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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 12

November 29, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine

While Nyantype Magazine started out with rather poor quality pin-up posters, it seems that they’re finally starting to get the hang of it with some pretty decent ones in volume 12. The cover features Yoshika and Mio from Strike Witches.

One thing I love about Nyantype is that they always include one really big pin-up poster that is 3 pages long. On the first side is Yoshika again, but in a white one-piece this time.

The other side is Nanoha beach volleyball. Seems kinda out of place for the November issue, but it’s got a nice action shot :)

Another Nanoha poster. I love the new weapons that everyone has now, they look like mecha musume rather than mahou shoujo now.

Erika here is the only reason I’m still watching Fortune Arterial. How can you not like a character as cute as her?

Shukufuku no Campanella has seem to have found its way into the last couple of Megami and Nyantype magazine volumes lately. The anime doesn’t seem to be too popular, but I guess the character designs are good. It’s not my cup of tea though.

This K-ON poster would have been so much better if it weren’t for the poor lighting choice. Almost the entire poster is in a shadow, leaving a rather dull feel to the image.

Here’s your average swimsuit poster, nothing really to compliment on.

Nyantype and proportionally correct limbs don’t seem to get along too well. Shana’s right hand seems about twice as big as her left, but at least they didn’t put the thumbs on the wrong side (which I consider an improvement).

I’m really glad there was nothing wrong with this Yosuga no Sora poster. A well-animated show deserves to have well-drawn posters. I question whether skirts actually move up like that, but this is a bishoujo magazine so panties are a must.

Like I said…

That sun oil looks a lot like yellow slime to me, maybe that was the impression they were trying to give here.

It seems both Megami and Nyantype have rather plain and simple Amagami SS posters. The upside about that is that there’s very little room to screw up, meaning they all look decent.

I don’t even know what to think about the characters from Milky Holmes. Sometimes I think they’re 8, other times I think they’re 20, how do you tell? Anyways, this poster would’ve been nicer if they didn’t use such an ugly background. Instead, they should have just thrown in a beach.

Not a particularly interesting TWGOK poster, but at least it’s something for the fans.

In contrast to the overly shadowed K-ON poster earlier, Nyantype now has one where the characters are over-exposed (and I thought that was only something for photographers).

This is probably one of the few Sora no Otoshimono posters which isn’t overly ecchi. I like the character designs, but sometimes they take the fanservice a bit too far.

At the back of this volume they decided not only to turn a girl into a mecha musume, but they turned a mecha musume into and even more mecha musume. I think it’s kinda cool.

I’m still waiting for Sora’s arc in Yosuga no Sora. If you happen to live in Japan, you can catch the anime on the above channels.

Included in this volume was another one of these dust jacket things. I was a bit disappointed seeing as I don’t have anything to put in it.

The second extra item was a double-sided pencil board of Nanoha and Fate, both from the Force series.

For hidden images, read this post (numbers 13, 15). The Star Driver poster was nice, especially with the stars in the background. I really hope that fish girl comes back later in the series, I’m going to miss her stories.

While Nyantype’s image quality has improved, there’s still some areas that they need to work on as I’ve pointed out above. My favourite posters in this volume would be the ones of Yoshika, Erika, and the Star Driver poster. The K-ON and Ookami posters were really poor in comparison. It should be pretty simple to change the “lighting” on a digital image, yet they decided to leave these two the way they are, and they look terrible. At least there weren’t as many noticeable impossible limbs, the only exception being Shana’s hand.

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12 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 12”

  1. Yeah, compared with your reviews of the early volumes, there seems to be a lot of improvement. One thing I kind of like about Nyantype is that their posters are much less fanservicey overall than Megami.

    Even as a fan, I still find that TWGOK poster boring, though. :/

  2. Oooh. I like the Nanoha illustrations! Fate has the charms of a mature strong woman. I love it.

    Amagami has yet another boring picture. The characters have so much potential. It’s a shame Nyantype isn’t taking advantage of that.
    Yi recently posted..Details to Enjoy – a Taste of Rustic Flavors in Tamayura

  3. Is it me or is the way Yui is sleeping looks weird? Her back must be really sore or something.

    It’ll be nice to be have something snowy though. It’s almost Christmas after all.
    flyzice recently posted..Anime Goodies- Alter’s Kawazoe Tamaki

  4. Is it me or does the physics for this issue sort of fade in quality? I mean, look at that Fortune Arterial poster, K-On poster, Shana poster..even that poster of Ookami-san. She looks like a spider crawling out of some haunted crypt in a horror movie!

    Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get the point.

    The pencil board of Fate looks off somewhere though.

    Anyway, wish I could buy one. I think SG actually bans minors from buying Nyantype and Megami…
    Valence recently posted..Christmas Letters to Santa

  5. A Sora no Otoshimono poster without crazy fan service, something isn’t right.

    I like the Campanella poster in this issue of Nyantype as well. It’s a shame most of the earlier posters they made from the series don’t look so good.
    BioToxic recently posted..Whaa oO

  6. @Ari:
    This one does have a lot less fanservice compared to Megami. Sometimes it seems like they have more though, I guess it depends on how dirty the editor is feeling.

    I really do hope they make some Amagami posters with more dynamic poses, it would be so much better than having one of the girls stare at you.

    It is a bit weird, kinda like half of her back isn’t resting on the bed at all.

    I agree, having some more Christmas-y posters would be nice.

    Nyantype has always had a bit of a problem with making their posters look right, but at least it’s better than it was before.

    I didn’t think Singapore was so strict about ecchi content. Once you turn 16 here, the only thing you can’t buy is straight out porn.

    I know, I was surprised that they were all fully clothed.

  7. i wonder how long the k-on thing is gonna last.. probably until the movie comes out.. OR it might get bigger if they gonna make a spin off series with Azunyan + Jun + Ui.. or maybe the movie will be about them 3.. who knows?! I’m pretty sure they will milk as much money as they can from K-On.
    alucard13mm recently posted..K-On! Ui Hirasawa scarf by Cospa

  8. @alucard13mm:
    They probably will, just like how they’re milking Nanoha for all she’s worth.

  9. Have been real busy. But, I must thank you for sharing. The Nanoha looks great. Man… when did she become a woman? I always thought she is a little girl. :)

  10. @softz:
    She gets older as the series progresses. I think she’s 25 in the Force series.

  11. Oh more nice posters

    I really like Yoshika, battle suit Nanoha and the one from Milky Holmes (I guess they are of the age of 14-16) Shellingford is so cute =D
    The Sora no Otoshimono poster is also nice,
    hehe I like every character except of Tomoki in the show

    So you are also a fan of the fishgirl from Star Driver
    In my opinion she and Wako should have switched roles from the start =)
    Fabienne recently posted..Dressing up PVC figures

  12. @Fabienne:
    Yea, I would’ve liked the show better if fish girl was one of the main characters instead of Wako.


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