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Dengeki G’s Magazine 2010-01

February 23, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Dengeki G's Magazine

The January 2010 issue of Dengeki G’s magazine features Manaka from Love Plus on the cover. I’m sure most of you have probably heard of this wildly popular dating sim on the NDS which allows you to interact and deepen your bond between one of three girls in the game. Apparently it’s so good that a guy in Japan even went ahead and married one of the girls in the game (but not officially/legally). Personally, I’d prefer a real wife, but to each his own.

It looks like each issue of Dengeki G’s is featuring one girl from Marriage Royale. This time the girl is Daiba Minato, whose name comes from Odaiba island and Minato ward which are both in Tokyo, her hometown. I think she looks really nice in that pink coat, and her hat looks so soft and fluffy, plus I like her pink ribbon; a really cute character overall.

Don’t forget that Angel Beats will begin airing this spring ^.^

I thought this page was beautiful, all the Da Capo II characters underneath a Cherry Blossom tree. I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the first Da Capo game.

Tenshin Ranman Happy Go Lucky looks like something that I’d like. The character designs are pretty, and there’s a girl dressed as a miko in there (and I love miko). The opening for the game is also cute, there’s even a little dance in there:


It looks like there’s going to be even more Fate games. Archer looks pretty sweet in that new outfit, too bad Rin didn’t get some new clothes as well.

I wish someone would translate Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kizuna into English. Grown up Hanyuu looks really cool, especially with that sword of hers.

Suzunoe Seven ~Rebirth Knot~ seems to focus on a guy attending a magic school where he meets a bunch of girls (which is obvious of any game in here). I don’t really know anything about the game other than that. On the left page is a game called Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi Kyojin which will be coming out on the XBOX 360 and PSP this March. I’m not very fond of the artwork, but the game itself is an rpg rather than a visual novel, so it might be fun to try out.

I first found out about Koi to Senkyo to Cholocate from the previous month’s Dengeki G’s, and it looks like it’s back in here again. There was a nice little section about the game and the characters, too bad I can’t read any of it.

Manaka de Iku no is a fandisc by Leaf featuring characters from some of their eroge. It looks pretty interesting, I’m thinking of getting it just for the lol factor. Imagine seeing the To Heart 2 girls fighting monsters RPG style. You can see what the game is like here:


I considered getting that Nanoha figure on the bottom right, but considering I just spent a load of cash on the Nanoha Exceed Mode figure by Alter, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more for a while.

As usual, I got another free Chaos TCG card. Not sure who she is.

On the back of the magazine is an ad for the Higurashi fighting game on the PSP. It looks pretty cool, but unfortunately, I don’t have a PSP to play it with :(

This issue of Dengeki G’s didn’t come with a free figure, but it did have two nice posters.

If you look closely, you might be able to see the difference between these posters and regular posters. These ones are meant to be stuck onto the wall of your shower, I guess that’s why both girls are wearing swimsuits.

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7 Comments to “Dengeki G’s Magazine 2010-01”

  1. Ooooo, Ryu-bi <3. She's one of my favorite girls from Koihime ^^. She can go in the bath too lol.

    It's pretty crazy how that guy got married in Guam. Though he did get his 15 minutes of fame lol. Though it seems like a ton of guys, whether or not they are married, seem to be enjoying their virtual girlfriend and they even make special cake events in real life too for it. I tried the game though with the lack of Japanese vocabulary I didn't get far lol.

  2. I thought about getting the game too, but I figured there’d be no point since I don’t know Japanese.

  3. well since love plus game in japanese maybe the nendoroid will turn limited -_-
    ORZ another Da capo II game

    that card character is Natsuki Takamizawa

  4. @moemoekyun:
    I wish they didn’t have limited nendooids, they’re so hard to get :(

  5. Only one think caught my attention : the cover snow globe. I would like to have one :)

  6. Should put my eye more in Angel Beats and Da Capo II .. :)

  7. @Lylibellule:
    Yes, the snow globe is pretty cute, it has the three love plus girls in there ^.^

    I think Angel Beats will turn out well, there’s so much effort being put into making it.


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