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Ein Nendoroid by GSC

March 19, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Ein is the main female character from the anime Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom- which was based on the game Phantom of Inferno. She’s generally quiet and has a reserved personality due to being trained to be an assassin from a young age. If you’ve watched the anime, you’ll also notice that she shows absolutely no emotion at all; I guess that’s just something you need to do to be the best assassin in the world.

This nendoroid of Ein came with a lot more pieces than I had anticipated. There are at least three different arms for each side and the figure also comes with a bunch of accessories like a stuffed teddy bear, a pistol, and a dagger. Unfotunately, there was only one extra leg, so although there’s a lot of poses that Ein can do with her arms, there’s not much as many choices when it came to her stance.

This is what Ein looks like out of the package. She has a standard pose and coupled with her expressionless face, she looks really plain. Pics from other angles are shown below:

This is Ein’s smiling face, but it still seems a bit expressionless, just like in the anime. What I really liked about this nendoroid is that she can actually hold her teddy bear with one arm. Most of the other nendoroids I have can either only carry small items that you fit through a hole in the hand, or have stuff sitting beside them.

In the anime, Ein actually cut open the poor teddy bear. It looks like GSC decided to include the stuffing for the teddy bear so you can recreate that scene. The only thing missing is a Reiji nendoroid.

My favourite face was the one with the Phantom mask. Although Ein doesn’t look cute anymore, she looks a lot cooler. All of the extra arm pieces also allow you to place both the dagger and pistol in her hands at the same time. A lot of nendoroids only come with one arm or hand piece that you can place items in so I was happy to see that Ein can carry two items at once.

This is probably what most of Ein’s victims saw before they died, and it’s my favourite pose.

The main points that make this nendoroid better than others are all of the extra little items like the weapons and teddy bear. All of the extra arms also make Ein a lot more poseable than your average nendoroid. My only complaint is in the choice of the faces. I know that Ein is usually expressionless, so it makes sense for her nendoroid to be expressionless too, but the two non-mask faces look identical except for the mouth. It would have been nicer if the two faces were a bit more different, perhaps having one with a sad expression. Other than the two really similar faces, I thought this was a nice nendoroid that has a lot of different pieces for you to play around with.

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15 Comments to “Ein Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. Very nice.
    my fav one is when shes holding the knife and teddy bear

  2. so cute I like nitro + charcaters
    but If i buy this nendo I think I am only interested in the teddy bear and weapons @_@ LOOOOL >_>;;

  3. like what happen months back almost buy nendoroid theia for the lion >_>;;;;

  4. @Fabrice:
    That pose is nice too.

    It was the weapons that made me want to buy this figure.

  5. That poor teddy bear T-T. I’ve seen this nendoroid around on other blogs, the mask is a bit freaky to me lol. Though it reminds me of a street fighter character, can’t remember his name at the moment ^^;;. The gun and knife are pretty cool though.

  6. @AS:
    I guess the mask does look a bit freaky. The street fighter you’re thinking of is probably Vega (North America)/Balrog (Japan).

  7. Ein is adorable like all Nendoroid ^^ Thank for this sharing Nopy ^^

  8. Yeah, many hand accesories and 2 different faces.

  9. Hmmm.. I didn’t buy this. I remember some local distributor was asking me to get her. Do you know what I replied. I told him that I don’t like male figures or male nendoroid. Wopps, I didn’t know Ein is a girl. *LOL*

  10. One of the rare nendo i didn’t really liked. Those many accessories were interesting but the simplicity and the 2 faces, like you mention it quite similar, made me renounce to buy her.

  11. i really dont like the mask >___< she seems so scary…. but the one with the bear and waving that was my favorite picture.
    ein is the perfect combination of scary and cute

  12. @Leonia:
    I thought she was adorable too.

    Lots of accessories is a good thing :)

    Lol, I guess it’s easy to mistake her for a male because of the short hair.

    That’s too bad, I actually liked it quite a bit.

    She is scary and cute, but I’d say she’s cool too.

  13. I’m waiting for Nendo Ein to arrive today. Thanks for sharing the set of accessories that Ein comes with. I’m really to excited to see her. I hope they’ll come up with Zwei too. ^^

  14. The famous Ein ^^ I wonder why GSC decided to create a nendo based on an assassin but it was a good decision lol
    The amount of stuffs you can do with the bears and weapons are great to create comics and short stories with other nendos. For me i see her mainly for this purpose, using Ein with a crying / fleeing second nendo is awesome :D
    Good purchase here ;-)

  15. @Xine:
    A Zwei nendoroid would be cool too. If they make one I hope it comes with a sniper rifle too.

    That’s actually a good idea. If I find some time, I might try that out for fun ^.^


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