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E2 Girls Girls Girls! 1

April 30, 2010 By: Nopy Category: E☆2 (Etsu)

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite illustrations from the first volume of the  E☆2 (Etsu) Girls Girls Girls! collection. I’ve actually had this artbook for nearly a year now, but never got around to posting about it until now. Like volumes 2 and 3, there are also special categories in volume 1, but these ones are more generic. The first section starts out with gravure illustrations, and after that are a series of smaller categories such as maids, twins, and glasses. These pages were really hard to scan without actually tearing the book apart, which is why you’ll notice one side is a little blurry in all of the pictures. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the cover illustration was done by none other than Tony Taka, who I’m sure many people have already heard of.

This picture above is another illustration from Tony Taka ( The thing I like about his illustrations is that they’re always smooth and usually simple. His characters also have relatively soft-looking eyes.

This goth illustration was done by Hiro Suzuhira ( I like the girl’s outfit, but I think her ear looks a bit weird.

This cute little girl was drawn by Akane Ikegami ( Sometimes I find that eyes drawn this way look a bit weird, but I think it looks perfect here. I also liked how some of the cherry blossom petals were blurred to make it feel like its windy.

On to the maid section, here we have an illustration by Kiba Satoshi ( I thought the mini-tie was a nice addition to the regular maid outfit, and she looks cool holding a sword.

This maid was illustrated by Kaya Kuramoto ( Girls with guns are cool, but does anyone else think that it’d be really hard to reach for the gun in that position? The gun also seems a bit too big for the holster. Anyways, I liked how Kaya drew the maid’s face, she’s like a ghost or something you’d expect to see in a horror anime/game.

Here’s the last maid, I promise. Its illustrated by Momoko Sapporo ( It wasn’t so much the art that I liked, but the girl just seems like she has a really spunky personality which you don’t normally associate with maids.

These two twins were illustrated by KEG ( I liked the old-fashioned feel of this illustration, and the only problem I could find with it is that the lower twin’s right elbow seems a litle too sharp.

Masato@Takashina ( did this illustration. I thought it was interesting how the colours are almost like water-colours, but the patterns on the girl’s clothing is too detailed for that.

This one reminded me of Aoi Nishimata’s work, but the top of the page says it was illustrated by Okira. I couldn’t find any information on this artist, so if anyone knows who he is or if he has a website, feel free to share.

What I liked about this illustration by Mikeou ( is how he somehow managed to merge a maid outfit with a school uniform. At first I just thought it was an apron, but part of it is underneath the school uniform.

Anyone who follows anime/manga/game style art should be able to recognize this art style. This illustration was done by Tinkle (, famous for their beautifully detailed art that usuallly have cute girls wearing really frilly dresses.

This goth-loli girl was illustrated by Miyama-Zero ( While the dresses in his art aren’t as frilly as in Tinkle’s, I still think it’s done really nicely.

I thought this girl looked really cool, she’s illustrated by A=g ( She looks like an angel you would see in some fantasy game, complete with a halo, crosses, and a staff for her weapon :)

The sunset in this illustration by Yuunagi Futaba ( was brilliant, I love how the colours blend together here. I also thought it was funny seeing an abandoned catgirl (instead of a cat) in a box.

Here’s an illustration by Miyama-Zero again. After looking at this second picture, it seems like Miyama-Zero draws his characters with rather large heads.

I know the yellowish colour in this illustration by Yuuri Nishiwaki ( was intentional to show that there’s a window and setting sun, but I think this would’ve been better without it.

The last image I’d like to share is this one by Yukiwo ( I just adore this girl’s little top-hat, and she looks like a doll in that dress. I guess the cemetary is supposed to give it a dark feel, but it just doesn’t feel very dark to me.

There are a total of 75 full-page colour illustrations and a lot of monochrome illustrations at the back. Most of them are done by different artists so you get a lot of different art styles in here. While it’s a bit troublesome for someone who doesn’t know Japanese (like me) to try to look up the names of these artists, it’s definitely a good place to discover new art by people you might not have heard of.

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12 Comments to “E2 Girls Girls Girls! 1”

  1. This looks like a great artbook. I tend to like illustration anthologies because they include a variety of styles and often the bests of artists.

    Anyways, have always love Tony Taka, Hiro Suzuhira, and Tinkle. It’s nice to see them included. A=G is really nice too.

    No idea who Okira is either… And I haven’t seen his illustrations featured anywhere else. His style doesn’t really appeal to me much though.

  2. nyannn~~~~

  3. I really like Tony taka’s illustration, my fav being the Fault! series….it even got adaptated to hentai XD
    but im talking about the non H ^^”’

  4. The illustrations are great! If I were to choose… I’ll choose all… :)

  5. @Yi:
    Those are the same reasons that I like them.

    Catgirls are nice.

    the Fault series was good, I like the girl with the twintails.

    Me too!

  6. Tony!
    Yeah, I hesitate over scanning anything I have because you’d need to beat up whatever you’re trying to scan in order to get clear images…
    As for the maid with the holster, I do believe the barrel is meant to poke out of it.

    I also hesitate over art books, because they tend to sit in some drawer somewhere after I’ve looked through them once or twice. Still, this seems to be worth it, with that big page count.

  7. @Ningyo:
    I know what you mean, that’s actually part of the reason why I didn’t scan this for so long. As for sitting around, it’s not so much a problem with me since I usually grab one to look through when I’m bored.

  8. statwiz says:

    ORZ most likely my first comment eaten by akimset now (sorry for spam ^^;;)

    TONY *_* i want one of his doujinshi (H is ok >_>;). or one figures based of his illustration sadly kinda hard to get (+ too echii to be displayed >.<;)
    (*check if lyli sell hers or not *)

    you scan them O_o woah i still don't dare scan my artbooks ^^(avoid damage + too many pages *LOL*)

    ps : sorry not leaving comments lately but i still follow your blog

  9. @statwiz:
    It would be nice to have a figure based off of Tony’s work. I was actually too late to get one that Lyli was selling :(

  10. statwiz says:

    yeah too late >.<
    only one left maid bikini from toranoana

  11. It says Akira, not Okira. Maybe that’s why you can’t find it.

  12. @Marion:
    Thanks for the correction. Unfortunately, I still can’t find the artist since Akira seems to be pretty common.


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