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Megami Magazine Vol. 124

September 25, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

It feels like it’s been a year since I’ve actually written about Megami Magazine in the month that a particular volume is for. When I asked what you guys wanted to see more of on Nopy’s Blog, many of you said you liked the magazine posts so I’ve been churning them out recently. Megami Magazine volume 124 is the last magazine I have right now since it’s the September issue, but I’ll be getting October stuff sometime next week. The cover of this volume has Yoshika and Lynette from Strike Witches riding some brooms. It makes so much sense (witches ride brooms after all), but seems so wrong without those leg propeller things.

This volume has a lot of swimsuit posters, which I found kinda weird considering it’s the September volume, the month when summer starts to end.

The first poster is of Ryouko from Ookami-san. Considering her nickname is supposed to mean wolf, there is a surprising number of cats in her room. The poster itself it decent, but Ryouko’s left foot looks like it belongs to a gremlin or something with toes that long.

This Asobi ni Iku yo poster is rather simple, but nice. I can’t remember what this activity was called, but it looks fun.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen an Amagami SS poster of someone other than Haruka. I can’t tell if Kaoru is supposed to be dressed as a nurse or not here.

If you like bikinis, then you’ll definitely like the following posters:

This one is from Sekirei,

and Mitsudomoe.

Mio’s usually very stylish, but I think Mugi wins in that category here. I like her white bikini and her braids, Mio just seems a bit clueless.

Chise’s face seems a bit off in this poster.

Here’s one for the Index/Railgun fans.

This is a funny poster of Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo. I’ve never seen those breast pads in real life, but they show up in anime sometimes.

I was a bit disappointed with this Kowarekake no Orgol poster. The concrete wall seems too plain (ie: not enough cracks), and the buildings outside look really vague.

This volume comes with the BRS OVA on DVD.

There’s also a booklet with some info on huke’s BRS illustrations. You can see more pics of the BRS extras in Ari’s post.

The large poster included this time is of Kanade from Angel Beats looking very geeky.

On the back is the same image from the cover of the magazine.

There was also a Chaos card included in this volume. In case you’d forgotten, Chaos is short for “character operating system” and is a card battle game that you can play with other people.

For hidden images, read this post (numbers 04, 07, 12, 14, 16, 17).

Image 12 was featured in this volume’s Girl’s Avenue. It was illustrated by Mamoru Naruse (ꈐē€¬å®ˆ) of a circle called The Flyers. They seem to illustrate mostly moe and eroge characters. Image 14 was kinda ecchi, but I liked all the vines and flowers.

This volume is really the summer volume of Megami with all those swimsuit posters, though in my opinion they should have released it earlier in the year. It’s a good volume to pick up if you like anime girls in bikinis or if you simply want a copy of the BRS DVD.

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16 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 124”

  1. mio: Duhh whats going on here? let’s go play with my round ball o_o
    alucard13mm recently posted..K-On! Stuffed Animal Suit non scale figures by Wave

  2. Ah! You linked to my post! xD; (I don’t mind, I’m just surprised)

    Yeah, I have the same sentiments towards the bikini posters. I’m really glad that they’re not as fanservicey as usual bikini posters, but I kind of wanted more posters geared towards autumn or something. Having beach posters in a September issue just feels weird!

    I personally liked the Orgol poster, but it’s true that there have been better posters of the series in past issues (based on your posts).

    Looking back at the magazine now, I’m a bit disappointed in the posters, actually. xD; They look so bland compared to the posters in the August issue…

  3. I like the background of the first poster. The bed, the clock, the notices…pretty detailed stuff.
    flyzice recently posted..Anime Goodies- Chopper the noticeboard

  4. 14.jpg… is that Ari from Queen’s Blade? *wondering* She looks like her.

  5. @alucard13mm:
    lol, that would be a funny caption to add to that image.

    Well, I didn’t have a DVD case on hand and since you had pics of it put together, I figured why not ^.^

    These posters might not be the best out there, but they’re still cute.

    Megami is pretty good with the background stuff and small details.

    I think it is judging from other pictures, but I don’t watch Queen’s Blade so I can’t say for sure.

  6. The Airi poster in this issue is simply amazing (14). I would love to have a figure of her with that face. All the Airi figures out there just now I’m not really impressed with.

    Lol @ breast inserts. I remember one of my old friends mums had some beside her computer one day – this would be when we were about 10 – and we played Frisbee with them. Yeah that went down well…
    BioToxic recently posted..Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company

  7. @BioToxic:
    14 really is good, I wouldn’t mind having a figure based on that image too.

    I didn’t think those things would be very aerodynamic, but that’s hilarious XD

  8. They weren’t that good as frisbees. More like throwing jelly in a bag. But that didn’t deter us lol.
    BioToxic recently posted..Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company

  9. @BioToxic:
    That sounds kinda gross, but whatever works.

  10. Wow! Great Issue! Man, I want that trading card!

  11. @Kawaii!:
    An easy way to get it would be to buy the magazine :)

  12. I will be buying it! Thanks!

  13. It is kind of weird with all those swimsuit pictures in September, but I don’t mind.
    I didn’t notice the long toes in Ookami-san poster until you mentioned it… Now it’s all I can see. Haha.

    Anyways, I think the girls in Asobi ni Iku yo are parachuting.

    The Mitsudomoe poster kind of creeped me out.
    Yi recently posted..Aria is Kind of Special

  14. @Yi:
    I find a lot of things don’t stand out unless someone points them out, and thanks for pointing out what that activity was.

  15. Great post, You forgot the Working!!/3d girl poster.


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