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Megami Magazine Vol. 121

August 21, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Since a lot of people have asked for more Magazine coverage, I will be reviewing more of them this month. This time I will be covering Megami Magazine volume 121 from June of this year. The cover features Mahiru from Working!! holding up cute chibi versions of Poplar and Aoi. Now for the posters:

The first poster is of Yui and Ui. It looks like Ui is busy preparing lunch, but Yui couldn’t resist taking not taking a bite.

Here’s another Working!! image, with the focus being on Mahiru again.

This poster brought back some memories, mainly of the episode in Mayoi Neko Overrun when they had the swimsuit competition.

I don’t remember Haruhi and Nagato ever cosplaying as cops in the anime. The police probably don’t actually wear skirts like that though, so they might actually be cosplaying as security guards or something. Either way, I like it.

After the previous volume, it seems they’ve gone back to girls lacking clothes when it comes to Ikki Tousen posters, like this one of Sonsaku.

One thing that I’ve noticed about anime is that baths sometimes have green water. I think they do that because it’s hard to draw clear water, but I could be wrong. Maybe they do bathe in green water in Japan, who knows.

This looks more like a promotional poster without the text. It actually doesn’t look that good without any sort of real background.

This amazing piece of art was done by Bun+Bun. I love the little glowy lights and how the shadows look in this poster. The only thing I would complain about is the foot of the girl in front, it’s a bit too small to look right.

Here’s a poster of Tomo from Seikon no Qwaser.

I only recognize this poster being from Bungaku Shoujo because Touko is in it. I’m not sure who the other girl is, but I’m assuming she was in the movie. Her spikey hair looks kinda cool.

I never got into Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, it seemed like a regular harem series to me. The shading in this poster seems to be a bit weird to me, kinda like a mix of pastels and digital colours.

I’ve been meaning to watch Strike Witches for the longest time, but I just never got around to it. I have to admit, the characters do look pretty cute.

As expected, Nanoha is in this volume as with every other volume. Nanoha and Fate look nice in this illustration, but I wish they’d gone with a battle pose instead.

This is the same image that was used on the cover of the magazine, but without the text. I’m not too fond of the background, but at least now Poplar isn’t half covered up by something.

Illustrations like this are hard to draw, so I’m impressed with whoever did it. Except for a few things that look a bit awkward like Mizuki’s right arm and Akira’s right leg, everything looks right to me.

This volume came with a little booklet with some details about the Nanoha movie.

All of the screenshots that they had inside just makes me want to see it even more. I hope it comes out on DVD soon since I can’t watch it in theatres here.

Seeing this large poster brought back some memories. For those of you who don’t know, Nanoha was originally a side-character from a series called Triangle Hearts. I watched Triangle Heart – Sweet Songs Forever a long time ago and really enjoyed it. Nanoha made a brief appearance in the cafe that her family runs called Midori-ya (which you can see on her apron).

The image for this poster looks like something from a dakimakura. It’s cute though, and not too ecchi.

I didn’t think this volume was anything too impressive. There were some good posters in here, but most of them were dull or just lacking in anything special. In my opinion, the best poster was the one by Bun+Bun.

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7 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 121”

  1. Bath salts and stuff are popular in Japan (or so I heard) so that might explain all the green water? *shrugs*

    Wow, someone must really love Nanoha… There’s a ton more Nanoha stuff in the September issue too…

  2. lol security gaurds dresses like that? haruhi’s legs look off.. i cant pin point what.. probably her thighs o.o although it could just be the angle.. if thats the case shes flashing people with her panties lol

  3. I like the Bun+bun illustration too. The backdrop is great! The rest doesn’t really stand out a lot IMHO. Again, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Tachibana looks like she’s ready to kill in that Angel Beats! poster.

  5. @Ari:
    I guess bath salts would be a likely explanation.

    There are some weird security guard uniforms out there. I think the skirt’s just really high up, which is why her thigh looks a bit weird.

    Yea, the Bun+Bun illustration really stands out from the rest of the posters.

    I didn’t notice that before, she does look a bit menacing.

  6. NanoFate and Strike Witches posters look really nice, as is the Bun+Bun illustration. Yui and Ui is also pretty good.

    Agreed about Angel Beats poster. It looks a bit too generic and empty without a back drop.

  7. @Yi:
    It would’ve been great if they’d put something like the school in the background.


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