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Dengeki G’s Magazine 2009-11

January 29, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Dengeki G's Magazine

The November 2009 edition of Dengeki G’s magazine is my favourite so far, mainly because of this cute little alarm clock that comes with it. This edition also features a couple games from my favourite game company, Key, and other popular games like SHUFFLE Essence+.

I really wonder how similar Angel Beats is to Haruhi. People have already pointed out the similarities in appearance between Yuri and Haruhi, but apparently in Angel Beats Yuri also starts a club called the SSS which is really close to the SOS. The scene in the second picture above also reminds me a lot of when Haruhi first dragged Kyon into her club.

More SHUFFLE stuff. I think out of the new characters, I like Ruri the best. Maybe I just like characters with that band or whatever it is across their hair.

I don’t know what Twinkle Crusaders is about, but I like the character designs ^.^

Little Busters! Converted Edition came out for the PS2 back in December. Like the title says, it’s basically Little Busters! Ecstasy for the PS2 rather than on PC. The only difference that I know of is that there are no “adult” scenes in the converted edition. Speaking of the PS2, doesn’t anyone find it strange that so many visual novels are still being released on it rather than on the PS3?

Magus Tale is another game I don’t know much about. Anyone care to enlighten me?

I still don’t like the colouring of the hair in Steins;Gate, but that pink haired girl has got me interested. She looks funny in that maid outfit. The girl on the top of the right page looks kinda scary though with those yellow-green eyes of hers.

Here are some goods and figures that were available for preoder back in November. Did anyone manage to get a Mio nendoroid? I checked every online store I knew of on the preorder release date and they were all sold out :(

The Chaos TCG that came with this edition of Dengeki G’s is a character from Fortune Arterial. If this keeps up, I’ll have enough cards to make a deck after several years.

They’ve been using the same ad for the back of Dengeki G’s Magazine for a while. I wonder how much it costs to place ads on the back cover.

Like I said earlier, this edition of Dengeki G’s came with a cute little alarm clock. It was packed in a relatively big cardboard box, probably to keep it from being damaged.

The alarm clock is shaped like one of those old ones that you see in movies where you hit the top to stop it from ringing. The thing about this one though is that the bells on top are just for show, they don’t actually ring when the alarm goes off. Instead, when it reaches a set time, it beeps like a digital watch. It’s kinda cute to have and useful if you’re travelling somewhere, but I would have liked it more if the bells actually did ring like old alarm clocks do.

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  1. the cloc is very small ^_^;


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