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Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 17

February 22, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

I’ve had this copy of Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 17 for a while, but I guess I forgot about looking through it until now. On the cover of this volume is Amane from the XBOX 360 dating sim Dream C Club. The game is only available in Japanese, and involves visiting a hostess club every night to try to win over one of the girls. It sounds a bit harder than other dating sim games though because apparently you can accidentally do something that makes a girl think of you as a friend and never as a lover. I’ve never played the game but I can imagine that someone who’s been playing the game for several days would be really mad if they got the “best friend” ending.

This lovely young lady greets us at the front of the magazine. Does anyone else think that the rabbit and dog’s snouts should be switched around? I always thought rabbits’ noses pointed out more and that big dogs like that would have a wider mouth.

This little loli was illustrated by Takuya Fujima ( I think the most identifiable thing about Takuya’s work is the large oval-shaped eyes. Anime characters that he has illustrated also appear a bit younger than they normally do.

Since I don’t know this girl’s name, I’ll just call her basketball girl. She’s illustrated by the artist Marimo ( Basketball girl seems to have her privates emphasized a lot which I don’t particularly like. I much prefer the other, less-sexual illustrations on Marimo’s site.

This illustration was done by the artist Migi ( Migi’s style looks more like a water-colour or crayon painting rather than a digital drawing so it doesn’t leave much room for little details. It’s not the type of artwork that I prefer, but different people have different tastes.

This illustration was done by Ishida Hiroyuki ( Some of you might be familiar with his work, he was the character designer for Night Wizard. If it weren’t for his character designs, I probably wouldn’t have watched the Night Wizard anime considering how horrible it was. The girl in this illustration is a bit different from the ones in Night Wizard though; she has much larger oppai a much more revealing outfit. Personally, I preferred the Night Wizard character design style over this one.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people find their way to my blog by searching for “nipples showing through clothing” on Google or something similar. Well for all you nipple perverts out there, you should check out the works of Himukai Kyosuke (NSFW) ( Himukai does a lot of erotic artwork, but you can also find a few chibi-gundams on his site which are sooo adorable.

I guess this artist, Nishieda (, really loves cats considering how many are in this illustration, and even the girl is a catgirl. Actually, Nishieda draws quite a few non-human girls. They generally have some kind of extension like wings (could be angel or devil wings) or tails, horns, and animal ears. Nishieda also draws the eyes a bit smaller than the average artist.

Ito Ben ( is one of those artists that has more than one type of style. This illustration is an example of one of them: pretty girls in swimsuits. He also seems to like drawing girls RPG/FF style with medieval armour and weapons. From his website, it also seems like Ito likes to draw very big and muscular men. If someone actually looked like that in real life, I’d be sure never to get on his bad side.

This cute illustration was done by Tsuji Santa (, an artist for Nitro+. If you haven’t heard of Nitro+ before, they produce visual novels. Some of their more well-known works are Phantom of Inferno and Chaos Head. Tsuji did the character designs for the fighting game Nitro Royale -Heroines Duel-. My favourite part about his artwork is how he manages to make his characters’ eyes seem like they’re glowing.

Nothing special on the back cover. The girl looks kinda scary with those crazy teeth, I guess she didn’t want to get braces or something.

The B2 size poster that came with this volume has the same illustration of Amane from Dream C Club as on the front cover.

On the reverse side are these three ladies enjoying the day by the pool.

I wasn’t too impressed with the artwork featured in this volume, and I think they could have chosen some better samples to display for some of the artists. Still, it’s always nice to learn about new artists and see the different types of styles that they have.

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4 Comments to “Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 17”

  1. Thank a lot for this presentation ^^ My favorite illus.. Hum, I think it’s the maid poster ^^ I like her face expression

  2. yeah megami magazine always give nice illustration ypu put them on your room wall
    love the maid cover :D

  3. Like the girl with Orange hair. :)

  4. @Leonia:
    I like her expression too.

    I think I have too many to put on my wall now.

    She reminds me a bit of Vita from Nanoha.


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