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Rika Furude by Wave

January 04, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Alright, my first figure post in over 4 months. This figure of Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai by Wave Corporation is the best I’ve seen of her so far. Her clothing is very simple, only wearing a white dress with a small bow, but I think she looks good in it. Full 360 degree shots are below:

As you can see, there isn’t really much to this figure. I liked the waves in Rika’s dress, but I thought her hair could’ve used a bit more detail. Her arms and legs seemed really fragile, but I’m guessing that was done on purpose considering Rika’s physical age in the story, not to mention she’s also drawn pretty thin in the anime. I’m not really sure what she’s supposed to be doing with her right hand. It looks as if she’s supposed to be holding something in the palm of her hand, but there was nothing else in the box she came in.

The base is in a hexagon shape and doesn’t take up much room which is good if you’re running out of shelf space for figures like I am. You can also see how thin Rika’s ankles are here. I guess with something so fragile, they didn’t want collectors accidently breaking off Rika’s foot trying to get a peg from the base in it, which is why Rika comes screwed onto the base.

Rika’s face could’ve been done a bit better than it was. With a blank look like this and the pose she’s in, it’s as if the sculptor couldn’t decide on how to make Rika so he just gave her a blank expression and randomly put her hand up. What’s really saving this figure is her dress, which gives her a sort of elegant look, and the fact that there are hardly any (if at all) figures of Rika out there (which makes this one the best out there). Rika is my favourite Higurashi character, and I think she deserves a better figure, but having an average one like this is better than nothing at all.

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7 Comments to “Rika Furude by Wave”

  1. Walker Summers says:

    Even though the figure isn’t that great, it’s good to know a figure of Rika does exsist, as she’s my favorite character from the series. Could you perhaps send me a link to the site were you bought it?

    When I first saw the figure, I thought her hand was up to hold the little glass orb thing she had in the third season of Higurashi, but I guess that’s just my imagination.

  2. @Walker Summers:
    I bought her at but I think they’re sold out now.

  3. Walker Summers says:

    You’re right, it’s no there anymore, but that have a new one up for sale now for Y1450

  4. I really want it but I can’t find it in stock anywhere :(

  5. @Sherine:
    You could try getting her second-hand. I wouldn’t recommend Ebay, but you can keep an eye on Yahoo Japan Auctions or

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Rika go up for sale a couple of times so you just need to be patient.

  6. @Nopy:
    Thanks. There aren’t any on Ebay at the moment, hopefully someone will be selling it soon. Never seen Yahoo Japan Auctions either, so I will try taking a look there as well.

  7. @Sherine:
    Good luck with your search, I hope you find one.


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