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Some of you may recall that I bought two boxes of the Toy’s Works Toradora figures a few months back. That was to ensure that I got the complete set since a single box isn’t guaranteed to have all of the figures. Well, it turns out that both boxes had the complete set so now one of them is just lying around.

With that said, rather than throwing out the extra figures, I’ve decided to give them away by holding a contest. The details of the contest are below:

This will be a banner making contest for http://nopybot.comand is open to everyone. What I am looking for is a new banner for the top of my blog. The banner should be 950 x 200 pixels and include something related to my site (anime, figures, etc.). You are welcome to use any pictures that I have taken and posted on my site, but it is not necessary. Banners should also have the words “Nopy’s Blog” written somewhere across it with or without the words “Anime, figures, magazines, and everything related.” in a smaller font underneath.

I will be the one judging the submissions, so banners that cater to my interests will be ranked higher than those that don’t. If you aren’t familiar with my interests, you should take a read through some of my posts here and on ForeverGeek. Submissions that show some creativity (like making a mascot *wink wink*) will also leave a better impression on me. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make as long as they meet the requirements.

All submissions should be sent to and either be a jpg, bmp, or psd file. Make sure you include your nickname too so I know who to credit. By sending in your work to this email address, you are allowing me to post it on

The deadline for submitting your work is March 1. This should give anyone who doesn’t know how to make banners enough time to learn and make one. Even if it doesn’t look great, if there is only one submission, then that person would win by default. I will contact the winner by email within a week of the deadline to confirm his/her mailing address. I will ship the prize anywhere that Canada Post will ship using snail mail. If the winner wants a faster shipping method, then they will have to pay for it.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

EDIT: The contest is now closed and submissions will no longer be accepted.

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  1. Yeh! A contest! It’s nice of you to yield your doubles this way, it’s a very nice gift.
    I would be happy to participate even if i don’t have many chances to win… as i can’t use photoshop. LooooL
    I’ll do my best ;)

  2. @eckotaku:
    Actually, it’s a bit longer since I won’t be announcing the results until a week after the deadline. This gives me some time to decide on a winner if it’s really close.

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