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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 7

August 26, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine

Moving on with my magazine posts, here’s the seventh volume of Nyantype Magazine. This one was released at the end of April this year, just a month after volume 6. Nyantype originally went with bi-monthly releases, but now they’ve switched over to monthly releases like Megami Magazine. The cover features Ako and Riko from Kissxsis sharing a popsicle. I’m starting to think someone over at the Nyantype offices really likes the Kissxsis series. Now on to the posters:

I didn’t recognize Nanoha at first since I’m so used to seeing her with her hair tied up. This was a funny poster because of Yuuno’s expression in the corner there. For those of you who don’t know, Yuuno is actually a boy that can turn into a ferret.

More Kissxsis for all the Ako + Riko fans out there.

I still haven’t identified where these two characters are from. They were in the previous volume of Nyantype too. At least this time we don’t have any backwards limbs.

The K-ON girls seem to have gotten more fashionable in the second season of the series. I like the striped shirts and Mugi’s hairstyle.

I like the character designs in Mayoi Neko Overrun, but I just wasn’t too fond of this poster. Seems the main purpose of this one was to show off some panties, and they left out my favourite character, Chise.

This poster seems a bit simplistic at first, but I guess it’s meant to give off that slice-of-life feel.

I was beginning to think that there might not be any exceptional posters in this volume when I opened up this page. I just love how everything is blowing in the wind, and this image really captures the characters’ personalities in my opinion.

This Strike Witches poster follows along the same lines as the previous Railgun poster. Once again, I like the blowing in the wind look, and it has a fitting background too. It would be perfect if only Lynette’s legs didn’t look like they disappeared below her knees.

I don’t recognize who this is or what anime she’s from, but I really hope her toes aren’t normally that long.

I thought this poster of Yukina from Senkou no Night Raid was lovely. Chinese dresses always look good, and the cherry blossom petals make this scene look even better. Whoever Nyantype hired to do all these blowing in the wind images is really doing a good job.

There have been quite a few images with Haruhi and Yuki in them, I wonder what happened to Mikuru.

Here’s one last fanservice shot to finish things off. While technically ecchi, I didn’t hide it because you could go to the beach and see more. I’m not sure why Yamada took off her top though.

Included with this volume was a little booklet celebrating Nyantype Magazine’s first anniversary. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that Nyantype came out so I’m surprised it’s already been a whole year.

Inside the booklet were some images taken from posters in previous volumes. There isn’t anything that I haven’t already seen, but it was nice to have so many of the nicer ones all in one place.

The back cover once again features Kissxsis with a reminder about the first Blu-ray and DVD release.

Out of all the posters in this volume, the three “wind” posters were by far the best. The other posters were average, but at least there weren’t any terrible ones in here.

For hidden images, read this post.

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13 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 7”

  1. I agree, the three “wind” posters are the best of the lot.

    Content-wise (other than posters) is Nyantype pretty much the same as Megami?

  2. @Ari:
    Yep, they both cover anime/manga/games and have updates on various industry news, interviews, and a look at upcoming merchandise.

  3. I almost didn’t recognize Haruhi. Maybe it’s her longer hair.

    The poster with the girl wearing cheongsam beats the rest =w=.

  4. @flyzice:
    Haruhi’s face is also drawn a bit differently in that poster, which adds to the confusion.

  5. what? no guys? haha

    are there magazines that are geared towards girls? similar to nyantype, not that im interested in em =3..

    i dont think i can afford subcriptions atm.. im in process of buying a bass guitar. i went to my first music store today XD.. i held the fender jazz bass and fender precision bass. its so wierd after holding it, my arm was like shaking. i wasnt sure if it was from the weight or from the awesomeness. getting the bass and the amp would cost me 800 bucks total (excluding 9% tax). *dies*

  6. I believe there was a Koihime Musou poster in this issue that interested me, but it was quite ecchi. Apart from that nothing really stood out in this issue of Nyantype.

    I think the 2 girls you couldn’t ID from this issue and the previous one are from the Magical Chronicle Lyrical Nanoha Force series. Lily Strosek (blonde hair) & Isis Eaglet (purple hair).

  7. @BioToxic:
    I know the poster you’re talking about, it was a bit too ecchi to show based on my new rules.
    I didn’t think they’d be from the Force series because I always see the guy with the gun in ads for it. Then again, since he’s a guy, it’s natural that Megami would leave him out.

  8. Why Yamada took off her top? To get even tan-lines I supposed ;)
    Once again, thanks for sharing. The illustrations here look more ecchi than the previous one huh. Am I wrong? :)

  9. Wow, this issue even included a booklet with some really nice artworks.
    Anyways, I like the fourth image a lot, even though I still don’t know what series they’re from. Her undergarments are really cute.

  10. @softz:
    Yes, they are, but just slightly :)

    Thanks to BioToxic, we now know they’re from the Nanoha Force series.

  11. That Lynette picture…it’s so cute it hurts. I really love those “classy” Strike Witches posters.

  12. @Doriinatrix:
    Agree with you about the classy ones, they’re nicer than the fanservicey ones.


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