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Japan Trip: Highlights

June 30, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Personal

I’m still trying to get back into my regular schedule, but being gone for a month really causes everything to build up so I won’t be writing much this week. Once I’ve gotten settled back into things, you can expect regular posts here again (yay). For now, here are some pictures from my trip in no particular order.

The clock tower at the University of Tokyo:

Anyone remember Love Hina? Here’s me reaching for Todai:

One of the many trains that run on the Yamanote line in Tokyo:

The tower burger sold at Lotteria:

Can you guess what’s in those capsules? If you guessed panties, then give yourself a pat on the back. I found this UFO catcher in an arcade in Osaka:

Shibuya crossing, the busiest intersection in the world:

Geisha in Kyoto:

Mt: Fuji:

Can’t remember the name of this shrine, but they have a cool torii gate in the water:

Tokyo at sunset. You can see Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower near the center of the picture:

This ferris wheel was in one of the endings for Inuyasha, and it was in Card Captor Sakura:

I can’t remember whose blog I first read about Milky Way, but I decided to go there to try their parfaits and it was awesome, so thanks to whoever it was that first posted about it.

UNIQLO is the best clothing store in the world, go buy their stuff:

The atomic dome in Hiroshima:

A deer in Nara (note: don’t carry a McD’s bag or they’ll attack you, I learned the hard way):

Monkies in Arashiyama (note: don’t stare them in the eye or they’ll attack you, I learned the hard way):

If you watched the Memoirs of A Geisha movie, this place might look familiar, it’s Fushimi-Inari Shrine:

The famous Kiyomizu-dera Temple:

Kinkaku-ji or the Golden Pavillion in Kyoto:

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo:

I tried looking for a magic feather in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, but I didn’t find one:

I didn’t find one at the Tokyo Tower either. I was half expecting a magical girl to be flying around here:

Tokyo Big Sight when there’s nothing going on:

So you’re probably wondering where all the anime related pictures are. I figured I’d save them for the end, so below are most of the anime places I visited.

The Pokemon Center in Tokyo:

The Pokemon Center in Yokohama:

Tsubasa Stadium (named after Captain Tsubasa) in Yokohama:

Tetsujin 28 in Kobe (it was too dark to get a good picture):

A couple of guys working on the Gundam in Shizuoka:

An Animate in Nara, 1 block away from Nara Park:

A game store 2 blocks from the Memorial Park in Hiroshima. This is where I found a nendoroid for half price:

Den Den Town in Osaka:

Giant Gundam poster in Den Den Town:

Art for sale in Den Den Town:

A no groping sign on the way to the Lucky Star shrine, I guess otaku need to restrain themselves:

The Lucky Star (Washinomiya) shrine:

Forgot what these are called, but there were some nice drawings on them:

Otome Road, the girl’s version of Akiba. Two girls thought I was gay because I was looking for a present here:

I’m sure you all know where this is:

The Animate store in Akihabara:

Life-sized dolls at the Tokyo Anime Center in the UDX building:

A giant Angel Beats! Poster:

Club SEGA:

Gamers at Akihabara:

The Kotobukiya store in Akihabara:

This tiny store hidden behind a kebab place had a lot of Touhou stuff:

Lots of Touhou drinks. As a side note, Root Beer does exist in Japan, you can buy it at a store in the Decks mall in Odaiba, or at this particular vending machine:

White Canvas, lots of Touhou stuff here too:

This store was literally in the back alley of a back alley. It’s a good place to find new stuff that might be sold out elsewhere. You can also use it as an excuse to check out the porn store in the back if you really want:

Nakano Broadway, lots of second-hand anime stores in here, but I was so busy looking for stuff that I forgot to take pics inside:

As you can see, I visited quite a number of anime stores, and I came away with a lot of goodies, or “loot” as people call it nowadays.

This is what’s in the first picture:

First row: Angel Beats – My Soul Your Beats! & Brave Song, GirlsDeMo – Crow Song, GirlsDeMo – Thousand Enemies, GirlsDeMo – Little Braver, Cagayake Girls – Don’t say “Lazy”
Second row: Nadesico – You Get To Burning, Supercell – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, Supercell – Sayonara Memories, Cubic U (Utada Hikaru) – Precious, Sayaka – Garden
Third & Fourth rows: the Touhou games from 6 to 12.5

I also bought a bunch of Sailor Moon cards from Mandarake and some small cards store:

I tried to only get Touhou artbooks when I browsed through the doujin baskets in stores, but they were all wrapped so I ended up getting 3 comics. The 3 books on the bottom have a bunch of Touhou info that I can’t read, but they’re on my list of “to read” books if I learn Japanese.

Here I have a Higurashi guidebook, Nadesico guidebook, Nyantype Vol. 8, Megami Magazine Vol. 11, and Megami Magazine Vol. 18. Yes, you read that right, Megami 11 and 18 from way back in 2001. I’ve taken a peek inside and it’s surprisingly more naughty than modern Megami Magazines.

These artbooks contributed a lot to my weight limit on the plane. On the top row is the Kanon art collection, Etsu Girls Girls Girls Vol. 5, and Lily White by Murakami Suigun. On the bottom row is the 2010 Pixiv girls collection, the AIR art collection, and the Ten Colors art book.

Nendoroids are super expensive in Akihabara due to the high demand. Thinking back on it, I may have been better off just buying them online.

These are the random goodies that I got. I bought the Seitokai no Ichizon desk mat, Angel Beats towel, and cellphone straps; everything else was free (usually with other purchases). I actually should’ve gotten two more pencil boards from Animate, but when the cashier figured out I was a foreigner, he decided not to give them to me. Japan is generally an extremely friendly country, but racism still exists I guess. After that, I never went back to Animate.

Plushies are awesome, but they take up way too much room in luggage. I got all these Pokemon from the Pokemon Center. I won the two Nyanpires in the back from a UFO catcher. I was considerin getting two more since the machine was so easy, but there was no way I was going to fit 4 of them in my luggage.

I didn’t buy this stuff in Japan, but I took a picture of it anyways. It’s everything that arrived shortly before or during my trip so I never got to open them:

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll write some more detailed posts later.

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18 Comments to “Japan Trip: Highlights”

  1. Uh nice pictures you made there.
    Makes me to go there too.

    I think I would be hopeless to go there alone. Since I don’t know anything about Japan. Only some places their names like Tokyo, or Akihabira.

    And nice loots!
    I would go insane over there XD

  2. Lots of pictures, although I’d probably spend a long time taking photos : I wonder how would figure photos turn out near Mt. Fuji or landmarks?

    I’d be hopeless to go there alone too :D

  3. Nice pictures you’ve got there. They are making me wanna go to Japan the soonest.

    How is like traveling in Japan? Is it easy getting to places that you wanna visit?

  4. @GREW:
    Definitely go with a friend, being lost with someone is better than being lost alone.

    I think they’d turn out fine, but there are usually lots of people around so you might get a few stares.

    Yes, it’s very easy. If you’re travelling around the country, get a JR Pass, but if you’re staying around Tokyo, get a Suica card. In Tokyo there are so many trains that you can get anywhere in the city.

  5. AWESOME LOOT! I so regret not taking any photos in Osaka >___<!!

  6. Hey Nopy,

    Very nice photos from all places. You went around most parts of Japan. It was a free-and-easy trip right?

    Do you have any lodging recommendations? Moderate rate hotels? I think those are quite useful for most readers and myself. When I was in Roppongi for a two-month biz trip, it cost my company around 10k USD per month.

    I can’t speak Jap. We only learnt a few survival sentences, mainly.
    1) Receipt please (for claims).
    2) One/two of these (for ordering food).
    3) Is there an English menu (for ordering food).
    4) Do you speak English? (for easy direction conversation).

    It was pretty tough I thought but good experience.

  7. @dreaming Artemic:

    I rented a short-term furnished apartment in Toyko at and the place was decent, met all of my needs.

    If you go to Kyoto, definitely check out the Ryokan Shoei, one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in. Some of the staff speak English, the rooms are very clean, and there’s a large public bath for you to enjoy. I should also mention that they have a restaurant with very good food and pricing.

    The Plaza Hotel in Osaka was cheap and the rooms reflected the price. There’s no English speaking staff and internet is only available in the lobby, so it might not be a good place to stay if you need either.

    In Hiroshima, I stayed at the Rihga Royal. All of the staff speak English, the hotel is clean, and it’s connected to several shopping malls. The only downside is that internet isn’t free, it costs 1050 yen per day and the connection isn’t stable.

    I’ll probably write a post later with more details of my experiences and advice for other travellers to Japan.

  8. Thanks Nopy. I guess those are some good tips for me and readers who are interested in the info. 8)

  9. Looks like you visited a lot of place and got some nice goodies.

    :lol: @ being attacked by the animals.

    How did you find navigating your way around Japan? Was communication with shop/food place staff etc quite difficult? It’s a shame you didn’t get the extra pencil boards from Animate. That was a bit spiteful of the shop clerk.

  10. Nice pictures, you seem to went to same places i did =)
    sugoi ne!

    anyway the loot! lol XD
    nice =)

  11. Awesome! ^^ And welcome back to you too!

  12. The shrines, toriis, and pavilions look beautiful. I really like Japanese architecture.

    Capsule pantsu…………

    Anyways, nice loot. ^ ^

  13. Sweet swag you brought back ^^, especially the nendos. Wow, looks like you hit all the big anime places. Too bad the Gundam wasn’t fully finished when you went to visit it. I too was attacked by the deer at Nara park, though all I did was pull out my wallet to buy some deer food and they started to prod me with their antlers lol. Good to see that you had a good time.

  14. Nice topic. You had a very good trip. I’ remember me last year when I was in japan. Thanks ;)

  15. Wow. I envy you. :)
    Do you happen to have any extra Sailor Moon cards in the card lot that you purchased in Japan?

  16. @Peter:
    I actually have a few (hundred) extras in my collection. If you’re interested in trading/buying just drop me an email.

  17. Hi! I was wondering. I live in South Carolina and it seems that finding Prism Sailor Moon cards or stickers is hard to find here. Do you know anywhere online where I can buy those big stacks of Sailor Moon stickers or cards? I had a pack from the early 90’s and I can’t seem to find them anymore, most of them were numbered during the name of the season of the Anime and… I just can’t seem to find them. Who knows maybe they weren’t Licensed properly back in the 90’s? But, like I said if it’s possible could I buy those Sailor Moon cards or stickers from online anywhere from you photo gallery? I would love to have those in my collection again. ^_^

    • I’ve spent years trying to collect Sailor Moon cards. What I did was search ebay every single day for several years and kept track of whenever someone who had out-grown the series would sell off their old cards. It’s very hard to find big stacks of cards any other way nowadays. Another thing you could do is hire a proxy in Japan to go to a store called Mandarake and ask them to buy cards there. They buy/sell old anime merchandise and usually have complete sets of cards, but this is a very expensive option.


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