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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 6

August 25, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine

The sixth volume of Nyantype Magazine came out way back before the previous season started so you’ll see a bunch of posters from older series in here. The cover features both Yui and Mio from K-ON, no surprise considering they’re probably the two most popular characters in the series. In the corner you’ll also see a little preview of the freebie that came with this volume, but more on that after taking a look at some of the posters.

I still haven’t watched the first Nanoha movie so it’s still weird for me to see Hayate grown up, but Fate and Nanoha still in their loli forms. It seems Hayate has also grown some furry ears and a tail?

The reverse side has Nagato looking pretty helpless. Personally, I thought Nagato was better as an alien rather than a quiet girl that likes her books.

I thought the artwork in this poster was nicely done. The proportions of the characters looks right, and I like the background. The only thing I see wrong with it is that the illustrator forgot that water refracts light. I’m not sure what series this is from though, so if you can identify it, thanks in advance.

If you haven’t seen Ookami Kakushi, this poster is supposed to be from the scene where Nemuru was tied up to prevent her from attacking the main guy (I forgot his name). I don’t know why they drew the knife right at her feet, but otherwise I like the dark atmosphere that this poster has.

This poster is similar to the one of Nemuru, but I don’t really like it as much. It isn’t as detailed as the previous one and the reddish tint makes it look a bit weird to me.

I remember doing an exercise like this in school, except we didn’t lift each other off the ground that high.

I’m not too fond of the moe-blob look anymore so I didn’t particularly like this poster, but it is decent.

I was impressed with this poster. You don’t usually see Nyantype come out with something this detailed, and as far as I can tell there isn’t any major flaws with it. The poster feels like an explosion of rainbowy gumdrops, but I’m assuming that’s what Pretty Cure is like.

Apparently there’s some kind of game where you pull a girl’s sash and maker her spin around. I think that’s what Kuroko is trying to do here, but she’d better be ready for a shock.

The characters in Hanamaru Kindergarten are cute, but the teacher looks so out of place here.

If any of you have read the yuri manga “Girlfriends”, you’ll probably know what I thought when I saw this poster. While it is a poster of Miyako and Yuno from Hidamari Sketch, they bear a striking resemblance to Akko and Mari from Girlfriends. It’s not only their hairstyles, but also their style of clothing and who’s on top.

A bit of Nyantype’s problem with distorted body parts is starting to show in this Ikki Tousen poster. While no limbs look like they’re broken, some of them seem to be at some rather uncomfortable angles.

Can’t say I liked Chu-Bra, but using lace patterns in the background here was a nice touch.

This Kissxsis poster seems to have less of a problem with distorted limbs. I knew the show was about a guy with a sister complex (or was it the other way around?), but there seems to be a lot of sister on sister posters in both Nyantype and Megami.

So in case you were wondering what that image in the corner of the cover was, here it is. For lack of a better word, I’m just going to call it a doll. You get this blank plastic doll  which you can stick stickers on to make into your favourite K-ON band member. The only problem is that you only get one of these dolls and there are 5 members. While you could use both sides of the doll, that still leaves out 3 of the girls. Nyantype really should have included more of these with their magazine.

I thought the back cover had an interesting illustration. It looks like parts of the page were ripped out to reveal part of an image underneath, but it’s really just one unripped page.

The quality of images used in Nyantype’s posters seems to be getting better, but they’re still not quite at the same level as Megami. It’s still nice to have them available though.

For hidden images, read this post.

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16 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 6”

  1. Is that really Hayate?! I thought it was a different character or something.

  2. So far I like KissxSiss ;)

  3. @Fang-tan:
    I’m actually not sure, I just assumed it was her since she looks so similar.

    I think someone working at Nyantype likes Kissxsis too, they have quite a bit of material.

  4. Darklord5588 says:

    That person is Rinis, Precia’s familiar. She trained Fate during her early childhood years.

  5. So which K-ON member did you choose for the doll?

  6. from my understanding that is not Hayate, according to what I read, she is supposedly Fate’s trainer. How else did fate ever become the loli badass that she is? :D

  7. Though she is never mentioned in the original series but is shown in certain flash backs in the manga I think which takes place after the original series.

  8. Wow, the posters from Nyantype are just as (or even more) fanservicey than Megami. And yeah, they’re not as nice as Megami…

    Still, that Pretty Cure poster looks kind of awesome.

  9. Kissxsis.. lol wouldnt someone like erase some stuff and draw some new stuff to make it naughty? =S…

    lol the doll is kinda dumb XD.. because people will obviously stick mio on the front and yui on the back of the doll.

    btw, where do u obtain these magazines? do you subscribe somewhere?

  10. Having those hidden images is interesting :P. I usually do that (change the image url slightly) on websites when looking for hidden wallpapers etc.

    Of the hidden ones I’m liking the Omamori Himari poster.

    The poster after Nagato, the blond characters feet look a bit… backwards? Apart from that it’s a nice poster.

  11. @Darklord5588:
    I see, that explains the ears and tail. Thanks for clearing things up.

    Actually, I couldn’t pick one over the others so it’s still blank.

    @dreaming Artemis:
    That does explain how she got so good at fighting, though I always thought she was just naturally good.

    I think it depends on the volume. Sometimes Nyantype is more fanservicey, othertimes Megami is.

    Technically you could do that with any picture, so I’ve decided to include ones where certain parts are at least sufficiently covered. If you want to get a copy of Nyantype or Megami, just click the subscribe link at the bottom of each post.

    I liked the flowy fox tails in the Omamori poster, but it was too revealing to not hide. That girl’s legs were bothering me for the longest time, but now that you’ve pointed out what’s wrong, I finally see it.

  12. lol, in deed theres subscription links XD..

  13. Nice illustrations again! I pretty much share the same sentiments for the illustrations as you. The one by the river side and the Ookami Kakushi’s. Both are real great!

  14. @alucard13mm:
    I see you’ve found it :)

    It’s too bad they don’t have more like those two.

  15. A really nice set of posters in this issue: fate and Hayate, Strike Witches, Railgun, and plenty of yuri.
    The back cover is really cool too.

    p.s. I think it might be nice to tell us the number for the hidden pages so we don’t have to figure out which ones are missing.

  16. @Yi:
    I didn’t think of that, maybe I’ll include the numbers of the hidden images in my next post. Thanks.


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