Megami Magazine Vol. 125

It’s been a while since my last Megami Magazine post, so today I present to you volume 25, the October issue.

I have one word to say about these two K-ON posters: WOW!

If only they weren’t on the same sheet, I could put them both on my wall :(

This third K-ON poster is nice too, but it doesn’t compare to the first two. The dark, but glowy green field and the girls wearing pure white dresses just makes the whole scene feel dream-like. This one with the bubbles seems more playful in comparison.

Ringo always looks like she’s hatching some kind of plan, just look at her evil eyes in the background. Then again, she could just be enjoying the view… as indicated by that little heart.

Sae in a bikini. Nothing really special in this poster.

This Sekirei poster was kinda cute. That’s one huge dish of curry though, I wonder how many people you could feed with that.

My two favourite girls from Yosuga no Sora in the same poster = win. I’ve said this before, but I simply love the artwork and character designs in this series. It’s nice to see that Megami was able to retain that quality in this poster.

That girl in the background has freakishly huge eyebrows…

Eris looks out of proportion here, can someone’s back really bend like that? It’s not common to see Megami make mistakes like this.

Megami seems to be trying to break into the 3D girl magazine market. This particular poster is of voice actress Eri Kitamura. She has voiced several popular characters including Rimi from Chaos;Head, Ami from Toradora, Yui from Angel Beats, and Saya from Highschool of The Dead. I have nothing against 3D girls, but I don’t think they have a place in a 2D girl magazine. It’s like flipping through a car magazine and finding a motorbike.

This Da Capo poster is surprisingly detailed. I love the clouds, the leaves in the trees, the light shining through the leaves, and the way Sakura’s hair just seems to flow naturally.

Not as impressive of a Da Capo poster, but at least there’s more characters in this one.

For this edition of Girl’s Avenue, Magami features artist Sunaho Tobe (戸部 淑). He seems too draw quite a bit of fantasy/adventure artwork, nothing too ecchi.

I watched Koe de Oshigoto earlier and I must say, Kanna really gets into her work. This poster is cute, but the way her skirt is pulled up doesn’t seem natural.

Loli fans will probably enjoy this MM! poster. Personally, I find Noa a bit annoying.

Some more To Heart 2 DVDs are out now if anyone’s interested. I remember watching To Heart, but I never got around to To Heart 2.

To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun have finally merged into To Aru Majutsu no Index 2, and that means it’s time for crossover posters. This B2 size poster has both Index and Misaka in cute maid outfits in what I assume to be a maid cafe. Their expressions are a bit weird though, Index seems kinda frazzled while Misaka has a sort of “huh?” look.

I wonder if Nanoha and Fate will still be showing off their bikinis at the beach when volume 200 comes out. I guess when you have a show about hot magical girls, they’re not going to go away any time soon.

For hidden images, read this post (numbers 07, 09, 12, 21, 22).

I kinda liked image 22, simply because it’s from Aki Sora.

In this volume, the first two K-ON posters were definitely my favourite. I loved the dark green field that they were in in the first ending of the first season, so I’m happy to see that Megami made two posters of them in that same setting. There weren’t too many plain  posters this time around, just Megami showing off it’s excellent images.

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  1. Empires wax and wane, but Megami has printed their 125th issue, God is in his heaven, and all is right in the world. Kudos to it for having Mitsudomoe, which really is intensely underloved. It even features Miyashita as opposed to the main trio – It’s as if it were meant directly for me. I’ll take it as a sign. Every other pinup is peripheral. The Raildex one is pretty cool though, I think – those frazzled looks and expressions are rather real cute.
    Ningyo recently posted..Squidfckin’tastic

  2. @Ningyo:
    Megami really tries to cover everything, but sometimes they go too heavy on one series.

    They do kinda resemble the K-ON girls.

  3. I’m really fond of the K-on poster too; which makes me a little sad that I wasn’t able to get this issue–oh well.

    I guess there’s still swimsuits even though it’s technically fall now, huh…

  4. @Ari:
    It’s probably summer in some parts of Japan all year-round. I’d bet they’ll still have swimsuits in the December issue, just not as much.

    I think she looks better with some more curves. It’s so sad that she’s losing her best friend/crush to her brother.