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MM! Review

January 17, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Anime

One of the only reasons I watched MM! (in fact, the only reason) was because I thought one of the characters, Mio Isurugi, was cute and unique. I liked her so much that she even made it to 3rd place on my list of top 10 girls of 2010. Your first impression of her from the first few minutes of the series is that she’s just going to be another petite, short-tempered tsundere, but Mio takes the “tsun” of “tsundere” to the extreme. Rather than lash out with verbal abuse and a few punches, Mio takes pleasure from beating and torturing the main character, Tarou, to near-death. Add to that the fact that Tarou is an extreme masochist and you have a comical relationship unfold.

Besides the sadistic Mio and masochistic Tarou, there’s also an androphobe, a cross-dresser, a loli scientist, a lolicon, a lesbian, an otaku, a cosplay fanatic, an incestuous sister, and an incestuous mother. MM! basically brings all of the major fetishes that you can think of and stuffs them into a single show. With all of this material to work with, you’d think that the anime would turn out to be rather interesting, but it’s actually far from that. While the silliness of the anime was enjoyable at first, it started to get old after a few episodes, and without any sort of real plot development there isn’t much to keep the average viewer going. The story moves from trying to fix Tarou’s masochistic tendencies to trying to fix everyone else’s problems and somewhere along the line it just felt like the writers forgot what the anime was originally about, ending off with Tarou having somewhat of a harem + 1 cross-dresser.

Although all of the characters have some quirky thing about them, most of them lack any depth and are portrayed with a one-track mind. Mio and Arashiko (the androphobe) were the only exceptions to this, but even then it was obvious that their backstories were hastily slapped together. If someone were really suffering from traumatic experiences in the past, it would take more than a few kind actions to make them better.

The anime wasn’t a complete waste though, as there were two scenes (yes, out of 12 x 24 min) that I really enjoyed. The first one was in episode 5 when Tarou had to use his “hentai powers” to destroy a machine that was turning everyone into perverts. I got a good laugh when he turned into a super saiyan ^.^

The second scene that I enjoyed really had nothing to do with the anime, but had a lot to do with the production company, Xebec. As some of you long-time anime watchers may remember, Xebec created the most awesome anime ever, Martian Successor Nadesico. They also created the most awesome anime character ever, Ruri Hoshino. Sadly, the greatness of Xebec is no more and now they are doing mostly ecchi shows like this one and To Love-Ru. That doesn’t mean that they can’t reminisce about the old times by including old favourites in their new work, which is exactly what they did here. Ruri Hoshino appears in the world of MM! as a dakimakura.

As far as I know, dakimakuras didn’t exist during the time that Nadesico was at its peak so I’m almost certain that I can’t just go online and buy one, though I wish I could.

So in a nutshell, MM! is a total waste of time. The anime loses focus early on and drifts into random side stories, characters are not very well-developed, and there are only a few truly entertaining scenes once you get used to the silly personalities. Even fans of ecchi anime would be disappointed at MM! considering it has very little fanservice beyond the occasional panty shot and cosplay. Unless you really enjoy seeing a guy get beaten up by a bunch of girls and enjoy it, I would not recommend this anime.

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8 Comments to “MM! Review”

  1. …I’m glad I didn’t watch this, then; as my plate (anime-wise) was pretty full last season. Such a shame–the animation and coloring looked rather good.

  2. lol, well, I wasn’t very interested in the show before this review… so I guess after reading it I’m even less interested XD Guess I’ll not even bother with it considering I haven’t heard anything great about it on top of my lack of interest.

  3. @Ari:
    The animation was decent, and I loved Mio’s character design, but that’s really all it has going for it.

    It doesn’t seem like many people watched this one, probably for obvious reasons.

  4. Awesome! It’s your avatar making a cameo appearance. That’s fun. ^ ^

    But yea… Sounds like MM! is pretty bad.
    Yi recently posted..A Look at Fashion in Kimi ni Todoke

  5. “in a nutshell, MM! is a total waste of time.”

    Agreed. I enjoyed some parts at the time, but there’s no way I’d sit through those 12 episodes again.

    I liked Arashiko the most, although the reason behind her androphobia was kinda weak. It also got quite tiresome that she’d float between uppercutting Taro to completely falling for him. I wanted to see more interaction between Yumi and Tatsukichi, they seemed to have an interesting relationship going on.

  6. @Yi:
    Seeing Ruri make an appearance almost made this anime worth it.

    I completely forgot that Yumi even had a thing for Tatsukichi, it wasn’t emphasized very often. I guess with just 12 episodes, they decided not to spend too much time on side relationships.

  7. I personally found the series rather fun and exciting, you never know what is going to happen next though some of the episodes were rather cliche like the beach episode.

    And it’s not overly dramatic though I love how sometimes the guy has to openly provoke mio XD
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Medicom toy RAH Ayanami Rei Evangelion 20 1-6 scale

  8. @dreaming Artemis:
    I find I’ve grown tired of the random comedy type anime, probably the main reason why I didn’t take a liking to MM!


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