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Raspberyl Nendoroid by Phat

January 12, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Besides the nendoroid school life playsets, I had never bought anything else from Phat company, so this is my first figure from them. From Phat’s official website, their name stands for “Pretty hot and tempting,” and this is their 4th nendoroid release, making them a relatively new company to enter the figure market. It seems as though they are a part of or partners with Good Smile Company though, so their figures should be of good quality.

Raspberyl herself is from the PS3 game Disgaea 3. She’s the most delinquent demon in the netherworld, and in my opinion, the most adorable too. This is what she looks like straight out of the box:

I like how the purple eyes on the skull on Raspberyl’s chest looks, it’s as if they’re actually glowing eve though there’s no light or anything coming out of them. Before I got this figure, I actually never noticed that Raspberyl had a tail. It’s nice to see that Phat was able to include all the little details about Raspberyl in this nendoroid, right down to the little skulls around her ankles.

Raspberyl is the third figure in my collection to have glasses (the first two being Yuki Nagato by Max Factory and the Yoko nendoroid by GSC). What I like about these glasses though is that you can put them on, and it looks like Raspberyl is actually wearing them since the temple arms go back to the ears. I think she looks like a teacher with the glasses on. Maybe I should put Raspberyl-sensei in the nendoroid school life playset sometime :)

She even has an angry teacher face and a pointy finger to go along with her new occupation.

If you don’t like Raspberyl-sensei, she has a happy face which somehow makes her look a lot younger. I prefer the sensei look though.

Raspberyl-sensei says: “Remember to eat your meat and read your books.”

The book that comes along with the Raspberyl nendoroid is pretty nice too. It can fold open and close, and as expected of something from the netherworld, has sharp teeth guarding the contents. Inside the book are some magic circles, and some scribbles which I’m assuming have something to do with magic.

I thought that this Raspberyl nendoroid was a bit above average compared to other nendoroids. The little details like the skulls and the addition of the book and big chunk of meat make Raspberyl better than a regular nendoroid which only has interchangeable faces and limbs. Raspberyl’s cuteness factor as a character also makes this figure worth having.

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5 Comments to “Raspberyl Nendoroid by Phat”

  1. Raspberyl is ma favorite nendo. I think she’s more successful than all my others nendos.
    Phat is a sub-company if GSC, where the quality is identical to others nendos :)

    Like for her happy face!

  2. I will probably buy this Nendoroid one day, because she is definitly so adorable ^^ My boyfriend is a Nendoroid addict but sadly I did no pre-order this one ^^ Snif

  3. woow…i want a raspberyl nendo :O

  4. Awww. Now, where can I buy one?

  5. @NeNdOrOiD:
    You can probably still find her at some online figure stores.


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