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E2 Girls Girls Girls! 5

January 23, 2011 By: Nopy Category: E☆2 (Etsu)

The fifth volume of the Etsu Girls Girls Girls! collection was released way back in June of 2010. I actually picked up this copy while I was in Japan and managed to keep it in perfect condition. You’d think that a book would be perfectly fine inside a box, but for some reason all of my previous volumes have been damaged during shipping. As you can tell from the subtitle on the cover, this volume focuses on pure girls. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I’m guessing something along the lines of sweet and innocent.

I actually really enjoyed flipping through this volume, mainly because there were so many illustrations that I liked, and the sweet and innocent feel really shows. This volume is a lot less ecchi than the previous one, but I would like to warn you guys to consider your surroundings before you scroll any further. While these illustrations are all works of art, I know at least some people may take offense to viewing girls in lingerie.

Anyways, girls in lingerie cover the first several pages of the artbook. As some of you may immediately recognize, these illustrations are done by none other than the famed artists of Tinkle (てぃんくる).

Tinkle’s art style is by far my favourite out of any anime/manga artists, and I’m sure it’s easy to see why. Not only do they create extremely detailed characters with long flowing hair, they also add in exquisitely designed clothing with tons of frills that would make many artists cringe. Their expertise in creating transparent clothing also astonishes me. It’s hard enough just to get the right textures and shading, much less make clothing transparent, which brings me to my next point. The colours and shading are excellent, and I love the sparkles coupled with the flowing backgrounds. Add to that the adorable faces that they draw and the petite figures the characters have, and you have artwork that defines the “pure girl” phrase.

This next illustration was done by Mana Mitui (みついきな). I actually found the girl’s proportions to be a bit off (ie: her waist), but I liked how well done the water was and the pattern on her clothing. I’ve seen a lot of people just slap on a pattern on clothing as if it were completely flat, here it changes according to the folds in the clothes.

What drew me to this illustration was all of the gold. Really though, I think Misakura Nankotsu (みさくらなんこつ) does a good job of bringing out this girl’s personality with the clothes she’s wearing and her facial expression.

Princess Spirit (姫心重機) drew this wonderful illustration. While I’m not too fond of the girl, I thought the background textures were well done and gives that kind of run-down but still alive feel.

When I choose which illustration to show here, I always look at the illustration itself and not the artist. Based on that, it seems I really like A=g‘s work because I think I’ve included an illustration of his in every volume I’ve covered. This one reminds me of the old drawing style that everyone used to have with the light colours and fluid eyes.

This illustration by Maru Chang (丸ちやん) actually reminded me of Fortune Arterial, maybe it’s because the girls look so similar.

Miyama0 (みやま零) (that’s Miyama with a zero at the end, dunno why my zero looks like an o) did this illustration. I love his skill with lights and shadows.

I liked this illustration by J.2, once again because of the patterened clothing. The way he drew this girl’s eyes also looks pretty cool.

I’m not sure if this artist’s name should be romanized as Yumi Tsukimia? (弓槻みあ) or something else. It’s hard when there’s Kanji in there. Anyways, what drew me to this illustration was how Yumi was able to give this character a more life-like look without huge eyes, but still manage to make her look like an anime/manga character.

This illustration is really cute. Once again, I’m not quite sure how to read this artist’s name, but I tried and came up with Igarashi Mei Ji? (五十嵐明姬), who I assume is Chinese. I couldn’t find a personal site for this artist so I linked to the company he/she works for.

A little pamphlet fell out of the book as I was flipping through it for the first time. It’s actually an ad for a Tinkle art exhibit being held by eJuneX. I actually went to where they have their exhibits, but unfortunately, I was a few months too early for the Tinkle one. When I went, they had artwork from Tony Taka, Carnelian, and some other artists I can’t remember right now. I would’ve really liked to see the Tinkle exhibit, especially considering they sell copies of the artwork there.

Out of all of the Girl Girls Girls! collections so far, this one is my favourite. It certainly had a lot less ecchi content than the previous volume, and all of the illustrations were beautiful. If you had a choice between any of the Girls Girls Girls! volumes, I would highly recommend picking up this one.

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14 Comments to “E2 Girls Girls Girls! 5”

  1. Looks like quite a beautiful collection, but is the picture on the little pamphlet in it? I think that’s my favorite of them all.

  2. Lovely. I was supposed to buy some Tinkle figures when I was just starting my collection but I find them quite expensive. I think those were the two girls on photos 2-5.
    Xine recently posted..Featured Artist- Jan Calleja

  3. I died from moeness ;D
    The girls from the Tinkle are so pretty, the illustration from Princess Spirit also meets my taste.

    what is the price for these volumes?
    Fabienne recently posted..Review- Chris 2009 Santa Version by Beagle

  4. I really like the Tinkle ones, especially the second! It’s very pretty.
    Arianna Sterling recently posted..Anime Review- Shiki

  5. @Persocom:
    Unfortunately, no, that picture wasn’t in the book. It would’ve been nice if it was.

    I remember seeing those figures. They didn’t look as good as the illustrations so I didn’t order them.

    Volumes 1 and 2 are 2667 yen, and volumes 3 and up are 2800 yen.

    @Arianna Sterling:
    Tinkle is my favourite art duo, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like their works :)

  6. I love art books. Especially anime art books that feature all sorts of different artists. You really get a sense of variety and skill levels throughout, and have something to compare against when working on your own art.

    Princess Spirit’s art looks good to me. While I’m not fond of the girl either, I really like the paint style. The colors are a bit faded for my taste though, so I can see the appeal of Tinkle (though the style looks a bit generic moe-blob to me).

    Awesome awesome book.
    radiant recently posted..Blazblue Swag! Sexy Model Not Included

  7. Stunning collection of gorgeous illustrations! Tinkle is easily my favorite here too. Love the night gowns and the coloring. The girls are really cute as well.
    Yi recently posted..Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Review

  8. @radiant:
    I like artbooks with various artists too, it’s nice to have so many different styles to reference all in one place. I think the faded colours in Princess Spirit’s illustration help to bring out the eyes of the girl.

    Definitely cute ^.^

  9. Looks like a nice little book you have there!
    Its totally not my style but I can appreciate the artists talents.

    So do say is there also an EEE! with girls that got some more edge? :3

  10. @Blowfish:
    Hmm, I don’t know what would be in an E3 book, but having some cooler girls would be nice.

  11. The Tinkle artworks in this book are really nice. The transparent clothing looks really nice and tastefully obscures what’s underneath. It’s a shame when illustrations go over 2 pages and you get that horrible break in the image ><.

    That little fairy is sitting in the water she's planning to drink… through a straw – that's not something you see everyday. Hope she doesn't get a straw full of sand :P.

    The 2 page picture on the back of the book looks interesting. The pink hair girl covered by leaves caught my interest.
    BioToxic recently posted..Rei Ayanami Uniform ver by Aizu Project

  12. @BioToxic:
    Some books have a white margin so that the break in the page doesn’t ruin the illustration, but unfortunately this one doesn’t.

    I’m sure faeries would be fine drinking some sand, that’s probably where their faerie dust comes from :)

  13. Oie podes enviarme todas esas imagenes al correo
    por favor tio
    send me the images please
    gracias ^^

  14. @Atzukhy:
    You can download the images directly from the site. Click on them to get a larger version, then right click and save as.


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