuribou recently posted..Things I am watching this season

  2. Not a whole lot in this one that I really care for, I think my favorites are Ika Musume (plus the mecha one) and Yuki though. That sure is a weird pillow case.

  3. SayuriMatsuri says:

    Damn. Always loved getting magazines with the goodies and such. Remembered getting a few back in China (heck, can’t even understand it), and being happy with just looking at the images, haha.

    I think I’ll start with ordering some of these magazines again when I land a part time job this month. Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Omg Yuki looks so different in that picture! O.o
    nice to see some ika musume pics XD

  5. I like the Strike Witches Poster not because of the things which happen in the background, but I like the art style, no they only steal them in one episode of second 1 XD

    Yuki looks funny when she totally falls out of her “silent like a stone” role
    Fabienne recently posted..New Preorders part 5

  6. I wasn’t a big fan of this one…other than the one’s of Musume. Love Musume. She’s so cute.
    Arianna Sterling recently posted..150 Anime Challenge Week 4

  7. @Yuribou:
    I like her too.

    It is a weird pillow case, I think they should’ve had a complete picture on each side.

    I get them for the goodies and images too, I can’t understand anything else in them.

    She certainly does, it’s rare to see her with an expression like that.

    Ah, I thought the stealing panties things was a running gag.

    @Arianna Sterling:
    Indeed, one of the few characters that they can’t make fanservice for, it’d just be wrong.

  8. That Samurai Girls poster would have been nice if Juubei (red hair one) wasn’t there. She seems to appear in the majority of these posters ><. I don't know if that symbol on Kanetsugus hair means "ai", but it would make sense since she does call herself the "warrior of love". She was my favourite from the series.

    It's cool to see a Strike Witches poster with a new set of Witches.

    The Yosuga no Sora DVD releases have been interesting. They're releasing each characters arc as a stand alone set. So if you buy Akiras arc you get the episodes only relevant to her (eps 1, 2, 5, 6). The animation has been improved to be more consistent and the ecchi scenes have been animated too.
    BioToxic recently posted..Rei Ayanami Uniform ver by Aizu Project

  9. @BioToxic:
    If each DVD is a single arc, then I might get Sora’s arc. I still haven’t watched it yet, but she’s my favourite girl.

  10. sidekick357 says:

    I hope Jlist still have it!!!

  11. I love all the bonus stuff that comes with this magazine. Seems quite cool. It’s interesting how these pillow cases nowadays are considered “pretty mild”…
    radiant recently posted..The Textures of Singapore

  12. @sidekick357:
    I hope you can get a copy.

    You’re right, I know I would’ve thought it was very lewd a few years back.

  13. Thanks for sharing as usual. Also, I wanted to wish you Happy Lunar New Year. (I presume you celebrate too?!)

  14. Haha, the girls in Strike Witches don’t always steal each others panties. Some do though. On a different note, those girls from the SW poster were very minor characters in the series. Interesting to see them get an illustration.

    Anyway, love that Ika Musume yurilicious pic.
    Yi recently posted..A Lunar New Year

  15. Haven’t seen Nyantype magazine locally. Where do you usually buy yours? What’s the nicest bonus item did you get from a magazine?
    Xine recently posted..Featured Artist- Jan Calleja

  16. @softz:
    Happy New Year to you too! (yes, I do celebrate it)

    There are so many characters in Strike Witches, I assumed they all got a lot of face time, but I guess not.

    I usually get mine from Jlist or Hobby Search. I get them mainly for the posters, but I also get pillow covers, calendars, stickers, cards, and pencil boards.


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