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Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 18

March 07, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Volume 18 of Megami Magazine Creators came out a while ago back in December. On the cover is an illustration of Kurisu Makise by the artist huke. Kurisu is one of the characters in the visual novel Steins;Gate, a spinoff series of Chaos;Head, and is only available on the XBOX 360. I’m hoping that they’ll translate the game into English in the future since I want to play it.

At the front of the magazine was this illustration by Pollyanna Graphics ( I’m not a fan of the way they draw eyes, but I love the contrasting colours in this piece of work.

Next is an illustration by Sekiya ( You can probably tell from this illustration alone that this artist does loli art without visiting his website. Going through his work, it seems like he draws the same 20-something year old guy along with lolis quite a bit (maybe it’s supposed to be himself?)

One thing I like about this illustration and others by Seventh Heaven ( is the way everything is shaded, it makes objects jump out at you more. I think a little more work could go into drawing body parts like hands in the right proportions though.

This was illustrated by Lunatic Joker ( I thought that it was a bit plain, but still pretty. If you take a look at some of his other works, some older characters seem to be rectangular in shape, but as you can see above, he’s improved a lot in that area. Lunatic Joker also seems to like drawing girls with headphones, so if you like girls with headphones too, you should check out his site.

I really liked this illustration by Minase ( When I checked out his site, I found a lot of Touhou artwork along with nekomimi characters, and I have to say that I was impressed with the vibrant colours. I also liked the way the eyes are shaded.

I can’t say that I liked this illustration by Seiryu ( very much. The face looks off, and those brown balls of hair kinda scare me.

This lovely illustration was done by the artist Hinamatsuri Touko ( Her art looks like it came out of an eroge (which are usually good), and it looks like that’s how she landed a job doing character designs for Citoron.

Tenmaso ( is another eroge artist (Magus Tale Eternity). It seems all the good artists always end up working for an eroge company.

Although not an eroge artist (or at least I don’t think so) Double Dragon’s ( work is also worth taking a look at.

Honjyou Raito’s ( work certainly has a unique style to it, but I don’t find it very appealing. Characters always seem a bit too skinny, and there’s always some kind of weird machine or tank in his illustrations.

Halloween is long over, but I really like this illustration by Misaki Kurehito ( Some of her older works looked a bit plain and at time pasty, but her more recent works like this one have involved a lot of detail and more colours, making them so much better.

This was done by Tomose Syunsaku (, who seems to draw quite a few h-doujins. I thought that Tomose’s work was ok, but it looks too plain and simple to me so there wasn’t really anything that grabbed my attention.

I still haven’t watched FMA Brotherhood. I’m waiting for it to finish so I can watch it all in one go.

As usual, the magazine came with a  poster. On one side is the same illustration that was on the cover.

The reverse side had some girl and a mecha. I couldn’t flatten the poster very much, so there was a lot of glare in this picture.

Of all the artists featured in this volume, I’d have to say that my favourites were Minase, Hinamatsuri Touko, and Misaki Kurehito. Hopefully I’ll come across some more of their artwork in other magazines or artbooks. Then again, I could always buy some eroge and play it, but that seems like a lot of trouble just to get some nice artwork.

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8 Comments to “Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 18”


    I like his style. It's different from colour and everything. And I like how the eyes are drawed.

    I think I should get this one too if I can sniff it somewhere.

  2. nice *_* cuties girls

  3. Deep one look’s good and poster is really nice, I would like it to hang on my wall.

  4. Looks alright, the best parts for me would be huke poster and Misaki Kurehito, checked out that page and I do like some of the newer works as well.

  5. @GREW:
    I like the eyes too, but I’m not too fond of the way he colours things, it looks blotchy to me.

    I know, cute girls are always a good thing ^.^

    I prefer cute girls over the style in deep one, but that’s just me.

    Hopefully Misaki comes out with some more work soon.

  6. Huke poster is really beautiful !

  7. On the contrary to you, i deeply love how Pollyana Graphics draw eyes… i can’t really told why but i think a mysterious sight attract me.

    The other illustration i like is the one of Tenmaso…. the small dragon is so cute. <3
    Coup de coeur for halloween picture drawn by Misaki Kurehito. Really great!

  8. @Leonia:
    A lot of people seem to like that poster. I guess it’s because of the unique colouring.

    The halloween picture is indeed very nice, I wish there was a poster for it.


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