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Toy’s Works Toradora Figures

November 14, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Figures

These shots of the Toy’s Works Toradora figures have been sitting on my hard drive for a few months so I figure it was about time to post them here.


As you can see, I bought two boxes of the figures. Why you ask? It was because When I was ordering it, there was a note that said figures were placed in boxes at random and it wasn’t guaranteed that all figures would be in one box. Considering I wanted the whole collection, I opted to buy to boxes just in case (I know, I got caught up in a cheap marketing trick).


So this is how the figures are packed into the box. Each little box contains a figure, so yes, I have 24 altogether. Incidentally, each of the two big boxes had all of the figures in the collection.

Unfortunately, all of the figures require some assembly. It wasn’t hard to figure out where each piece went since there were only a handful for each, but some of them were extremely hard to fit together. I think I spent a total of 1.5 hours trying to force pieces together, and here are the results:


Taiga with a white dress is so cute, but that bowl of rice looks a little like brains to me…


Taiga in a school swimsuit was the hardest figure to put together. The only pieces were the base, the body, and the head, but the head simply wouldn’t fit onto the body. I was so afraid hat I’d break Taiga’s neck trying to get her head on, but I somehow managed.


The angry nekomimi Taiga was pretty cute too, though I don’t really like her lopsidedness. 


I don’t understand the flower on Minori’s head, but then again, I always thought Minori was a confusing character. (sorry about the blurry pic)


I guess a viking hat on Minori is a bit more normal than a flower (only a bit).


Puppy Ami is so adorable.


Devil Ami was exactly the same as puppy Ami except she has a different tail and ears (or wings in this case).


And for anyone wondering, the secret figure in the collection is a white version of Taiga in her swimsuit. After spending so long getting Taiga’s head on the first figure, it only took me 20 minutes to get her head on this one.


Here’s the full collection for you to compare the figures side-by-side. Personally, my favourite figure is the one of Taiga in the white dress, with puppy Ami a close second. I was expecting the secret figure to be something better, but you can’t always get everything you want. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the remaining 16 figures I have. I might sell them on ebay or something, but if there’s enough interest I guess I could hold a contest here and give them away.


EDIT: The poll does not seem to be working, so if you think I should have a figure giveaway contest, just leave a comment instead.

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12 Comments to “Toy’s Works Toradora Figures”

  1. “each of the two big boxes had all of the figures in the collection”

    I think, even though they say it’s random, always every figure is packed in the box.

    Anyway, very cute figures, especially love Ami, her face is so cute. XD

  2. haha, Taiga seems so funny. :)

  3. Cuuuute<3

    You lucky on your swimsuit figure. I got the set too, but I broke a leg holder and the leg trying to get the head in.

    So heartbroken </3

  4. P.S.

    The flower on Midori’s head is from the omake<3 The "viking hat" is the parrot with his wings out.
    I wanted Ruuji to be the secret! xd

  5. I voted yes on the poll, but it never finished loading… And you’re so lucky you got two sets of them, I really wanted them but in the end I had to back out due to preorder priorities XDXD But the Nekomimi Taiga and both Ami’s are just too cute! <3

  6. @Marshmallow:
    I know, they did a good job with Ami.

    yes she does :)

    That sucks what happened to your Taiga swimsuit figure.
    Thanks for clearing up what Minori’s “viking hat” was.

    Well, if I do have a contest, you’d have another chance at getting the figures :)

  7. No problem~<3

    I want another chance at a good swimsuit figure xD. I gave away the secret one so that leaves me with no Taiga swimsuits.

  8. These figures are cute! I voted “yes” on the poll by the way :D

  9. Yes on the poll.
    It’d be wonderful of course. Very generous.
    I hope you make someone very happy with them!

  10. Taterbud Kate says:

    Yes!! You totally should have a contest for giveaways on the remaining ones!! That’d be awesome, maybe like a wallpaper contest or something? You could have your readers send you desktop wallpapers they’ve created to your own specifications and decide who did the best or something and then give accordingly? I dunno, but yes to the contest idea!

  11. yuhichiro says:

    can i buy a set of these figures??? where are you living? im based in the phil… and i’m dying to get a set of those… so please reply to my email thnx…

  12. @yuhichiro:
    Unfortunately, I already gave away my extra set.


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