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Megami Magazine Vol. 119

May 17, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Volume 119 of Megami Magazine features Misaka from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun on the cover, one of the more popular anime of last season. It’s actually a relief that they didn’t go with another Nanoha cover this time. The previous volume only included 16 pin-up posters, which was a bit short of the number Megami usually has, and this volume also only has 16. Hopefully the staff didn’t decide to cut back on the number of posters and we’ll start to see 20+ in future volumes.

Anyone who likes maid cafes and Haruhi would love this poster. Haruhi and Nagato pick up on the making-heart-shapes-with-your-hands fad while wearing cute red and white maid uniforms. I wonder how many points you would need to collect at a cafe to get a picture like this.

Ever since meronpan pointed out how Selnia’s hairdo looks like maggots, I haven’t been able to see it any other way. Another interesting thing about the animation is the lack of details like the nose and other parts. I guess it’s a good way of censoring stuff without actually censoring.

Megami Magazine illustrations are usually very good quality, but this one is just horrible. Sure, Sora no Woto might be a moeblob anime, but you’d still expect clothing and hands to look correct.

Baka to Test to Shoukanju wasn’t the best anime, but it had cute characters and some memorable moments. Out of the girls, I think Himeji looks best in a wedding dress, though I’d also like to see how Hideyoshi would look in one ;)

This poster reminded me of the Clannad poster in Megami Magazine Volume 107. Azusa and Yui are in the same position as Ushio and Fuuko, plus they are also relaxing in a field outdoors.

I never saw Omamori Himari after the first episode, but I’m guessing from this poster that there’s some rivalry between Himari and this green-haired girl. I actually quite like this poster, Himari looks cute in it.

Nanoha didn’t make it onto the cover this time, but she still managed to get in the magazine. This poster is decent though, so I won’t complain about it.

I’m not too fond of the art style used in Hidamari Sketch. The wide faces and small bodies don’t really appeal to me.

For the Girls Avenue section of the magazine, this volume featured artist Miki Miyashita ( This illustration is lovely, and while I usually dislike plain backgrounds, I don’t think Miki would’ve been able to achieve the same effect with the feathers if she had used a detailed background.

Seikon no Qwaser is an absurd anime, but at least we get nice posters like this one of Mafuyu.

This is the cool image of Misaka that was used on the cover. Pictures of her usually involve her in cute outfits or doing something embarrassing, so it’s nice to get a poster of her just before she fires her railgun.

Megami usually doesn’t have two posters from the same anime in the same volume, so I was surprised to see two railgun posters, especially considering this volume has fewer posters overall. I was a bit upset that they didn’t include Kuroko in here.

Dance in The Vampire Bund weirded me out with the first couple of episodes, and it continues to do so, but now in poster form.

The Japanese come up with some unique maid uniforms. I love how cute these ones are, especially the ribbons around the legs.

I’ve always liked the character designs in Seto no Hanayome, but for some reason I just never watched it. This is another anime that I’m adding to my “older anime that I need to watch” list.

Within this volume was a little section on the Haruhi movie. I still haven’t seen it yet. Hopefully it’ll still being shown in theatres in Japan when I go.

I liked this section which focused in on characters from current and upcoming anime. Sleeping with Hinako is probably one of the weirdest anime I’ve seen. It makes me wonder if anyone actually goes to sleep with Hinako sleeping on their tv screen.

There wasn’t really anything that caught my eye in the upcoming figures section. I thought about getting that Seira figure, but it was just a tad too expensive for a character that I didn’t like more than average.

Personally I don’t see what’s so great about the “Tales of” series, but since it’s so popular, a lot of people must like it.

This time Megami included one of those long and thing posters rather than the regular B2 size posters. On the first side is Yuki Nagato, who seems to have soared in popularity again because of the Haruhi movie.

On the reverse side is Mikoto Misaka in her polka dot swimsuit. I thought her face looked a bit weird here, but other than that, it’s nice.

While I wish that they didn’t cut back on the number of posters, I thought that the qualit of most of them was really good. My favourite one would have to be the first poster of Haruhi and Yuki as maids. The Seikon no Qwaser poster was also really nicely done with a detailed background, nice curves, and water that looks like what it should. This volume would be a good choice to get if you want quality and don’t care about quantity.

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12 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 119”

  1. Misaka covers/poster and bikini poster are soo cute ! I love the second ! The end of episode when we discovered Misako in this bikini is so funny !

  2. @Leonia:
    It really was funny, especially since Touma saw it XD

  3. No Swhartz cards this time?

  4. @phossil:
    Unfortunately, no. It seems like they’ve stopped giving them out.

  5. OMG i want that misaka swimsuit poster D:
    loved that episode in the anime =D

  6. The characters in the third image seem kind of thick.
    Vampire Bund’s loliness seems even more loli in that poster… Almost bordering on creepy.
    Love love love the last Railgun poster! So cute. ^ ^

  7. @Fabrice:
    Yeah, that was a good episode.

    I think that’s just how Ladies vs. Butlers is. As for Vampire Bund, I think it’s more than just bordering on creepy, it is creepy.

  8. Damnit! I’m going to run out of shelf space again! Its literally filled to the brim with megumi deluxes! XD This one is just going to make it worse!!

  9. @dreamingArtemis:
    hehe, I’m gathering quite a stack of magazines too. Most of them are Megami, but I have quite a few artbooks and Dengeki G’s too.

  10. And the girl in Omamori Himari is still the splitting image of Kazami Yuuka. And why is Sora no Oto so vehement about bridging that gap between it and K-ON?

    I swear I’ve seen those first few posters before already, though… Oh well; seeing as how I have this basement to myself I really should hoard Megami and cover my walls with its posters. Nobody to tell me I’m a bad influence to the siblings anymore, after all :p

  11. @Ningyo:
    Haha, that’s what I do. My walls are full of Megami posters, I think my parents are starting to wonder if I’ll ever get a real girlfriend.

  12. Hey Nopy, thanks again for the sharing the magazine contents. :)


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