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Riannon Nendoroid by GSC

January 17, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

I watched the first three episodes of Tears to Tiara and I can’t say that I liked it very much, but this nendoroid of Riannon was just too cute to pass up. As with most nendoroids, she’s manufactured by Good Smile Company, which is getting pretty good with their nendoroid designs.

This is what Riannon looks straight out of the box.

It’s kinda weird seeing Riannon’s hair just hanging to the side like that without anything supporting it, but considering she’s supposed to have a lock of hair over her shoulder I’ll forgive GSC. As an engineering student, I don’t see any other way for a nendoroid to have a lock of hair over her shoulder without impeding movement of the arm or neck.

I kinda dislike the back of Riannon’s head; it looks like it’s just a big deformed ball that has been painted brown. They could have added some grooves or something to make it look more like hair.

There’s also a big seamline on the side of Riannon’s hair, a bit disappointing.

On the plus side, Riannon does come with a hat and a staff. What’s special about the hat too is that it comes with the latest in nendoroid technology: magnets! Yep, considering how big the hat is and how smooth Riannon’s hair is, it’d be impossible to keep it on by itself. That’s why there’s a magnet and a piece of metal in Riannon’s head and the hat so that they stick together. I’ve seen this before in one of my other figures, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in a nendoroid.

Riannon also comes with a magic circle that you can attach onto the staff. I think it helps make for some awesome poses, but I wish that the two plastic pieces holding onto the staff weren’t so visible.

The third facial expression to go along with the regular face and angry face is this one of Riannon looking a bit confused (or maybe drunk). Although I liked this facial expression, I couldn’t think of any good poses to go along with it.

This is now one of my more liked nendoroids. It’s cute, the parts are easy to put together, and although the back of her head doesn’t look that great, the hat covers it up pretty well. My favourite part of the figure would have to be Riannon posing to attack with her staff. Even if you haven’t seen Tears to Tiara, I think most nendoroid collectors would enjoy this one too.

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2 Comments to “Riannon Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. aaww, she looks very cute ~_~

  2. Even if nendo’s back is far from being beautiful due to the massive amount of hairs, Riannon is a nendo i like a lot.
    It’s about time for me to buy it :P
    I didn’t know her hat was magnetically positioned. Thanks for this info :)


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