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E2 Girls Girls Girls! 4

October 17, 2010 By: Nopy Category: E☆2 (Etsu)

The fourth volume of the E☆2 Girls Girls Girls collection is centered around the use of 65 colors in the illustrations. This artbook was released on December 14, 2009, has a total of 96 pages, and includes illustrations from the E☆2 Magazines up to volume 22. Those of you that like anime art may recognize the art style for the cover of the book; it was illustrated by none other than Tinkle, in my opinion, one of the best illustrators out there. As usual, the artbook contains many illustrations from many different artists, below are a few of the ones that I liked.

This first illustration was done by Takuya Fujima (藤真拓哉), known for doing the artwork for the Nanoha ViVid series and the character designs for the Weiß Survive anime. I like the large eyes that he gives his characters, but I find their necks to be too long.

If you recognized the cover illustration, then you should recognize this one too as being one from Tinkle (てぃんくる). I always love their works, the girls are always so cute and have such amazingly detailed frilly dresses. If Tinkle weren’t as good at drawing frilly clothing as they are, I don’t think I would enjoy their artwork as much.

This illustration was done by Kota Murasaki (相澤こたろー). I don’t know anything about this artist, but I like how this illustration has a rather simplistic feel, but is actually quite nicely done if you take note of the lighting and the girl’s ponytail.

Here’s the complimentary swimsuit illustration for this post. This one was done by Yoshi☆wo (よし☆ヲ). If you take a look at his site, you’ll find some really cute moe-fied versions of the Evangelion girls. Yoshi☆wo seems to go for drawing girls with large eyes and large oppai.

The loli in this illustration was done by Kagura Mizuki (かぐらみずき). Note: Kagura’s site is very NSFW. Anyways, when Kagura isn’t making some extremely hardcore illustrations, she makes ones like this. The girl herself isn’t that special, but I like how Kagura drew the white dress.

Halloween is just around the corner, so what a coincidence that we’d find an illustration like this in here. This poor little witch was illustrated by Kasukabe Akira (カスカベアキラ). I absolutely loved everything about this illustration of Akira’s, from the broken broom to the witch’s expression, and the fact that she fell into a pumpkin basket full of treats ^.^

This lovely illustration was done by Kirino Kasumu (桐野霞). This is one of the few non-ecchi/sexy/moe illustrations in the book, and it didn’t need any of those things to appeal to me. It feels like it came from a fantasy novel, what with all of those little lights and that ball the girl is holding.

When I pick out my favourite illustrations from these E☆2 artbooks, I try not to look at who the artist is and just enjoy the art for what it is. With that said, A=g must be an excellent artist because I seem to pick out his illustrations quite often. Not only are the girls in A=g’s illustrations cute, they always seem to fit perfectly into the scene that has been created. You can see more examples of what I’m talking about at A=g’s Pixiv page.

The last illustration to catch my eye was this one by Hato Rami (羽戸らみ). I don’t know what it is about this illustration, but it feels like it came out of an old-school manga. Taking a look at Rami’s other illustrations, they all seem to have an old fashioned feel to them, but they’re all so modern. I think the way he shades in the hair and adds those white dots has something to do with it.

While I only showed some of the illustrations that I liked, E☆2 Girls Girls Girls contains much more art from various artists. Surprisingly, while the previous volumes did not have anything revealing beyond the usual panty shots and bikini’s this volume had a lot of ecchi content. I think there were around 10 illustrations with bare oppai, something to keep in mind if you’re planning on picking this up.

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9 Comments to “E2 Girls Girls Girls! 4”

  1. Thanks for the artbook review!

    I really want to pick up one of the E2 series someday… I hope that the later volumes don’t up the ecchi content, just because I know there are a few people who like to flip through my artbooks!

  2. @Ari:
    Ah yes, ecchi stuff could be a problem if other people take a look. I don’t think the 5th volume had anything too revealing, I’ll have to check when I review it.

  3. I really like that first illustration. Didn’t realize that it was the same person who did Nanoha Vivid, but now I see the resemblance. Love the large eyed loli look! I actually like the slender neck too.
    I also love the Halloween witch one. Delicious sweets.
    Yi recently posted..Comment on Two Levels of Wish Fulfillment in Ore no Imouto- Little Sister and Otaku Shame by Solaris

  4. I’m liking the swimsuit girls by Yoshi☆wo. The eva girls on his site are also really nice :D.

    The halloween girl is cute too. Although her pants are really “HI”, maybe it’s just the angle of the page.
    BioToxic recently posted..Periodicals &amp Other Printed Media

  5. @Yi:
    You’ve gotta have large eyes for lolis, it makes them so much more loli-looking.

    I really liked the eva girls, they look so cute drawn like that. I didn’t think her panties were that bad, but I could just be too accustomed to magazine posters.

  6. 65 colors?! Are you serious!? Oh I’m getting this one alright! thanks!
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..When does it get ridiculous

  7. @dreaming Artemis:
    It’s hard to believe they all have 65 colors, I think it’s more of an estimate.

  8. I like the loli illustration was done by Kagura Mizuki. Plain but nice.

  9. @flyzice:
    I like it too, but I still can’t get my head around how someone could draw something so innocent looking and also draw images like the ones on her site.


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