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2nd Anniversary and Other Stuff

August 08, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Announcements

Well, it looks like yesterday was my blog’s 2nd anniversary (yay).  I remember when I first started and only got around 3 views a day from one or two visitors, I never thought that this blog would grow this big or last this long. To everyone reading this, thank you for your support.

Now on to other stuff. I’ve pretty much been absent from the blogging world for the past week due to several reasons:

Reason 1:

I was learning how to draw anime bodies. I can draw faces decently, but I never got beyond that until now. I did manage to do a rough sketch of my prototype mascot below. The parts I had most trouble with were the elbows and knees. I still need to fix up her right arm since it looks a bit small. I think I’m going to stick with the clothes I picked for her, but I haven’t decided on what kind of footwear she should have.

Reason 2:

I was trying to plan my future. It’s my 23rd birthday today and as I get older I’m starting to worry about what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know whether I should get a Masters degree or start working. If I get a Masters degree, I’ll need to decide which field of research I want to go into, and if I get a job, I need to decide what kind of job. I’ve also been thinking of when I should move out and when I do, whether I should stay in the same city, province, or country.

Reason 3:

This weekend was Animethon, so I spent yesterday and today there. It seems like the admission price has increased once again, which is really annoying since everything still feels the same. Some of the merchandise being sold in the vendors area was fake (ie: nendoroids, artbooks) so I just stuck to buying manga like I had originally planned.

Reason 4:

I think the stress from Reason 2 combined with lack of sleep is making me sick.

So if I haven’t visited your blog recently, now you  know why. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into things soon.

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11 Comments to “2nd Anniversary and Other Stuff”

  1. Happy anniversary!
    Nice drawing, probably leading to your own mascot?
    All the best in choosing what to do for your future =)

  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary :) That’s a pretty good drawing. I need to really get to work on my drawing skills. I’m pretty horrible at people, faces and body proportion. Try not to let the stress become too overwhelming, and hopefully you can catch up on sleep soon ^^

  3. Hey Nopy,

    Firstly, I wanna wish you a happy belated Birthday! Gosh, you made me feel so old now.

    Also, I can see and feel the anime in your drawing :) I guess that’s good news. I wish I could see her after you added her iris.

    Btw, what did you do for your degree (course)? I think to go for a master degree or start working depends on what field you are getting into. Some fields prefer working experience (mostly commercial company) and some prefer paper (master, phd) especially for the researching ones. Choose wisely. I know several of them doing part-time studies which can appear to be quite taxing but rewarding too at the end. Well, those are some of my thoughts and experience. Hope it helps.

  4. I will say this first, trying to fix a drawing usually ends up worse, better to dram it from scratch again. At least that’s how it was for me.

    What a coincidence I’m in the same spot as you, I decided to get a job instead of going to graduate school. After all I can’t happily sit around going to school without bringing income to the family. Plus given the right employer I can get them to pay my graduate school for me.

    Oh yeah, happy 2nd anniversary.

  5. @Fabrice:
    Yep, I’ll eventually make my own mascot. If I like how this character turns out though, I might just use her.

    Everyone’s bad at drawing at some point, but practice always helps.

    I got a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and I’m thinking of staying in the engineering field if I get a master’s (more specifically in bio- and nano-technology). Most engineering research isn’t done part-time, so I don’t think I’ll be working if I do go to graduate school.

    I know what you mean, but the thing with digital drawings is that I can save the original so I don’t have to worry about making it worse. I know a lot of people that made the same decision as you, but I’m still living with my parents and don’t need to support anyone so having income or not isn’t a big deal for me.

  6. Happy belated birthday and Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and your blog.

    I like your drawing, her overall style projects an image of friendliness which is a good thing right? At least I think it is.

    Take your time in deciding what you really want because this is huge milestone in your life. Just relax and stay calm ^^;;

  7. @flyzice:
    Thanks. I was going for the friendly but shy look, so you were close.

  8. Happy anniversary and hope you had a really great time on your birthday. Sorry for the late greetings. ^^;

    I wish you the best whether you’ll get a job or take your master’s degree. Just think it through and don’t stress yourself too much.

    Wow your prototype mascot has a body now, pretty cool. Do you have a name for her?

  9. @Xine:
    Nope, no name yet. I’ll come up with a bio after she’s complete.

  10. I’m almost two weeks late, but congratulations on the anniversary and happy birthday!!

    It’s a busy time for a lot of us. Best of luck to your future plans!

    The mascot is turning out beautifully. I look forward to seeing a completed version of her. Any ideas for her colors?

  11. @Yi:
    I’m probably going to use the same colours as my blog for the mascot.


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