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High School of The Dead Review

September 26, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Anime

I had expressed some of my thoughts about High School of The Dead (HOTD) in a previous post and likened watching it to taking drugs. Well, due to its addictive effects, I managed to finish the first season. My impressions of the characters remain largely unchanged; the only one I really feel different about is Kouta. He was awesome in the first half of the series, but then when his guns were about to be taken away in one episode he turned all sissy and started whining like a kid. That one scene just totally ruined my view of Kouta as a cool military dude with an awesome shot. It’s one thing to cave in to the girl you like, but it’s another to cry like a kid when some strangers start insulting you.

Kouta clinging to his guns.

So what were the good points about this this anime? Well, after watching the first episode, I wrote up an article talking about how realistic the characters acted, and I was glad to see that they managed to keep up with that aspect. In times of uncertainty, people naturally seek leadership and we see this throughout the series. Shido, Rei’s former teacher, was able to gain a sort of cult following by offering leadership and a sense of security to his followers. This is also seen with the Takagi’s, and even with Komuro, although in his case, I think he only gives off an aura of confidence because he’s too dumb to doubt himself.

Shido presiding over his followers.

A lot of the “followers” in the series also seem to be in some form of denial. One of the characters (I can’t remember who) mentions that everything seems like a dream and that they’ll wake up and everything will be ok. I’m positive that this view is shared by many of the people depicted in HOTD. There was also one character that refused to believe that the zombies were just suffering from some illness and looking for help, and she thought that they could work things out by talking (yea right). I really liked this aspect of the anime, when your world gets turned upside-down it’s only natural to cling onto what you’re familiar with.

Woman trying to talk to a zombie.

Besides having a few insights into basic human behaviour, HOTD is very much what I’d call a “guy” show. Its got zombies, guns, swords, and boobies, lots and lots of boobies. I don’t mind these things every once in a while (I am a guy after all), but making a whole series based on those things seems a bit overkill. It’s a good thing they decided to just go up to 12 episodes for now, because there’s only a certain number of times you can rehash the same formula (zombies appear, run, fight, slow-mo boobies, run) before it starts to get old.

Girls with sparkles around them.

So from a guy’s point of view, High School of The Dead is a good anime to get your zombie/action/boobies fix, and it has a pretty good portrayal of what people would probably do during the apocalypse. It does not have a very deep story or many likeable characters though, which may be a downer for some people.

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16 Comments to “High School of The Dead Review”

  1. Too much boobies for me. I cant stop thinking it appears that every girl in the show has big ones.
    phossil recently posted..Highschool of the Dead gallery

  2. @phossil:
    Alice is the only girl that has no boobies, only because it would be really weird.

  3. When you mentioned “boobies, lots and lots of boobies”, I couldn’t help but be reminded of an article reported by a local newspaper yesterday that the film censorship department said some anime labeled to be appropriate for kids but actually is more for adults and has proceed to ban them. Sigh…

  4. @alucard13mm:
    Yea, that was a bit disturbing.

    Things are the same here. Anime that is clearly meant for adults is sometimes labeled for children because people think anything animated is for children.

  5. @flyzice yes.. then the adults blame the makers even though its THEIR fault for not controlling what their children watches. i miss beavis and butthead.. and the people who got injured trying to mimic these cartoons should be taken out of the gene pool.. i mean seriously.. not to be mean but… natural selection is good =s…
    alucard13mm recently posted..K-On! Ritsu Tainaka 1-8 figure by Alter

  6. I wasn’t overly impressed with how HotD ended. It really lost its pace in the last few episodes. Especially that scene with Kouta and his guns. In fact that whole episode was just forced drama.

    They left too many holes in the story. Why detonate a nuke for the EMP? How did everything start? What is going on back over at that bridge? Gah, I could go on.

    Overall though I did enjoy HotD. It had some ridiculous moments (boob bullet time) and some really interesting scenes of human betrayal in order to survive. I hope for a second season where they can regain what the first few episodes managed to capture and continue the story.
    BioToxic recently posted..Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company

  7. @BioToxic:
    You’re right about the forced drama, it seems a lot of what they show didn’t really have anything to do with the story. If they had more of what was in the first few eps, then I’d probably enjoy it a lot more.

    The “boob bullets” was so weird, talk about defying the laws of physics.

  8. High School of the Dead. I’m not sure if I like it or not at the end. I did force myself to watch it as the season progressed. Then again if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have watched all of it.

    Kinda unhappy with the ending, it sure didn’t end with a bang or anything that would make look forward to a continuation.
    Miette-chan recently posted..I totally forgot but… er…hey this week was my anniversary!

  9. @Miette-chan:
    I heard the point where the anime stops is when the next arc in the manga begins, where they’re in some mall.

  10. As surprising as it sounds, it has everything a nerd like me could want yet I can’t seem to motivate myself to watch it……maybe because I’m worried it mostly consist of fan service…….>_<
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Collection “Carmine”

  11. @dreaming Artemis:
    I started watching it for the zombies, but there was a lot of fanservice. That’s basically all it was, zombies and fanservice.

  12. Ah ha! This is really the one anime that got my wife interested in watching. LOL! When I was still in Newcastle with her, she kept telling me to watch Hot D after watching the first episode. We ended up watching all 4-11 episodes in one night. Killing zombies seems cool.

    However, I don’t know why the zombies didn’t walk into the river when the two characters (I can’t remember their names) were escaping since they (the zombies) could fall from the slope/stairs. Also, why didn’t they eat the barking dog since they only move by hearing. Hmm…

  13. @softz:
    I would never have expected a woman to tell a guy to watch HOTD, it just seems so weird o.o

    I guess they didn’t eat the dog because the show would’ve been too sad, sometimes anime doesn’t add up.

  14. Ahhhhhhh I loved HOTD XD Its on of my top favorite animes… and I’m a chick xD A very bi-sexual chick, but still hahah >w<


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