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Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol. 18

November 17, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Dengeki G's Magazine

Some of you may have been wondering what the box at the corner of my desk in this post was. Well, to answer your questions, here’s a close-up look at it: Dengeki G’s Festival! vol. 18. As with all of the Festival! volumes, this one comes with a short book and a box with some special items.

Volume 18 is focused on the eroge Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, otherwise known as Love, Election & Chocolate. I first found out about this game when I saw it in an issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine last year and I just loved the character designs and artwork, which was why I bought this. The game went on sale in Japan on October 29 this year and was produced by game company Sprite. Below is the opening theme of the game. The theme song is “Initiative” by Mami Kawada.


The following are the girls from which you can “choose” from:

Chisato Sumiyoshi,

Satsuki Shinonomi,

Mifuyu Kiba,

Asara Aomi,

and Michiru Morishita.

Personally, I like Chisato and Michiru ^.^

There’s also a slew of side characters:

Some crazy loli mad scientist.

A cute… dude? I guess gay guys need their fix too.

The guy on the right looks really scary.

The main reason why I got this volume of Dengeki G’s Festival! wasn’t just because Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate was going to be the main theme, but also because I heard it was going to have a bunch of nice illustrations. They finally got to that section at the back of the book.

Click for dgf18-16.jpg (NSFW)

I liked the illustration of Chisato and Satsuki, but I really wished that they had put in more than just three illustrations. The ones of Michiru are nice too, but they’re a little risqué, hence the link.

The back of the book was surprisingly not Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate related, instead it had an advertisement for a Kirino figure. I don’t think it looks that great, her face is a bit off and she doesn’t give off that flashy aura that she usually has.

Now some of you have probably been wondering “what was in that box?” There are actually preview images on the cover, but now you can see the actual items:

Dengeki G’s Festival! vol. 18 comes with a Michiru microfibre cloth, a Satsuki mouse pad, and a Chisato Dakimakura cover. It figures they’d use the three most popular girls for the bonus items.

I used the Michiru cloth to clean my DS. It works great: wipes off dust and fingerprints, and you get to stare at Michiru in the process.

Even though Satsuki didn’t make my list of favourite characters, I still love this illustration of her. Unforetunately, I’ve been using this mousepad for a few days and it doesn’t seem to want to stay still, I might have to tape it down or something. So while it’s nice to look at, it’s not nice to use.

Up next is the Chisato dakimakura cover. I’m sure you all know what these things are, and if you don’t, a simple search is all you need. Considering their purpose, it’s not surprising to find more revealing images printed on it (which is why these images are hidden as well). If you haven’t seen one of these before, they’re HUGE. I could only fit half of it on my desk.


I couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot so I took three and stitched them together.


This is my first time writing about a dakimakura, so I don’t know what to say other than it’s smooth and soft (and no, I don’t have a pillow that’ll fit in that thing)

I was pretty upset at the lack of illustrations, but at least it came with some interesting items which makes this not so bad of a buy. At least now I know what all of the girls’ names are.

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19 Comments to “Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol. 18”

  1. fabricerequin says:

    The art is absolutely beautiful!
    one of my fav’s actually, in which makes me want to get the game.
    Nice review, love the goodies that comes with it!

  2. I definitely love the school uniform design, it seems to bring out their “eyes” HAHAHAHAHAAHH
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 3 cosplay report!

  3. Is Dengeki G different from Megami and Nyantype? I’m a bit confused by all these magazines. LOL.

  4. @ flyzice: I think Dengeki G specializes more with games (like dating sims) than Megami and Nyantype (which focus on the more general anime stuff).

    Nice buy, Nopy! I’m sure that the dakimakura cover alone must have raised the price of that issue by a lot.

  5. @fabricerequin:
    I’m tempted to get the game myself, but I probably wouldn’t get very far considering I don’t know Japanese.

    @dreaming Artemis:
    Best school uniforms ever :)

    What Ari said.

    The Festival! issues do cost more than the magazines, but they also come with more (and cooler) items. Compared to other Festival! issues though, this one cost the same.

  6. may be unrelated but =P anyone here played project diva and if so is it worth getting? also is psp worth getting or will there be psp2 in future lol or do people buy nintendo portable gaming devices these days? there doesnt seem to have many “otaku” games for “ds” or whatever the most recent nintendo device is.
    alucard13mm recently posted..K-On! Mio Akiyama plushie Toy Series 26 winter uniform ver by Movic

  7. The artwork is great! I like Chisato’s and Satsuki’s art style I guess, more of Satsuki though. Just like you, I can’t read Japanese. Probably if there are subtitles, I may consider as a collection :)

  8. Lots of nice stuff here! Based on the illustrations, Michiru Morishita is my favorite. That cloth is really cool! I also really like her in the two nsfw artworks.
    Yi recently posted..Typography Under the Bridge – Wordplay in Arakawa

  9. It’s a shame there’s not too many illustrations at the back. The dakimakura looks cool, I assume it’s single sided?

    I can’t say I really noticed Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate from the October eroge releases. I was more interested in School Days HQ and Shukufuku no Campanella.
    BioToxic recently posted..Shining Wind Kureha Swimsuit ver by Max Factory

  10. @alucard13mm:
    Project Diva isn’t as exciting as other rhythm games like DDR and Rockband, but it has nice graphics to look at. Whether it’s worth getting depends on if you like those types of games. I thought it was entertaining for a few hours, but got bored of it after that.

    I can’t say I’ve heard of a PSP2, but I’m not the best person to ask about that.

    Yea, I’d get the game just to collect so I can look at the CG every once in a while.

    My favourite thing about Michiru is her hairstyle, it looks cool. That, and she plays video games :)

    Yep, single-sided, would’ve been nice if it was double-sided though.

    I didn’t know School Days HQ was already out, I wonder how it compares to the original.

  11. That is some pretty 1337 photo-stitching. Looks artsy, even.
    I think I’ve been linked to this eroge before, not to say anything of same-face syndrome. Me, I’ll go for the mad-scientist loli, for obvious reasons. I mean, science + the anime nymphet? + madness? If you get an assortment of congee, biscuits, whole-wheat bread, and triple fudge chocolate cake, you wouldn’t need to flip a coin.

    Though I hate cake.

    I wouldn’t use the Michiru cloth to clean my electronics, much like how I wouldn’t use a real girl’s buttocks to do the same. But I’ll certainly use it.
    Ningyo recently posted..Squidfckin’tastic

  12. @Ningyo:
    I’m not really into lolis, but there’s a reason why these games have such a wide array of characters.

    Hmm, remind me never to lend this piece of cloth out…

  13. Ah thx for giving us (me) a closer look =D

    The Illustrations are really beautiful.
    I was a bit surprised as you’ve mentioned that the characters and illustrations were from a game, I actually fell in love with Chisato Sumiyoshi and Mifuyu Kiba, so I think need to get the game =p

    and the other stuff is also nice, like the Michiru microfibre cloth,
    the redhead as hug pillow cover is also very nice and sexy
    but I think I could never put something like this in my bed, even though I guess the reactions of other people would be priceless XD
    Fabienne recently posted..Review- Saber super moveable Nendoroid

  14. @Fabienne:
    If you do get the game, tell me what it’s about :)

  15. Hey I bought this exact volume, but what am i supposed to put the dakimakura cover on? there isnt a pillow big enough where ever i go. anyone know where i can get one? Nopy?lol please and thanks

  16. @Micheal:
    If you’re looking for a perfect fit pillow, then Cospa is the only manufacturer I know of that makes 50x150cm ones.

    I know a lot of people aren’t willing to spend that much on a pillow, so an alternative is to buy a slightly shorter one (50x137cm) from Sears for 13 CAD or 10 USD.

  17. thanks nopy, yea i went to target, walmart, american mattres and bed bath and beyond, they all have the 51 by 137. how well does the sears one fit? any idea? i feel like it would just be saggy and bad looking

  18. @Micheal:
    I haven’t seen how a dakimakura looks with that pillow inside, but I’ve heard of people stuffing in a second smaller pillow to make it look better.

  19. thanks for the reply, ill just see if i can get my friend to make it


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