Nyantype Magazine Vol. 10

Nyantype Magazine Volume 10 was released at the end of July. They have Fate on the cover of the magazine, but she looks a lot meaner than I remember. I don’t know much about the Nanoha Force series, but from the looks of illustrations I’ve seen, the characters aren’t as cheerful as they used to be. This volume costs 880 yen which is 100 yen more than a regular volume, but I’ll talk more about that later.

The first poster in the magazine is more of an infographic than a poster. It shows Fate in various poses and the diferent forms that her weapon, Bardiche, can take on.

Hayate looks weird with this hairstyle, but it does make her look older. Reinforce still looks really young.

I liked Hayate’s outfit in this poster. Signum, on the other hand, looks like she’s going to the club rather than the beach. The planets in the sky also look cool.

There’s nothing spectacular about this poster of Index. I’m curious how she can sleep with her left arm twisted like that though. Then again, she could actually have a broken arm and just be lying there unconscious.

I thought it was cool how the girls from K-ON painted “keion” on themselves, it looks like something you’d see on a CD album cover.

When I saw this poster I just wanted to tear it out. Overall, Nyantype’s illustrations have been improving with time, but then they go and print something like this Seitokai Yakuindomo poster. Except for the “SYD” on the fan and the hairstyles, the characters are barely recognizable, especially Shiino. Some body parts are also the wrong size/shape which makes it look even weirder.

For a lolicon anime, I would’ve expected Mitsudomoe posters to be on the ecchi side, but this one is pretty innocent.

This is a simple but nice looking poster of Haruka from Amagami SS.

It’s really hard for me to comprehend how Nyantype can have something as terrible as that Seitokai Yakuindomo poster be in the same volume as a great poster like this one. There are no super-thin limbs or deformed hands here, the shading is good, and the textures are excellent.

Shouko fans would probably enjoy this poster.

The mecha musume at the back of this volume is Kanade (aka Tenshi) from Angel Beats. It would’ve been really cool if she made something like this for herself in the series. If you look at her blade thing, you’ll notice there’s even two little pilots inside it.

As I mentioned earlier, this volume cost 100 yen more than the usual magazine, and that was because of this box. I know Megami Magazine increases their prices whenever they include something extra, but I was hoping that Nyantype would stay with a flat price of 780 yen.

Inside the box was this pillow case of Sanya from Strike Witches. The pillow case is really soft, but a bit wrinkled from being inside the packaging for so long. On one side is Sanya’s top half.

On the other side is her bottom half. I found the pillow case to be really small as I couldn’t find any pillows that would fit inside without tearing it. So if you had this pillow case, which side would you sleep on?

For hidden images, read this post (numbers 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 15, 19).

As always, hidden images contain ecchi/provocative content. I found the Highschool of The Dead poster to be a bit strange. Why is it that Rei and Saya’s clothes are all torn from fighting zombies, but there isn’t a single scratch on them.

Despite that one poster that I didn’t like, this volume wasn’t too bad. My favourite posters were the one that had the girl in the forest, and the one of Hayate and Signum.

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  1. It’s not that surprising to see the price ramped up 100 yen–If a dakimakura cover had been included instead of just a small pillow cover, the price would have soared to ridiculous amounts.

    Once again, nice review!

  2. More hidden images… I’ve 8 hours to go before I knock off. I shouldn’t have visited your post (esp. these magazine early in the morning). Again… thanks for sharing :)

  3. @Ari:
    I’ve seen the prices of dakimakuras and you’re probably right. If they included one of those in a volume, I’d have to pay a pretty penny for it.

    It’s still Sunday here, but I guess it’s already Monday morning in Asia. If I do a mass magazine post again, I’ll make sure to schedule it for Saturday.

  4. @flyzice:
    I was really upset with how bad the SYD poster was. I think they put more effort into the K-ON posters because there are so many fans.

  5. @alucard13mm:
    It actually is a good size for a laptop, but I don’t think it’d protect it very well.

    Yea, you can either look at her top half or bottom half, it’s a bit weird. Glad to see there’s a Shouko fan here :)

  6. @alucard13mm:
    Ah, I was thinking of one of those drop-proof things, but if you’re using it on the inside or to prevent scratches, I guess it’d work.