What’s In Your Bag?

So while I was watching episode 7 of Seitokai no Ichizon, there was one scene where they started going through what each of the girls was taking with them on a trip to Tokyo. They covered 4 very different types of travel luggage, my favourite was Mafuyu’s:


My luggage resembles Mafuyu’s the most,  just can’t live without my games. Although, I do get some stares when I have to whip out my xbox going through airport security. NDS’s don’t seem to draw as mch attention, probably because the security guards are more used to seeing those.


I’ve only seen 1 girl travel like Minatsu does. On a trip to Europe she only brought a small suitcase with a change of clothes, toothbrush, etc.


Then of course is the mysterious girl that could be smuggling drugs, weapons, confidential government data, or who knows what! Chizuru isn’t someone to be messed with >.>


Kurimu’s bag looks almost exactly like what mine did 10 years ago, those were good times. I can understand how she feels though, knowing that you’re going on a long trip make you want to bring a lot of stuff to keep you entertained.

So do you fit into any of these 4 categories, are a mix, or completely different (perhaps maybe like Ken Sugisaki’s bag)? I’d love to hear what other people take with them while traveling.

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