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Chiaki Minami Nendoroid by GSC

February 20, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Yay, my first figure post in over 3 weeks. Since my internship is over and I’m back in school, I no longer have a source of income. I’m also trying not to spend the money I already have because I’ll need it for my trip to Japan this summer. With that said, I probably won’t be getting many more figures between now and June except for the ones I’ve already preordered and perhaps a few irresistable ones like Tokido Saya. On the bright side though, I have 3 more figure reviews coming up after this one.

If you didn’t already know, Chiaki Minami is the youngest of three sisters from the anime Minami-ke. She tries to act mature most of the time, but every now and then she ends up showing her childish side. This nendoroid has her in her elementary school uniform.

Her hair was made so that there’s enough room for her arms to stick out and so that you can fit a backpack between the body and the hair.

There isn’t much to see from behind, just a big blob of hair.

I had a bit of trouble getting her to sit in her stand properly. I guess I should’ve lowered it a bit so that it’s not at an angle. There was also a dent in her hair which I’m a bit upset over.

Chiaki comes with her favourite stuffed bear, Fujioka, named after the guy that’s in love with her older sister, Kana. I thought it was nice that they included a separate stand specifically for Fujioka, but it was a bit difficult to fit the top part of the stand into his back.

Besides Fujioka, Chiaki also comes with her hat and red backpack. The bun of hair in this picture is actually attached to the hat and is not the same bun as the previous pictures. This is mainly so that the hat can stay on her head. I would have preferred if GSC had used a magnet like they did with the Riannon nendoroid, but I guess that costs too much. I was disappointed that one of the straps on Chiaki’s backpack was bent out of shape when I took it out of the box. The plastic seems to be a bit hard too so I’m afraid it’ll snap if I try to bend it the way it’s supposed to be.

Chiaki also comes with a cute crying face and two arm pieces that stick out. It reminds me of all the times in the anime when she goes crying to her oldest sister, Haruka.

I didn’t think there was anything especially great about this nendoroid. It comes with the usual three faces and a few accessories. The quality could have been a bit better with regards to that dent and the strap, but lets hope that it was just this one that slipped through quality control and that GSC’s nendoroid quality isn’t going downhill. Despite the average-ness and quality of this figure, it’s still a cute addition to my collection.

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10 Comments to “Chiaki Minami Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. hehe Chiaki.
    I like the version with those “real eyes”. Like it from the Anime too.
    But I think Chiaki not as worth for to have an Nendo from her.
    Maybe an figure from her older sisters. I like Kana more.
    More lazy, more like me.

  2. Chiaki is adorable. I want a Kana Nendoroid ^^

  3. A journey planned to Japan then… you’re lucky! Spare your economies to enjoy this at your maximum.
    I love this Chiaki nendo. So cute. Too bad you got those defects. It’s the kind of thing that give me cold sweat :(

  4. I received her last week and i’m very happy :) You’re very unlucky to have this defect in her hair :(
    I find my copy perfect but i’m not used to overall quality of GSC. After all, Chiaki is the first one i opened ^^

    Oh so you’re going to Japan this summer ? Lucky you, i’m more and more jealous of you looool

  5. @GREW:
    I thought the real eyes were a bit scary looking.

    I want a Kana nendoroid too.

    Saving money is a bit hard when there’s so many figures I want :(

    It’s good that your nendoroid didn’t have any defects :)

  6. nendoroid is mass production defect is normal ^^;; I will check my yume-chan nekomimi ear(heard something bad about it)
    if she crying to haruka so haruka nendo will released soon :D

  7. Oh I forgot good luck with your japan trip looking forward for picture :D

  8. @moemoekyun:
    I hope Haruka is released soon too. I’ll make sure to post all my Japan photos when I get back.

  9. woow..i want her..she is cute..but the nendoroid im looking for now is pastel-ink :)

  10. @eckotaku:
    The Pastel-ink nendoroid looks cute, but I probably won’t get her.


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