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Fate T-Harlaown by Alter

January 12, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

After getting the Hayate figure from Alter and seeing how big it was, I was expecting something about the same size for Fate, but it still amazes me how much space she takes up. This 1/7 scale figure of Fate T-Harlaown (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) by Alter is by far the largest figure that I own. Once again, I’m blown away by the amazing detail and shear awesomeness of Alter’s latest Nanoha StrikerS figure.

I’ve never had any problems with Alter figures having faces that don’t look right, and this is no exception.

Fate’s barrier jacket is pretty detailed as you can see. I especially like how they were able to paint her belt without having any of the paint cover up the holes. That’s pretty impressive considering how small the holes are. The only downside I could find with her clothes is that there’s a white spot on her left breast. It looks like some of the paint chipped off or something and the quality checkers at the factory missed it :(

The backside isn’t as impressive as the front, but at least they’ve managed to get Fate’s proportions right.

I was also impressed with how detailed Fate’s gloves are. The paint is completely smooth (there are no chunks anywhere), and the little grooves in the fingers are all the same depth. There are also no seamlines or anything left over from casting the pieces.

The boots, like the gloves are also very well done. I should probably have wiped off the dust before I took this picture though, it makes it look like there’s some clumps of paint.

The hair is probably one of the more noticeable things about this figure. Considering how long it is and how much space it takes up, it was made with a harder plastic so it wouldn’t deform over time. I really like how you can see lots of strands of hair rather than just a big lump like some figures. I can only imagine how hard it’d be to sculpt the hair like this.

Of course, since this is a figure of Fate in her “Shin Sonic Form” from the end of Nanoha StrikerS, you can’t forget about her awesome weapons. My favourite is the Riot Zanber, where Fate splits Bardiche into two small swords connected by this glowy yellow string. I have a couple more shots from different angles below:

If you don’t like the yellow string thing, you can also remove it and just have the swords by themselves:

Of course, you can’t forget about Bardiche’s strongest form, the Riot Blade.

This huge-ass sword is about the same height as the figure itself. Being so long, it’s impossible for the figure to hold by itself, so the sword has its own little stand to hold it up at the end. The huge sword is kind of a downer if you don’t have much space because the figure itself already takes up so much room, and the sword just adds to the problem.

The base is a plain white plastic rectangle with a description of Fate and Bardiche. Personally, I think a plain base like this is nice for a really detailed figure because it doesn’t distract you from the figure itself.

As you can probably tell, I really liked this figure. The only downsides were that spot on Fate’s barrier jacket and the fact that she takes up so much room. Besides that, I was very impressed with all the little details in sculpting and the paint job of this figure. It’s no wonder this was worth over $100, but it was worth it.

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2 Comments to “Fate T-Harlaown by Alter”

  1. Nice pictures, I have this figure and I really like it, Fate is by far my favorite character in the Nanoha series.

  2. My boyfriend had this figure, but it’s difficult to take picture of this amazing and big figure ^^ I love Fate, and this Alter adapatation is really beautiful


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