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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 13

December 02, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine

Misaka Mikoto (aka biribiri, railgun) from To Aru Majutsu no Index II and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun makes her first Nyantype cover appearance on volume 13. I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t go for a 4th Nanoha cover considering the Nanoha movie just came out on Blu-ray/DVD, but I guess having a third of your covers be from a single series would be too much.

The first pin-up poster in this volume is of Kuroko and Awaki, the main protagonist and antagonist of episodes 6-7 in To Aru Majutsu no Index II. Kuroko is my favourite character form the To Aru series so I was happy to see her get so much screentime in those two eps. I think this poster really portrayed the situation in the anime very well with Awaki having the upper hand (and scratch-free) while Kuroko is clearly limping and has bruises everywhere.

The Nanoha series seems just as popular with the Nyantype editors as the Megami editors. This was a pretty well-drawn image with hardly any noticeable mistakes.

Here’s an even better one, but of the grown up Erio and Caro, both from the Nanoha series. I particularly like how they added a white glow around the characters to make them stand out.

One thing that Nyantype seems to favour more than Megami is the “foot” pose. I guess they’re trying to attract the people who like feet.

I love the detail in this poster, from the individual straws in the tatami mat to Sora’s super long hair. The only thing I would change is the “Pockie” box, it looks a bit too short and fat.

I complained about Nyantype’s previous use of shadows and lighting, but it looks like they’ve done a better job this time. This K-ON poster really makes use of shadows to give the feel of a lazy sunny afternoon.

This was a surprisingly tame Strike Witches poster and they’re not stealing each others’ clothes o.o

I like the way they drew Elsea’s feather cloth in this poster, it looks like it’s actually floating a bit as it should. I also like the cute smile.

Yes! First Panty and Stocking poster, and it’s of the transformation scene. By my count, this series has 4 different forms of animation now so I’m glad Nyantype went with the best looking one for their first PSG poster. It’s also nice to see that there’s really no mess-ups in here either.

Most of the Fortune Arterial posters so far have used really vibrant colours, and it really helps to breathe some life into the image. You can see what I mean by comparing the less-vibrant poster below.

While the only thing that looks off here is Ika’s foot, the more dull colouring makes it seem poor in comparison to the Fortune Arterial poster.

I was hoping for more dynamic Amagami SS posters, and while I finally got one here, it doesn’t look quite right. I think her head is just a bit too high.

There’s something wrong in this picture…

I was expecting some Christmas/winter posters in this volume, but it looks like Nyantype is still stuck in swimsuit mode.

This is a cool Star Driver poster with some of the female members of the Glittering Crux. It’s kinda weird that they’re all illuminated from the bottom, but I guess that’s to make them look more evil.

This volume’s mecha girl is Misaka holding a railgun, kinda ironic isn’t it?

I kinda wish they had a poster of the image they used on the back of the magazine. Sora’s my favourite character from Yosuga no Sora, so more images of her are always welcome though, no matter what the form.

In this volume, rather than including the usual B2 poster, Nyantype decided to include the second Nanoha illustration collection. If you recall, Nyantype volume 3 also included an illustration collection.

After flipping through the contents, there wasn’t anything new to get excited about. All of the images in the collection have appeared in Nyantype before, either as posters, on freebies, or in the magazine content.

For hidden images, read this post (numbers 11, 12, 19).

There were quite a few posters that I liked in this volume, including the Panty and Stocking poster, the one of Sora, the Fortune Arterial poster, and the one with Erio and Caro. The Nanoha illustration collection is also a nice extra if you’re a Nanoha fan and want to get a hold of some nice illustrations. The lack of anything Christmasy was disappointing though, hopefully they’ll have something in the next volume.

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14 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 13”

  1. Man, this volume really surprised me. So many nice posters from shows I like. Index, PSG, Nanoha, Milky Holmes, SRW, Ika Musume. I like this volume.
    Miette-chan recently posted..I like Yui -3

  2. fabricerequin says:

    Man, all about fan service, haha, quite a few caught my eye, mm!, k-on, index etc

  3. hmm, I would have expected caro to have grown taller, here she looks like she hadn’t grown any taller at all…..At least have some significant height increase up to Erio’s shoulders…..
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Day 1!

  4. Oooh, finally, a Panty and Stocking poster! I quite like that style used in the series too.

    Is this the December issue? If so, I’d have to agree that it’s a little disappointing that they don’t have any Christmas-related pictures…

  5. Not too many exciting posters in this volume. I do like the Fortune Arterial poster though, the colours and lighting are really nicely done. Milky Holmes poster looks really wrong – leg size malfunction.

    Yay, a change from the usual Nanoha cover. Although she’s still got a small section in the bottom corner.
    BioToxic recently posted..Whaa oO

  6. Only one illustration of Samurai Girls? They should gain more love!!! :)
    softz recently posted..Momohime of Muramasa- The Demon Blade Alter

  7. @Miette-chan:
    I thought it had a nice assortment of posters too.

    The MM! one caught my eye too, it’s so fitting how Mio is posed considering what the show is about.

    @dreaming Artemis:
    I guess some people don’t grow as much as others. She does look really short though.

    It says it’s the December issue, but I think it was released at the very end of October. They always bring the magazines out way before the month arrives.

    I like the Fortune Arterial one too. I think Nanoha is going to be in this magazine for a loooong time.

    It’s probably not popular enough. Seems like only the top series ever get more than one poster per volume.

  8. I love that K-On! poster. They got all five girls in this time. Also, I agree the shadows worked wonders.

    A little surprised at the cake eating poster. I guess there’s something for everyone.
    Yi recently posted..Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu Sono Hanabira 10 Comes Out Today

  9. The poster of Erio and Caro is my favorite, the outfits are nice and
    it has a some kind of romantic atmosphere ;)

    Fortune Arterial is the cutest school-vampire sho I’ve ever watched
    My favorite character is Kanade Yuuki therefore I like the poster a lot :D
    Fabienne recently posted..Dressing up PVC figures

  10. @Yi:
    It’s nice that they have all of the K-ON girls in one shot this time, the pairings before were disappointing if they didn’t include your favourite character.

    Kanade is my 3rd favourite after Erika and Haruna.

  11. FINALLY!! rail gun jeezus…

    ika has 13 legs.. shes not a member of the mollusc family at all!!
    alucard13mm recently posted..K-On! Mio Akiyama embroidered parka by Cospa

  12. @alucard13mm:
    She’s an imposter!

  13. Love the Panty and Stocking poster <3. Their transformation scene is always awesome lol. It's nice to see Strike Witches posters like that every now and then lol. Milky Holmes+fan service= Me feeling a bit awkward lol, can't associate them with fan service ^^;;.
    AS recently posted..Japan Trip May 2010 Part 2

  14. @AS:
    I agree with you there, I’ve rewatched their transformation scene dozens of times now.


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