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Remilia Scarlet Nendoroid by GSC

January 21, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about any figures, and that’s because of three reasons: a) I’m cutting back on figure spending (they’re crazy expensive), b) I have nowhere to put them now, and c) I haven’t been able to get around to taking any pictures. However, I do have a bunch of nendoroids I just opened so you can expect to see them in the coming weeks. The first one is Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project. All of the Touhou nendoroids are Japan-only releases, so it’s a bit harder to get a hold of them. My previous Touhou nendos were all bought while I was in Japan, Remilia was ordered online.

This is what she looks like straight out of the box. I love how they included that little vampire fang at the edge of her mouth and they didn’t forget her wristband on her left. Her hair is actually more purple than my pictures make it out to be, and it has a slight texture to it, but is still a bit plain. The dress is as detailed as nendoroid clothes get, which is a welcome improvement to the mediocre paint job that some of my previous nendoroids have had. My only real complaint about the nendoroid design is that her wings aren’t what they should look like. If you take a look at Remilia’s Wiki page, you’ll see that there’s actually a kind of hook shape at the top of her wings. The wings on the nendoroid are just pointy at the top. Although I didn’t take a picture of it directly, her base is also decorated like all of the other Touhou nendos. Since Remilia is a vampire, the base has a white background with black silhouettes of bats flying around. Below are some shots from different sides.

Since Remilia’s wings are movable, that means that they’re also removable. If you take them off, she looks just like a regular girl. I tried to make it look like she was plotting something, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to position her arms.

I did find a way to make her look not evil.

Remilia is always seen with her mop hat, so they couldn’t forget about it in the nendoroid version. The bottom of the hat isn’t molded to the shape of her head, so you can move it around a bit.

She also comes with her signature weapon, Gungnir. The spear is made out of a transparent red plastic and is actually really sharp. The downside is that it can only be held by one of Remilia’s arms. This greatly reduces the number of poses that you can make with it. What’s worse, is that the arm that Gungnir attaches too sticks straight out, so really all you can do is move it up and down.

Except for the few inconsistencies with Remilia’s character design that I mentioned, I found no faults with this figure. The details are good, the paint job is perfect, and she comes with a hat and spear. What I didn’t like about the figure is the limited poses that she can make. I didn’t expect them to add in any extra legs considering how long her dress is, but I would’ve liked some more arm pieces. She comes with two straight arms, two bent ones, and one to hold the spear. I guess her hat just took up so much space that they didn’t have room for more pieces. Other than that, I quite liked this figure and I’m looking forward to GSC’s Youmu Konpaku and Flandre Scarlet nendoroids soon.

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8 Comments to “Remilia Scarlet Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. >mop hat

    Can’t unsee!

    Anyway, she’s adorable…Flandre seems to be out some time this year but I fear she might be exclusive. Suika figma is coming out soon, which I’m looking forward to…
    Valence recently posted..There’s nothing good about becoming a Puella Magi

  2. Remi looks nice, I’m really fond of the faces with the fang. I’m not a fan of nendos but the Touhou really tempt me.

  3. I’m not into collecting figures myself, but I like looking at them. She’s cute! I love how she looks so evil but wears a frilly pink dress.
    Arianna Sterling recently posted..Anime Review- Shiki

  4. @Valence:
    Flandre is a Japan-only release like the rest, but you can still get her from some stores online. I was considering ordering the Suika nendoroid, but figmas aren’t really my thing. I’ll just hope they make a nendoroid of her.

    I know some other people who don’t like nendos either, to each their own. The Touhou series is nice, but I’m afraid that with so many characters it’s going to take a lot of time and money to get them all.

    @Arianna Sterling:
    Before I started collecting figures I only looked at pictures too, better watch your wallet :)

  5. There’s a huge cut on my budget for toys too. ^^;

    I was supposed to get Remilia as one of the giveaways/prizes related to my outreach project last year but I decided to get Snow Miku instead. But she’s really cute though. I like her sinister smile. Lol.
    Xine recently posted..Featured Artist- Jan Calleja

  6. @Xine:
    I think Snow Miku was the better choice, she looks more posable than Remilia.

  7. I didn’t notice the wings were wrong. I guess I’ve never been a huge Remilia fan. Still, I like this nendo though. She looks adorable, especially with her evil face.
    Yi recently posted..Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Review

  8. @Yi:
    I’m more of a Flandre fan myself, but I wanted to get the whole Touhou collection.


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