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Megami Magazine Vol. 114

January 26, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Featured on the cover of volume 114 of Megami Magazine are To Aru Kagaku no Railgun characters biribiri and my favourite, Kuroko. I quite liked the variety of pin-up posters that were included this time around. As usually, I have pics of them below:

Haruka Nogizaka is probably the dream girlfriend for many otaku, mainly because she’s an otaku herself. I still haven’t watch the second season, but I will once all of the blu-rays are out.

This was a bit surprising, a poster with Saki characters, but no Nodoka. I guess all of the posters of her from previous volumes was too much.

I can’t see Shana not being able to jump over that thing. As small as she is, she’s still really athletic.

It looks like feathers are now included as one of the censor materials, including steam, fog, rays of light, and the traditional green leaf.

Sometimes I wonder what angels actually wear. I highly doubt it’d be anything like the clothing from Sora no Otoshimono though.

Some more girls at the beach.

Like I said in a previous post, it seems like Horo is always naked in her pin-up posters. It doesn’t look like Megami Magazine is going to put clothes on her any time soon.

I get a feeling there’s going to be a big wave of ero-anime coming out in the future, and I blame it on the success of Queen’s Blade.

I’d much rather have slice-of-life harem comedies like Seitokai no Ichizon. Has anyone ever noticed that Kurimu’s name sounds like “cream” in English but with a Japanese accent?

Speaking of cream, Charlotte and Sylvia seems to have gotten it all over themselves in this poster.

I only watched the trailer for Sacred Blacksmith. Did anyone finish the series? How did it turn out?

I don’t think anyone can argue that Mio is the moe-moe queen. She looks cute no matter what age she is.

This brings up an interesting concept, mermaid maids.

I never really got into Taishou Yakyuu Musume, probably because I have no interest in baseball.

I want to watch Kiddy Girl-and, but I want to watch Kiddy Grade first.

These girls from NEEDLESS have really short skirts…

Nyankoi was one of those anime that I never really got into.

CANAAN and bunny girls seem to be a common combination.

Does anyone know what Plug is doing here? She’s lying in bed with her underwear off, and she’s holding a can containing some white stuff. I wonder what it is.

Flying lolis! lol

I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch Kowarekake no Orgol. I hear it’s either really sad or happy at the end, depending on how you look at it.

I was actually looking forward to 11eyes before it came out, but the 1st episode was such a disappointment that I decided not to watch it. The girls looked kinda cute though.

I don’t know why they included a Halloween girl when this is the November volume of Megami Magazine, but I like ^.^

I just laughed when I saw this clothing. I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t look like a cool gangster when you have girls from the most moe anime in recent memory on the back of your jacket.

It’d be nice if there was a pin-up poster for this image.

I also wouldn’t mind if each of the girls in Seitokai no Ichizon got their own posters. I’d especially like one of Mafuyu in that pose.

In case you were wondering, this is what the seiyuu for the Seitokai girls look like. It’s nice to see that Mafuyu’s seiyuu is pretty good looking too.

I wasn’t aware that they were releasing a second Higurashi live-action movie until I saw this. I guess I’ll have to find some way to get this one too.

Volume 114 came along with a pencil board. On one side is the image of Rin and Saber from volume 113, which is kinda weird since it would’ve made more sense to include it in that volume instead of this one.

On the other side is a young maid.

As usual, a large poster was also included with this volume.

On the front is the same image that was on the cover of the magazine. This is definitely going on my wall.

On the reverse side is Vivio from Nanoha StrikerS. I think it looks weird having Nanoha and Fate’s clothes spread out like that beside her.  It looks like she zapped them to dust and all that’s left of them are their clothes or something.

This was a pretty nice volume of Megami Magazine, it had a large variety of anime and some really good posters. My favourite pin-up poster is the one of Kurimu-chan, and I really liked the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun poster. Overall a good improvement over the previous volume.

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2 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 114”

  1. Now that I see Mio I think I have met someone who looks just like her in real life.

  2. There’s beautiful illustrations in this magazine. Big coup de coeur for Nanael and Yumi (not surprising for me) and one with Mio is sooooooooo cute, especially younger :)
    I don’t know Nyankoi, but it’s full of cats and i like it!


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