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Megami Magazine Vol. 126

November 21, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

The cover of Megami Magazine Vol. 126 has both Index and Misaka on the cover. At first I thought that Misaka might have been the mini-Misaka that accelerator is taking care of because of her red cheeks and overly happy look. A closer look reveals that she’s wearing shorts under her skirt though, indicating that she’s the railgun.

I guess the K-ON girls have graduated now? It seems there’s always cherry blossoms in these graduation posters. They could’ve added a few more petals blowing across, the dark uniforms and pink background really clash with each other.

It seems someone in Strike Witches is always stealing someone else’s panties, and I haven’t even seen the anime yet.

A nice To Love-Ru poster. Having all of their skirts flip up like that doesn’t seem right though.

All of the Amagami SS posters so far have seemed very plain. I can’t tell whether Megami is doing this on purpose or whether it’s just a coincidence.

I thought this was an amazingly good poster. It shows Nanoha in action against who I assume is Fate.Ā The fireballs and explosions in the background, along with Nanoha’s torn barrier jacket makes it seem like a really tense scene.

This is the same image that was used on the cover of the magazine. I’m not liking how deformed Index’s hand is, or how their faces look a bit off. Don’t even get me started on the choice of background.

I thought Sekirei was supposed to be about girls duking it out, but here we have two of them dressed up as bunnies.

Mitsudomoe seems like one messed up anime if these posters are any indication.

Continuing on with the 3D girl appearances, here’s Rie Tanaka. She is known for roles such as Chii from Chobits, Maria from Hayate no Gotoku, Lacus from Gundam Seed, and Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.

The girls of Milky Holmes are cute, but that wasn’t enough to make me watch the series. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to make good posters either.

This Girls Avenue illustration was done by the artist Nino, aka “2no” (2 is “ni” in Japanese). Nino has some interesting illustrations of girls wearing things like candy and/or futuristic looking devices.

This To Aru Majutsu no Index II poster is a lot better than the one used on the cover. Sometimes I wonder who gets to decide what goes on the cover.

This poster would’ve been perfect if Kazuha’s upskirt shot didn’t look so awkward.

An average looking poster, nothing great or bad to pick out here.

I thought the perspective in this poster is cool, with their legs being smaller because they’re further away. Love how well they drew the uniforms, and the cherry blossoms are a nice touch.

I really really wish that they make a B2 poster out of this Higurashi image. The dresses that they’re in are so pretty and match some cover art I’ve seen for some DVDs.

Unfortunately, rather than a B2 size poster in this volume, all that was included were these two sticker of Nanoha and Fate. Yep, you read right, stickers. These aren’t even worth a few cents, so I’m kinda disappointed in Megami this time.

For hidden images, read this post (numbers 06, 09, 11, 12, 15, 16, 23).

There were quite a few ecchi posters this time around. I wasn’t too impressed by them, except for 15, which is of Mio from MM! I think she’s an adorable tsundere, and it’s nice to see her cuter side once in a while.

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12 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 126”

  1. Being a huge TWGOK fan, poster 21 made me so, so happy to see. But yeah, I do admit it’s rather boring. xD

    Wow, stickers? That’s kind of a lame extra…

  2. @Ari:
    I think this is the first one I’ve seen in here. It’s a bit strange that someone from hell is so cheerful.

  3. @Nopy: Yeah, I guess Elsie being such a happy person despite being a “demon from hell” is really weird in retrospect, but that’s what makes the series so fun.

    It’s also kind of tied with the plot about how there is an “old hell” and a “new hell” but that’s getting into spoiler territory so I’ll stop.

  4. The posters in this issue is just meh.

  5. >stickers

    My hand is interacting with my face.
    Valence recently posted..Why do we relate to fictional characters

  6. @Ari:
    Sounds like I’ll need to check out this series during Chistmas.

    Yea, they aren’t anything too special, except for maybe one or two.


  7. Hm… The girls in the Strike Witches poster look kind of awkward. I love the Sekirei poster though. I’m not too impressed with the ecchi images either.
    Yi recently posted..Typography Under the Bridge ā€“ Wordplay in Arakawa

  8. @Yi:
    I think the girls in the Strike Witches poster might just be a bit too skinny.

  9. now that’s new, a photos of a 3D girl in a predominantly 2D magazine XD
    dreaming Artemic recently posted..Creators Labo 026 Neon Genesis Evangelion Pre-Painted PVC Figure- Soryu Asuka Langley

  10. @dreaming Artemic:
    Yea, I don’t know that the editors at Megami are thinking.

  11. I’d seen that Strike Witches poster before, but didn’t realise it was part of Megami 126. Lucchini looks quite odd, and yeah they certainly steal each others clothing a lot in SW.

    I liked the Campanella poster(11) in this issue, but I got fed up with it after a while.

    I wonder if the 2 Nanaels’ in the Queen’s Blade poster is hinting at events in the OVA (OVA 5 I think features Nanael).

  12. @BioToxic:
    Surprisingly, a lot of the professional images that are floating around the internet come from Megami.


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