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Hanyuu by Wave

January 04, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Figures

This figure of Hanyuu from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai by Wave Corporation was done in a matching style to the Rika figure that they released at the same time. Overall I thought they did a better job with Hanyuu than Rika, but you can see for yourself how Hanyuu looks below:

Like Rika, I have no clue what Hanyuu’s pose is supposed to be doing, but at least she’s not just standing there with one hand up randomly. I thought Hanyuu’s dress was cute and really fit her character, though the thickness of the plastic for the dress makes her bum seem like it sticks out too much. What really adds to this figure is the way Hanyuu’s hair was sculpted. Instead of having mostly flat hair, her hair spreads out to her left and right, making the figure seem that much more lively.

I thought it was cute that the Rika and Hanyuu figures had matching sandals and a matching base. I really like it when figures come with small bases like this, cause that means they take up less room on my shelves and I can display more figures. Hanyuu is also screwed onto the base so you never have to worry about her falling over or accidently breaking her foot trying to force a little peg into a small hole under the figure. Like the Wave figure of Rika, Hanyuu’s limbs are really thin and probably fragile as well, so you’d want to handle the figure gently.

Hanyuu’s facial expression fits her character and this figure perfectly. Considering that she’s what I would call a bubbly person, it’d make sense for any figure of her to be smiling. Overall, I thought this figure was very cute and simple, it’s like they caught the very essence of Hanyuu’s character in it. It certainly deserves more praise than Rika’s figure, which is disappointing.

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2 Comments to “Hanyuu by Wave”

  1. I like the simplicity of the figure, but dont get me wrong, the figure is very smooth and nice :)

  2. I arrived on your blog through tsuki Board while looking for Kotobukiya Konomi photos.

    I could leave a simple comment on Tsuki but i think that everybody who have a blog like to have comments on it so i decided it would be nicer to come write here.

    Hanyuu is so cute. Her position make me thinks of a little girl balancing left to right when waiting for something or when she saw something she like.

    I own several Lucky star characters from Wave and the hexagonal base is really nice. Like you said, it allow many more figures to be exposed on a same place.

    Nice review :)


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