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AT17 in 9 Days

July 28, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Anime, Announcements

It’s that time of year again! Animethon 17 will be taking place from August 6 to 8, which is less than two weeks away. AT used to be the largest anime convention in Western Canada, but I guess it lost that title to Anime Evolution in Vancouver last year. That explains why the ad now says it’s the longest running anime convention in Canada instead. I actually find it surprising that AT even held both titles. Most people around here have never heard of anime, and a lot of those that have think it’s some kind of Japanese porn because of the government and media. Just to prove my point, when I took this picture at the train platform, the guy sitting next to me gave me a weird look, stood up, and sat down at a bench at the other end of the platform.

Anyways, while I did get a lot of goodies in Japan, one thing I didn’t get any of was manga. I can’t read Japanese so there was no point in my picking any up there. That’ll be the only thing I’m buying at AT this year.

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7 Comments to “AT17 in 9 Days”

  1. I remember last year I took pictures every time I saw the AT ad, I haven’t see it this year yet since I’m working. I see if I can stop by and take some pics on friday.

    I can’t wait for Animethon17.

    I bought a couple of japanese manga on yesasia, even though I can’t read it, I like comparing them to their north American counterparts.
    (I’m really envious of your Japan Trip)

  2. Yeah I agree, no point buying manga in Japan if you cannot read Japanese, unless you want to learn the drawing style or the manga is h**t*i XD

  3. @Aqua:
    This was actually the only ad I’ve seen for it this year. Either I’m not looking hard enough, or they’re putting them in some hard to see places.

    @dreaming Artemic:
    I don’t think I’d want to risk bringing that kind of manga across the border.

  4. I never buy Japanese manga at all. I go for chinese ones instead. However, I stopped for a long time already. I guess my last few are IS”, Ichigo 100% and Boys Be (season 1).

    How I wish I could wish visit an AT too. Have fun my friend. :)

  5. @softz:
    I remember reading I”s and Ichigo 100%. I was a teenage boy at the time so I thought both were really good but I never read Boys Be.

  6. Have fun at AT!

  7. @Yi:


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