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Azusa Nakano Nendoroid by GSC

September 04, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

For my first figure post in a long time, I have Azusa Nakano from K-ON. This figure isn’t from the first batch of Azusa nendos since they were sold out by the time I decided to buy it. I had considered buying Azusa for a higher price, but instead I decided to wait and hope that GSC would make some more and they did. When preorders opened for the second batch, I made sure to place my order early. This is my first K-ON figure and will probably be my only one. Like everyone else, I was crazy over K-ON when it came out, but by the time they started making nendoroids, I was already getting tired of the series. The only reason I got Azusa was because of “Azu-nyan” pose.

Anyways, here’s Azusa straight out of the box. She’s wearing her school uniform and has her hands up like cat paws. Her default face is just the normal blank look with a smile that comes with many nendoroids.

Nothing special about her side. From this shot though, you can see that GSC went with a slightly different base than most nendoroids. Rather than have Azusa stand on a circular, clear plastic base, she stands on the ground with a stand to support her.

From the back you can see that Azuza’s twintails have joints on them. This allows you to move them around to any position you want. I liked how they included that line running down the back of her head to show that her hair is being pulled to the sides.

Here’s Azusa’s other side, once again not much to see here.

Like I said before, I got Azusa because of “Azu-nyan” and here she is. I was expecting the nekomimi ears to be attached to a separate front hair piece, but it’s actually an accessory by itself. All you have to do is slide it on Azusa’s head just like a real hairband. This second face that Azusa comes with isn’t too different from the first. Her eyebrows are a bit different (though you can’t see it from under her hair), and she has her mouth open, perhaps to make some nyan sounds?

The last face Azusa comes with is what I would describe as a surprised expression, but I can see it being used in other situation. She also comes with a small non-moveable cat. I don’t recall ever seeing it in K-ON, but it could’ve been introduced later in the series after I stopped watching. Azusa’s twintails seemed really loose so I didn’t think they’d be able to stay in place at first (due to gravity), but as you can see here, they can stand straight up just fine.

Azusa also comes with a guitar and amplifier. I loved the details on the amp, but I noticed some scratches on her guitar. Does anyone know if those scratches are a part of her guitar or if mine was just damaged?

The paint job on Azusa was of regular quality for nendoroids, which is good considering the last few nendoroids I’ve gotten had some paint splatter here and there. The only paint problem I found with Azusa was a bit of splatter on the sleeve of one of her arms.

The last thing I want to point out about Azusa is that her base (or I should say stand) is in the shape of a nekomimi hairband, which I just found adorable. I actually like the use of a stand rather than a circular base underneath because it doesn’t get in the way of pictures as much.

Overall, I thought Azusa was an excellent nendoroid. Other than that bit of paint splatter, I didn’t find anything wrong with her, and she comes with some pretty good accessories. The amount of detail they were able to put into her guitar and amp was impressive, and the new stand design really helps the figure appeal to Azu-nyan fans.

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14 Comments to “Azusa Nakano Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. Azy-nyan! Erm…I don’t remember seeing a cat in K-ON! either, which is why I was wondering why is there a cat in her package.

  2. @flyzice:
    It really does seem a bit out of place. Maybe they included it because they thought Azu-nyan fans would also enjoy having a cat.



    lol the cat is in the anime because there is one part where Azunyan’s friend had to go somewhere and she intrusted Azunyan to take care of the cat. The cat got sick and she got worried that she called everyone for help.

    when she gave back the cat, she was sad..

    lol i hope i didnt spoil it for anyone

  4. ah i forgot to talk about the nendo

    my first nendo is a Mio.. shes still in her box.. but wow i didnt realize the paint job is that bleh for a 25ish dollar product. its not like we are buying a spiderman or batman actionfigure for 5 bucks at the bargain bin >.>

    mio is my only nendo atm, but i pre-ordered the angel beats nendo sets 1 and 2. im starting to shift to nendo and figma cause they are more generous on the wallet. lol on the 4th piccie, it looks like shes sailor moon XD.. *meatball head*. as far as i know, i dont think azunyan’s guitar is suppose to be scratched.

  5. Cool review! I was considering getting this figure but knowing me I would want them all and they are proving quite hard to find! ^^;

  6. I got this Azunyan a month or more back… and she is still in the box. *LOL* I’ve not got the time to open it yet. Gosh, even Ritsu and Tsumugi are still in the box. :) From your photos, I can see that she is really cuteeeee :)

  7. Just like you I only bought one K-On! nendo, Yui in my case. I feel I should buy Azusa given her relationship with Yui.

    I like that the nekomimi is like a regular headband in theory you can use it with other nendos which is quite nice.

  8. oh my god! Guess which nendoroid am I getting next!? Its absolutely cute!

  9. I managed to resist buying this Nendo myself. I thought about it on the first pre-order, then covered my eyes for the second wave.

    She does look super cute though. Her stand is a nice touch. The best part though is her neko-mimi accessory; it’s so adorable. :D

  10. @alucard13mm:
    That sounds like such a random episode, but I should’ve expected as much from K-ON. Now that you mention it, those balls at the base of her twintails do make her look like sailor moon.

    I used to like getting the entire series, but that got expensive real fast so now I just get the figures I want.

    My Azu-nyan stayed in her box for a while too. Hope you get around to opening your figures soon.

    That’s a great idea. I just tried the nekomimi on some of my other nendoroids, it actually fits on some of them.

    @dreaming Artemis:
    I’m guessing Azu-nyan :)

    I had to do that for Mio, I should be fine until they decide to release another batch.

  11. K-On’s second season isn’t near the caliber that season one was. At least in season 1 they had a ton of songs and live’s but season 2 there’s barely any. Azu-nyan is my favorite character. I have her too and will be taking pictures of her when another nendoroid coming in xD. The base is definitely cute ^^.

  12. @AS:
    I know, season 2 just wasn’t up to par with season 1, that’s why I stopped watching it.

  13. I actually really love the first pose with her hands in paws. Azunyan is so adorable!! All the cat stuff are really cute too. The base, the ears, the cat.
    Yi recently posted..Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy Review – a Blush-Worthy Yuri

  14. @Yi:
    All the cat stuff almost makes her seem more like a pet instead of a girl ^.^


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