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Nanoha Takamachi Nendoroid by GSC

July 25, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

It’s been months since I’ve done a figure review, so before I do my posts about my Japan trip, I thought I’d cover the Nanoha nendoroid which I got back in May. Nanoha comes with the standard three faces, but rather than include extra limbs in different positions, GSC decided to just include another pair of hands. This doesn’t mean that she can’t make good poses though, because she also comes with two versions of Raising Heart and Yuuno in his ferret form. She also has two sets of wings that can be attached to her feet. As always, here are the shots of her regular pose from different angles:

The expression on her first face is pretty standard, with the blank stare and slight smile. Nanoha’s clothes are a bit more detailed than most nendoroids. The hand guards (I’m not sure if that’s the right term for them) have these screw-like things in them, and they managed to include that in the nendoroid. Unfortunately, the paint job wasn’t as good as the sculpting. While Nanoha looks fine from a distance, up close you can see several areas where the paint got on an adjacent area (ie: blue paint for the stripe getting on the white part of her jacket). Considering GSC has made nendoroids with just as much detail and been able to paint them just fine without getting paint on other areas, I was disappointed with how Nanoha’s jacket turned out.

On the other hand, I really liked Raising Heart’s two forms. GSC might mess up a few nendoroids every now and then, but for some reason, their accessories always seem to be perfect. You could argue that nendoroid accessories are a lot less detailed than the nendoroid itself, but I would consider an accessory like Raising Heart to be as detailed as Nanoha. You just have to look at the small parts on the top end to see all the details put into making it.

This is one of my favourite poses; she looks like she’s concentrating on using some magic. One thing that would’ve made this perfect is a magic circle for a base. Like almost all nendoroids, Nanoha has the standard plain clear plastic base.

Yuuno in ferret form is cute, but there really isn’t very much detail to an animated ferret. That’s why I don’t have any complaints about how Yuuno looks. Unlike most plastic animals, however, Yuuno’s head is movable, along with his hind legs. I was expecting him to just be one solid piece of plastic, but was quite happy to see that he has some poseability. There’s only one head though, so if you don’t like his face for some reason, there’s not much you can do about it.

Overall, I’d say that Nanoha is an average nendoroid. As much as I liked Nanoha’s accessories, I don’t think they make up for not having more positions for her arms and legs. Besides her face, the only thing that really changes is the position of Raising Heart: which hand(s) it’s held with, and the angle it’s at. If you like Nanoha and you’re fine with her just holding her staff in different positions, then you should go ahead and buy her, but if you were planning on getting a nendoroid with more action poses, then you might want to look into some other ones.

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9 Comments to “Nanoha Takamachi Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. yay figure review! =)
    Nanoha looks so kawaii ^^ i guess its worth having it if your a lyricle fan.
    All her expressions are nice. especially this one.

    GSC sure did a good job, nice buy!

  2. Nanoha is cute, but Fate is better ! :P

  3. Nanoha looks really cute in Nendo form :D. Although her paint job sounds disappointing compared to other nendos she still looks nice from the photos.

  4. Lovely, you actually got this Nanoha nendo. She is expensive, isn’t she? I looked through the local seller, she costs about twice of the normal nendo. However, I must admit that she is cute!

  5. I love the magic using pose too! She’s adorable. On the other hand, I don’t much care for Yuuno.

  6. Love this figure! Damnit I missed this one!!

  7. @Fabrice:
    She is pretty kawaii.

    I actually like Fate better too, but I wanted to have both of them.

    From a distance she looks good, it’s only up close that you can really see the paint.

    I preordered her a long time ago so I paid regular price.

    I thought Yuuno was a nice addition, but not needed to make Nanoha look better.

    @dreaming Artemic:
    You might be able to find a used one online.

  8. Haven’t seen the series nor the movie but I love the character designs of Nanoha. I love the photo where her eyes are closed, adorable!

  9. @Xine:
    The original series and A’s was good, Strikers wasn’t.


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